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Chat 16th July 2009

Roop Lakhani / 16th July - Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader on Tuesday 16 th July at 3PM.

The phase of difficulties has come to teach - Roop lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

roop_l > “Many people treat their bodies as if they were rented from Hertz -- something they are using to get around in but nothing they genuinely care about understanding” - Chungliang Al Huang Hello Friends we ignore our body, we abuse our body the soul of our existence think about this. Lets begin today’s chat.

guddu > Hi mam.. Hope you are fine .My self Ajay kumar panda here from Rourkela, Orissa. Date of Birth- 7 April 1965, Time 09 hr 09 minute PM Place Rourkela,Orissa., Gender:-Male.. When will I get a stable job. in abroad/India I am very much worried about my job. My current job also is in the critical stage, due to recession and some kind of politics. if I lost when will I get the new job in abroad or India ? I am not at all satisfied with my present job so please tell me is there any chance for changing my jobs? I am trying hard to get job but don’t know why I am not getting positive response.. Kindly suggest me if there is any remedies for the same. Thanx .Take Care

roop_l > Hi Ajay.... First of all relax , be positive....Dnt think of leaving the job now, which ever way you can bring new ideas, inspiration to your job, it will be better for you, there are good chances for you after 6 months.... all the best... Remedy to find A new job... Keep affirming.... I HAVE A JOB OF MY SATISFATION GIVING ME X AMOUNT FOR THE YEAR!!! good luck..


roop_l > Hi Rahul, looks like you have a very good opportunity coming from past contacts or close friends, or some family member, or some relative.....You really need to focus on what you are good at....and sharpen your skills master the art, anything which is a group effort will help you.... slow an steady growth is expected....Good luck :)

annvi > My name is priti goyal. dob is 22 may 1982 at 00.05 am at jodhpur Rajasthan, plz mam, tell me when our financial position will improve and how is my career. is there any changes in my name is needed. Then plz suggest for better future.

roop_l > Hiiii Priti, you current 6 months will go on the same level, but you will be happy the way your finances will improve, I wish u a very good luck, also if u wish to get married in case if you are not married, you will have a good luck...and a new house...don’t worry be happy.... all will be fine and be positive....

anujgoyal > Hello mam, my name is Anuj Goyal. dob is 24 nov 1981 at 9.21 a.m. at kota Rajasthan. and my wife Priti Goyal dob is 22 may 1982 at 00.05 am. how would be our married life in future. she is not satisfied with my current progress. how is my career future. thanks

roop_l > Hello Anuj....It is in your hand , how to make your relationship strong, as you are a very strong person and can make your wife happy and yours completely, sometimes you are unable to see what’s missing in your relationship, but still look within your self, it may happen that everything will be fine....

twinkle > My name is Sonia from Delhi Birth Place Delhi DOB is 09.05.1976 TOB: 17.20 and when I got a stable job and I also want to reduce my weight too but unable, I would like to live a happy life too how it possible

roop_l > Hiee Sonia... First of all relax down, and losing weight answer is not in tarot will have to work hard... control on your diet, and be happy, may be some depressions or anxiety that’s why, take care...Emotional problem, so try to resolve that....

debasishsinha > Hi Madam.My name is Debasish Sinha ( Kundli name is Tura ) born on 14.7.1962 at 07.05AM in Balasore in the state of Orissa.My career graph is going down and down and also financially not sound as before. May I know the duration of sufferings? Is there any possibility of change in job near future?

roop_l > HIEEE.... Debasish....with in a year you will have a major turning point in your life, you are capable of multitalented activities... do lot of meditation, ask your inner self it will guide at where you are good at....Avoid telling your self that you are suffering... be positive, take help of your own...inner voice... intuitions, you will do good...

kaushik > Want to ask about my friend, her name is SHRADDHA MAHADEV MORAJKAR DOB: 19/03/1989. What will be her future life, coz she is facing lot of troubles since childhood and now the trouble has become worst and their parents have decided to stay apart.

roop_l > Hiieee... Kaushik... first of all would like to tell you, that you are a very sweet friend, and so much concerned for her... about your friend, don’t worry, she is very good, intuitive.. The phase of difficulties has come to teach to still be courageous and be on her own, independent, and determined, she will do wonders in her career... About her mother - father, all will be fine, for each ones betterment... don’t worry... be happy, good bless you

shilp1 > Hi my name is Renuka my DOB is 16/04/76,TOB is 10.55 am, my marriage 5 yr ,when will I conceive, and gaps in career and job when will find good job .

roop_l > Hieee... Renuka, you will have a very good job from 4 months of time now.. and about conceiving is there in the year 2011, all the very best... come with sweets....

uae > Hello maam this is Darpan anand.dob-27 oct 1985,maam i am leaving for australia next week for higher studies. Will i come back to India or continue to settle there? when is marriage on the cards for me?

roop_l > Hieee... Darpan... first of all Congratulations for you going Australia....about your marriage, you will come back to India. 3 to 4 yrs for marriage.

Vikas > Hello Mam, my name is Vikas Kumar Thakur. My DOB is October 8, 1982; POB is Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), and TOB is 07:42 AM. Now, i am in Ireland, studying MBA; but unsure about my career. Would you see something significant coming my way in terms of Job, or marriage, etc. thanks

roop_l > Hieeee need to shift you focus of what type of job u want, or what else is possible... there are a different sets of circumstances which are unseen now will come into ur cn be doing good into communication, PR, or management... marriage is 3 yrs away.. all the best :)

mohamed > I am Abdoullah Hasabo from Cairo,egypt. My DOB:25.1.1991,POB:cairo,I am looking for a girl as I am already settled now in my business.When will I get married?Will it be a love marriage or arranged?

roop_l > HIIEEEE Abdoullah...2011 or 2012...marriage...Arrange marriage...

raghav > Name: Raghav Khanna, DOB : 8th April,1980, Time 4:58 AM, Place of Birth: New Delhi, My finances are running low from quite some time , I want a good career opportunity with good salary package and growth, please suggest me.

roop_l > Hieee Raghav khanna .....Life may be stagnant at the moment, believe in forgive and forget.....move on with your present, with new sets of ideas....pray to who ever you believe, and all your anxiety, sufferings will go away, more spiritual, loving caring, donate food to begger or anything or black colour blanket or kala urad dal .... be happy always and spread love....

meenakshi > Good afternoon mam my name is Meenakshi my dob is 23rd jan 1980 time 6:15 pm place delhi i got married last year 1st feb2008 my husband dob is 2nd July 1983 2:10pm delhi his name Rohit mam my q is how many kids i have male or female and when and i recently change my job can i get stability or promotion here?

roop_l > Hieee...male child....with in 3 years you will have one male child, then its up to you...

shally > Hi mam ...myself Shalu verma from Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. date of birth 27 June 1990.time 4hr 37 min am. I am preparing for pmt from last 2yrs. and i am not selected can u tell me i will be selected this year or not. if not than what to do now in the upcoming future........and what will be there in my future?

roop_l > Hieee Shalu...within 6months from now, you will have very good news....with what you will experience how life takes you ahead....

t_tarun > Tarun- mam, my dob is 4-8-1965. i am in govt job. Can i settle my children in good position with my salary

roop_l > Hieee... Tarun, be very- very realistic how to set the... and then see how they will settle... be happy.. don’t worry...

Message for Friends>
roop_l > Friend, so many people saw me and my husband on Sach Ka Samna promos and called/sms and emailed me. I thank you all. On closing note, to continue insight about body “Your body is the ground and metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. Everything that happens to you is stored and reflected in your body. In the marriage of flesh and spirit divorce is impossible”. Gabrielle Roth.
You can call me on 91 98213 36195 or email me on for your questions or appointment. God Bless All.

Chat on 18th AUg 2009

Roop Lakhani / 18th August

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Roop Lakhani , Tarot Card Reader on Tuesday 18 th August at 3PM.

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude Roop lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

roop_l > Hello friends “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe” Marilyn vos Savant. Very thought provoking lines. Lets begin today’s chat.

divya > hi, I have consulted you earlier name is Divya Gupta DOB 18june1983 TOB 11.56A.m. POB hisar,Haryana.My husband's name is Manu Gupta DOB 27 september1979 TOB 9.08a.m. POB delhi.We were married in 30 april 2006.we are passing thru a crucial phase in relationship almost heading towards a separation though i dont want to.You told me that within 9 months things will b alright.Can you please tell me the exact time when everything will be normal?anything I can do to shorten our suffering time?

roop_l > Hiee Divya Gupta, Affirm I live in hormany, peace, love and abundance with my husband Manu gupta, I am safe and protected and enjoy my married life.....Say this 24 times, for 6 months....Thall will improve by 6 months good luck

AKV > Hi mam my name is Amandeep Kapoor. my dob is 5th August, 1977, time is : 05:46 am, place : ludhiana. I am jobless from last 8 months since january. kindly tell me when will i get a job and when will i get married. thanks

roop_l > Hieee Amandeep Kapoor, Dec 2009, or January 2010 you will find your job....Marriage is still a long time for you, first get stabilized with your job...Good luck

sandhya > To Roop Lakhani- Hello, my name is sandhya jethva, D.O.B-28-4-58, I would like to know that when I will get a good job? U.K time-09.18am

roop_l > Hieee Sandhya, Anytime fom now, to two weeks, you will get your job...Be positive, Good luck

chat > Hello Ma'am I am Srinivas Bhat, dob 19 june 1974 ,4.14 am, I am currently out of job, when will I get the job and will it be satisfying

roop_l > Hiee Srinivas Bhat, Anytime from now to 14 days....Good luck and let me know....

asc > Hi mam my name is Meenakshi Manchanda my dob is 23rd Jan 1980 time 6:15 pm place Delhi I got married 1st Feb. 2008 my husband name Rohit Manchanda dob 2nd July 1983 time 2:10pm place delhi my q is how many kid i have and when male female and when I conceive and i just change my job now in education industry can i get stability here and when can I get good job any remedy for good financial stability now i am facing financial crises? And how about our married life will it be good?

roop_l > Hiee Meenakshi, 2011 will give you a baby girl, regarding your job stability, will be two weeks from now, proving your potential what you are good at...keep affirming, I am safe and secured in my job, and can see my growth financial.....Good luck

prashnat > Hi my name is prashant . this is second time i am contacting u could not reach u the first time birth date 23-12-1979 .I morninng 1:30 a.m . I am not settled in any apect of life, not even completed my graduation , facing problems in everything that i do .But from last one year i am feeling some spiritual energy floing through my body .this coming 3 to 4 months are crucialfor me due to many reasons . please tell me something abt future and guide me for these coming 3 to 4 months .

roop_l > Hiee Prashant, First of all be positive.. There is a bit of competition regarding your work, and your social spiritual situation....Slow down very soon in 3 months time you will see a care free phase of abundance and security...You will definitely gain , beyond material success, and you will get connected with your self, and you will do some nice spiritual programme....

siya > Hi mam, I m Santosh Bala Narang, dob 11.06.1976, tob 6 p.m., pob new Delhi. I wan to know that i m a burden for my brother.. i mean he like me or not....becoz i m feeling that he is feeling me unlucky and buredn for himself... so i want o know pls. let mew know or when my life will get settle....pls. tell me that i m unluck or getting unluck for my bro..............his dob is 02.10.1971.. tks.

roop_l > Hiee Santosh, One year from now, you will see your self growing more in spiritualism as well as some energy related activities, you don’t be a pushy person, you should look at your brothers limitation and you will be out of this in 14 months from now...Good luck, Be positive...

raj > Dhiiraj G Ajwani. 29/8/73. i think a lot and burn inside me a lot than taking action. I remember lot of past. this affects my health. kindly advice how to get over??

roop_l > Hiee Dhiraj, get your past life regression done, get your age regression done from me, if you are in Mumbai you can contact me.....

msbasha > Hello Roop ji, I never had a stable career and no job since long.I have applied for a job in Cambodia will I get it?? Pls advise My DOB is 29th August 1962 Time 1615 hrs Rangoon (Myanmar), living in Delhi since I was small. Regards, SULTAN BASHA

roop_l > Hiee Sultan, 3 weeks from now, you will have a very good stable job.....Good luck, let me know...

vijay > dear ma`am my name is Vijaynath.v DOB 4-4-1975. Time 2.23pm. I want to know about my career, personaL lIFE AND MARRIAGE.i`M WORKING IN qATAR TRYING TO FIND A JOB IN CANADA WILL I BE SUCCESSFUL?

roop_l > Hiee Vijaynath, regarding your career, you are on the up scale, personal life is a bit off struggle, your married life... You are always a rock support to your family...And that job offer of Canada, is yours for sure...Cheers....Wish you good luck...

tima > Hi, My name is Amit Tandon, 25-11-77, delhi, 3.00pm. Can you please suggest which field in terms of CARRER will be good for me to step in, should I go for MBA if yes, best field to get into. Right now much confused as unemployed since FEB 2008 and have too many debts to pay but no earning. I want to go abroad related to CAREER (specifically to LONDON), will it be possible and beneficial for me.Please advice as very much confused right now because of the PLANETS circumstances at present which seems not to be in my favour since too many years. Right now wearing PUKHRAJ(white) and MOTI(little finger) also got the recommendation to wear EMERAD in the ring finger all in right hand. Any changes in name required. Your advice matters. Thanks

roop_l > Hiee...Amit, you should go for you MBA, complete your studies, there are better prospects and success with that...For your rest queries contact me on Thank you...

Suresh > My name is Suresh Talwaar - DOB 3rd August 1958 - I have taken 2 cars on loan from bank and put them with call centre on hire basis - will I be successful in this business

roop_l > Hiee Suresh, There would be minor difficulties as you need to go with another income source, which can supplement your life or any setbacks.....

nee > My name is pushkala swaminathan my dob is 16.03.1969 at present i am not financially weaker when i will be in a secured position or do will i get a good job for my financial security

roop_l > Hiee pushkala, in 1 months time you will get a job of your choice and will be very happy, wait if you have applied or start applying....good luck

ren > TOA-10.24 I am renu gautam DOB 06-aug-1981 POB kanpur TOB 7.30am I want to know about my career I am going to study abroad whteher I will get visa or not plz let me know

roop_l > Hiee renu, yes you will get your visa and you will be able to go very fast... wish you good luck...

jafferali > Hi,Myname is Jaffer ali, My Date of Birth is 12th July 1978.Iam from Hyderabad. I was in a good job till nov 2008, then suddenly my bad time has started. since then iam jobless. I am planning to abroad next month. Please suggest

roop_l > Hiee Jaffer ali, 13 months from now, you will be able to go abroad, start looking out for how to go abroad and where.....Good luck is following you...

jyostna > Hi Gudafternoon Madam, Myself Mrs. Jyostna Arvind Gajbhiye here, I wanted to ask you something. I have been married since 4 years but im not staying with my husband from last 2 years. We have lots of probs in between us.And now i have applied for divorce, please tell me how soon i will get divorce ? and is it rite for my future to take divorce or should i go back to him ? but its really imposble to live with him. I want to ask you when i will get divorce and if there are any chances of getting married again then when ?????? I have 3 yrs daughter so i have to lookafter her also and my mother is asking me to get married again asap.. Please tell me some remedy to get divorce soon and get married again.. Thanks a lott in advance.. I will be oblige if you will answer all my questions.. Thanks a lot again.. Take care..

roop_l > Hiee Jyostna, you have not mentioned you DOB details to me, so the answer will not be that accurate, please send me you DOB , Be positive

Abul > Hi Mam My name is Mohd Abul Heyat Quadri[from Delhi],MY DOB unknown[In certificate15-Aug72, I am not happy with Job when i can get satisfactory with current JOB

roop_l > Hiee Abul, be patient, and be positive... since there are many obstacles which need to be tackled bravely.... work on you efforts and they will pay you....

Message for Friends>

roop_l > Thank you friends for a wonderful interactive chat. My closing read thoughts for the week is “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”- Denis Waitley. You can contact me by email at or call on 91 98213 36195 for fixing appointment. Visit my blog to all my past chat on indiatimes at each one must leave their comments. Thanks and have a nice week ahead..

Live chat on 13th Aug 2009

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Roop Lakhani , Tarot Card Reader on Wednesday 13 th August at 12 Noon.

Leo’s will run into conflicts which will require a great deal of emotional control Roop Lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

roop_l > Hi Good Morning friends “The most self-destructive thought that any person can have is thinking that he or she is not in total control of his or her life. That's when, Why me? Becomes a theme song -- Roger Dawson. Come lets begin today’s session

Divya > Hi, my name is Divya Gupta DOB 18june1983 TOB 11.56A.m. POB hisar, Haryana. My husband's name is Manu Gupta DOB 27 september1979 TOB 9.08a.m. POB Delhi. We were married in 30 April 2006.we are passing thru a crucial phase in relationship almost heading towards a separation though I don’t want to. When will things be normal between us? roop_l > Hiee Diya Gupta  The period of 9 months is a bit of crucial everything will be fine after 9 months... Be positive

roop_l > Hey Guys Today we will talk about Career Predictions for Each Zodiac for the Month of August..... here we Go!!

roop_l > ARIES- You will experience trouble, problems, loss in your work or career. You may have heated debate over papers or agreements. Keep doing your work without any strong attachments. You may feel empty or unrewarding.

sachin > Good afternoon Mam. My name is Sachin Arora. DOB is 12 November 1982. Place of Birth is Faridabad. However, am living in London since 5 yrs. I asked you a question around a month ago that I am working from a year and half in my spiritual mind to create a unique reality show to get broadcasted on television by working in India. And you did said I will get success 100 percent for sure. Actually i want to ask just one more thing. That is i am very much confident about fulfilling my dreams but only thing that is bothering me from few days is whether i would be able to host the show by myself ? I know I will have to work very hard but do you see any hope in my future in being the main anchor of my show? Thanks a lot.

roop_l > Hieee Sachin Arora... Yes you will be Anchoring your own show, be very much positive, work towards your goal and you are sure to succeed...Good luck

rahul83 > Hello! My name is Rahul Mathur. Born in Bhopal on 9th Feb 1983 at 1605 hrs. How is my present career? Will I go and settle abroad and when?

roop_l > Hieee Rahul Mathur...Your present Career is GOOD, yes you definitely have chances to go abroad mostly in 2011, you have a very good career ahead...Good luck...

roop_l > TAURUS: you will have to be with unpleasant people or circumstances in your work. You will feel that you are wasting time and energy. Your tensions soon will wash away. You will soon find a better opportunity or something aligned with what you want.

GSS > Hi Roop, Thanks for your guidance. Still I have some doubts. Would like to know that from when I will start getting the project. Right now I don't have any projects in hand. So I am really worried. Name: Gauri Singh, DOB: 18th June 1976, Time: 6:47 am, Place: Mumbai, Name of my proprietorship firm: Stats Quest. Thanks

roop_l > Hieee Gauri Singh..with in 6 months time and all will be fine... Good luck...

roop_l > GEMINI: You will begin a new enterprise which will bring you an opportunity to work with or teach the public. Your business will begin to flourish and practical help will be offered in whatever area that concerns you.


roop_l > Hiee...Gulshan, First of all you need to mention your Full name , because there can be so many people born on the same DOB.....Thank you

ashoke > My name is Ashok Dayal Advani my dob is 29-11-1954,tob=14=00hrs,pob is Mumbai, For the past few years I have been remaining IN and OUT of job for long stretches, currently also I m o/o job since December 2008.I would like to know WHEN WILL I GET A JOB, and where ,if abroad. Also suggest some remedy for stability in Job. Thanks and Regards

roop_l > Hiee Ashok Dayal Advani, you will get a good job in 5 months of time now, and regarding you stability... Keep Affirming, “I am safe and secure in a job” your thoughts in this line will give you a god secured job....Most important don’t worry  be happy .

roop_l > CANCER: There will be correspondence connected with your work which can involve email, phone calls or special applications. In a short time productivity will increase and people will seek your wisdom, talent or knowledge. You can expect recognition, acclaim or financial success.

Sanchit > My Name is Sanchit Yadav, DOB 24th oct 84, jus worried about my career as thing does not fall in place even putting in best of my efforts, the credit is usually given to someone else

roop_l > Hiee Sanchit Yadav...this is the phase which is there in present, its asking you to not resist whatever way you are going ahead, later in your life you will be credited as well as appreciated for your good efforts and also recognized...don’t worry...keep putting in your efforts, the will surely pay you back....

roop_l > LEO: You will run into conflicts which will require a great deal of emotional control. But you will learn to master the situation internally. There is nothing you can do that will lift you out but someone or something is going to come to your help and brighten your spirits.

pijusv > Hi,My self Pijus Bairagi DOB : 27.11.1973 at 4:00am at Nainital district - please let me know when my career will take desired upward trend-not getting desired result for last 10 years. regards-Pijus

roop_l > Hie Pijus, 2011, is a very likely period for you to have your desired trend, and you may have your good detiny form a place which is far away from where you are now....

pooja > Hello Roop ji, My name is Pooja Chaurasia and DOB-19-12-1981, Time-5pm, Dehradun. Would like to know how will be my marriage life and will I be able to do job after marriage? Thanks

roop_l > Hiee Pooja, You may have lot of emotional adjustments after marriage, make sure you choose a partner whose very comparable with your thinking and your traditions....You will be working after marriage...

roop_l > VIRGO: someone will displease you or make you feel that your work is inferior. But don’t worry, some news or email, fax will lift up your spirits in work.

aaa > Mam, I am Lokesh Joshi,DOB-06/04/1981,Time-4:16 p.m,Place-Almora. I am a management graduate with approx 5 years of experience but still not stable. Whenever I join some company something wrong happens. I am sitting idle now a day and disappointed. Please tell me when I will get a good job which will help me grow professionally and financially as many personal things are dependent on my job

roop_l > Hiee Lokesh Joshi, 1 to 2 years time and you will see your self well secured in a job, and doing things much better than what you were doing earlier...Good luck

gfj > Hello Madam....... My name is Jorawar Singh Walia. DOB: 14/12/1984. Time: 7:45 AM... Place of birth: Chandigarh.... I have done my engineering in electronics ........ career is not stable. Please let me know little bit about my future .. Will I be an entrepreneur or a celebrity in my own rights?

roop_l > Hiee Jorawar Singh Walia, Keep your self with good deeds focusing on your beauties without expecting much of your life, there are good amount of experiences to be a successful person in all modes of life...good luck

roop_l > LIBRA: You will be dissatisfied with your progress and experience anxiety about your business or financial state. May be a business partner or colleague may irritate you. You cant win anyway or everyone.

nick > Hi Mam Namaskar. I am Sudarsan R., Dob: 13.02.66, Place: Srirangam, T.N. Is there any chance of Promotion in my Career and Pay hike ?

roop_l > Hiee Sudarshan, Namaskar...after 3 months you will have a better raise... good luck

vikasbabbar > Hello mam, I'm Vikas from Delhi, dob. 4TH June 1980, Place New Delhi, Time : 02:32pm . Please tell me how's my future in my Business, wealth and health? Also plz tell me when I’ll be a FATHER? (I got married in December 2008)

roop_l > Hiee Vikas, you will be father in 2011, for sure, regarding your Business, you have lots of responsibilities to go ahead, start sharing them and you will be growing fast, regarding Health, its sound and nice, regarding Wealth, you have obsession to earn money and you will always be on your toes to make it....Good luck

roop_l > SCORPIO: Expect a surprise or unusual event, new ideas will be acted, that will go exceptionally well. You will have more work than you can handle or you want. You may be having some temporary block in your work.

pmishra > Full Name - Puru Mishra , DOB - 29/05/1985 , Question - i want to know what kind of career is ahead for me and is it a success

roop_l > Hiee Puru Mishra, What ever you will be wanting to do, it will be a success, go ahead with your passion and your best skills, efforts...Good luck

anil > Namashkar Lakhaniji. I am Anil Omana Krishnan. I have tried to contact you on c hat on earlier occassion, but unfortunately couldnt. DOB is 10.7.1965. Time of birth is 11.55AM and place of birth is New Delhi. I am holding a good government job but not satisfied with the work. Presently I am also pursuing Phd in Singapore. I would like to know whether I will be successful and whether doing PhD will be good for me. How will my future be? I will be grateful, if you can please answer to my question.

roop_l > Hiee Omana Krishnan, stars are in your favor, PHD will prove you great success and an knowledgeable person,, you will feel at top of your career, when you finish doing it....Go ahead, good luck

roop_l > SAGITTARIUS: You will be unhappy with the status of your work and will want things to change to improve. Someone at office may upset you or irritate you.

Abhilash > Hello Madam, i am Abhilash Kanive from Bangalore.Place of Birth is Bangalore, India. DOB is 8th April 1977 at 16:55 pm. I have career problem which is affecting my Life. No Job Remains with me for a Long time. Due to this i am not able to Plan my future. Can you tell me when this Job Problem will get sorted out? Is doing Business a better option? Please Advice. Thanks in Advance to Madam.

roop_l > Hello Abhilash, you will definitely have a very good job, in 1 to 2 months time, where you will have a feeling of satisfaction... good fortune coming to you, after a year or 2 you can try your luck in Business...

niki > Hi, my name Nikita Jadwani. Born in Mumbai on 7th Jan 1986. will i get into a love marriage or an arrange marriage and family wants me get married but i'm not ready for it...pls help me know what my Tarot reads out. Thanks

roop_l > Hiee Nikita, I think you should get married only after 2012, and it will be an arrange marriage, good luck....

roop_l > CAPRICORN: ideas concerning new business or enterprise will formulate and you will have several options to consider which looks promising. People will look for your wisdom, talent and expertise. You can get fame and success.

km13 > Dear Madam, We are very worried as my husband does not have a job for the last 9 months. When will he get a stable/permanent job? His details are: DOB:21-06-1951 at Delhi at 0344 AM. Name is Akhilesh Narain Mathur.

roop_l > Hi Akhilesh, There is lot of thinking required to cut the elusion regarding his job....start thinking what else is possible as many opportunities but he does not make a good choice....period after 20 months is good for him...

roop_l > AQUARIUS: Your work or career may be unpleasant due to lot of tensions. This is a temporary phase which will pass away. You will improve considerably and will have better feelings.

roop_l > PISCES: There will be discussions concerning travel, marketing, and meetings. You may want to bring about changes in your work. Work will be good this month.

nnn > name is Neety Chauhan dob 25-1-1984 time 5:16am, place Dehradun. Since two years i m struggling for job and my love .plz tell me when will i be settled in both the matters .whether i'll have a better life in love marriage or arrange?

roop_l > Hiee Neety, Love marriage is better for you, and stick to your career or take the first opportunity which gives you the job... Good luck

roop_l > Friends, I have one very good news to share. World Metaphysical Association USA has certified me with 2 degrees this week. Now I m a certified Tarot master and WMA Tarot master Tutor.

Message for Friends> roop_l > For my closing lines, read this “look at that word blame. It's just a coincidence that the last two letters spell the word me. But that coincidence is worth thinking about. Other people or unfortunate circumstances may have caused you to feel pain, but only you control whether you allow that pain to go on. If you want those feelings to go away, you have to say: It's up to me”. Arthur Freeman. You can contact me by email at or call on 91 98213 36195 for fixing appointment. You all can also view every chat of Indiatimes on my blog Please leave your comments as testimonials. Have a nice week.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WMA - USA certification

Freinds, a very good news to share.
World Metaphysical Association – USA have certified me with two of the highest degrees offered by them this week of Aug 2009.

Now i am a certified Tarot Master and WMA Tarot Master Tutor.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chat on 6th Aug 2009

Welcome to the roop Chat Room

Celebrity says:

14:58:34 PM > roop_l : 7/8/09Hello and welcome friends for todays live chat.. My opening lines for the day is a beautifull thoughts written by Albert Einstine"Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere sense of duty; it stems rather from love and devotion towards men and towards objective things.Come lets begin with todays questions

13:11:27 PM > CHARU : Good afternoon mam, myself Charu Dhodi ,dob:14/05/1988 place: delhi,time:04:44 pm I want to know about my career. I have completed my graduation and have taken admission in MCA.. i want to know would it be gud for me as i wanted to do MBA but i didnt got a good option for it.. plzzzz suggest what should i do...plzzzzz reply

15:04:28 PM > roop_l : Hello Charu... you should go for MBA which will give you a good success and growth

13:12:37 PM > skg : Hello Ma'am, My name is sachin gupta, DOB - 17june82, TOB 00:15 AM,POB Delhi. i would like to know that when can i own a flat or a house for myself and my parents

15:06:34 PM > roop_l : Hello Sachin.. aha a gemini guy... you can have yr own house in 2009 itself. work double fast covering all areas and you will enjoy a new home soon.

13:14:55 PM > akm345 : Dear Madam, I am without a job since October last year. Can you give me an indiacation when I will get a Job?DOB:21/06/1951,TOB:0344AM, POB: Delhi. Name: Akhilesh Narain Mathur.

15:08:50 PM > roop_l : hello Akhilesh... coming 4 to 6 months time you will surely find the job.

13:26:03 PM > soumyajit : Hello mam.........I am Soumyajit Ghosh,DOB-3rd June 1985,TOB-3:10 PM,Place-Kolkata.Mam,I would like to know when I will get a job and will it be a good one.I am an electronics engineer,pass out on 2008.Mam,also please tell me about my financial condition in the future.I would also like to know about my marriage,will it be love or arrange marriage?..TOQ-1:28PM.....thanks mam....

15:11:32 PM > roop_l : Hello Soumyajit... within coming 2 months time you should get a job. Financial future you need to be very well planned and cautious or it will go haywire. Very likely you will do love marraige. Contact me if you wish to do your detailed reading.


15:16:02 PM > roop_l : Hello Nitin... have a child like enthusiasm in your love life and rather than balancing act come out with new innovative ideas rather than old routine ways. this will keep your love life happy. Reg yr career enhancement, you need to think more intellectualy, rationally and logicaly as how to grow n enhance career. You can goahead with your business plans and after a year or two you can restart your studies.

13:28:59 PM > smithasv : Hi Roopa,Good Afternoon,My name is Smitha S.V,DOB: 06/06/1980,TOB:10:30pm approx,POB:Shimoga(karnataka),Now staying in bangalore,when i will get married(arranged or luv),How will be my career?i want to move to creative field rather than IT,what is ur suggestion for this, quesion time 1:30pm

15:21:11 PM > roop_l : Hello Smitha... You are likely to have an arranged happy married life. The line which you chose to do in creative field can be anyting based on your old skills or past skills where you were good at. There are lot of competition and struggle but your hardwork and persuation will pay of in long run. God bless U.

13:30:03 PM > neha : hi name is neha ahuja,dob:4/12/82, tob:3:20 am,pob:jalandhar-punjab. i want to know what r my chances of going abroad . if i stay in india, when i'll get a job? n one thing more, do my name is numerologically correct or i shud make some changes? time of asking ques:1:31 pm :):)

15:24:20 PM > roop_l : hello Neha... you will be an intellectual sagitarious gal... there are lots of chances of you going abroad. within 6 months you will get a job if in India. Numerologically your name is not right and changes would be good for future. to do so conact me later on on 98213 36195 or mail me at

13:43:29 PM > mridu : hello mam my name is mridula.v. my date of birth is 4/4/82 timing is 11.55 p.m mam i have problem with my job don't know when it going to shut down when will i get a good job i'm writing bank exams when will i get a job in bank time of asking question 1.45.p.m

15:27:13 PM > roop_l : hello Mridula, you will get a job very soon. 3 to 7 months is a good period for you and you will get good news from a bank very soon.


14:18:33 PM > pakhi : I m Monika kumar, dob:9-12-1979, pob-Delhi, tob-6:45pm. My Husband-Bharat Bhushan dob;30-6-1977, pob:khurja,tob-5:15pm. Residing separtely. Our case now in court. a)when our divorce is posible and how many yrs will it take in court b)when i will get gud job .

15:32:05 PM > roop_l : Hello Monika.... between coming 5 to 9 months you may have a divorce. you will get a good job after 1 year.

14:21:15 PM > sanjay : hello, Roop Ji, my self sanjay bhardwaj born on dated 20/05/1969 at Chandigarh. I am working as passport consultant and now want to start my own work in the same filed . plz tell me about my future in this field

15:34:31 PM > roop_l : Hello Mr Sanjay... You will be able to start your own work/business the way you have thought of, it will happen. All the very best and email me good news soon.

14:26:58 PM > gudguy : Dear Mam, Pranam I am Sudarsan, 13-02-66 question : why so many troubles in my life ? when it will be solved /

15:37:10 PM > roop_l : Hello Sudarshan... Good period is starting for you very soon. Trouble period is geting over. Keep your focus on your work and activities. soon everything will start becoming smoother and problem free.

14:52:33 PM > priya : Hi Mam, Priya here, dob 28/12/80, when will i get married?

15:41:21 PM > roop_l : Hello Priya... the marraige cards shows a good marriage within 3 to 4 years. god bless u.

14:50:40 PM > rajj : Good afternnon.Name: Dhiiraj G Ajwani. Dob :29/8/73 I am an engg graduate and working with my dad frm last 12 yrs. now i want to do something else like doing a dynamic job or some business which involves travelling and where in i can get name

15:45:06 PM > roop_l : Hello Dhiraj.. You can have your own business rather than a job, but it doesnt appear with lots of travels. there is definately a new phase starting for your life where you will feel very happy and satisfied. God Bless You.

14:47:51 PM > deepa : Good afternoon Madam ,Myself Dipak from Kolkota DoB 2nd May 1972 At 1:10AM Please let me know when iI will be free from debt

15:46:56 PM > roop_l : Hello Dipak... you will be completely debt free guy after 5 years.

14:59:12 PM > sonali : i am sonali gupta dob 06.04.1978 i want to how will be my married life will i be financially secure

15:49:39 PM > roop_l : Hello Sonali.... You will be finacialy secured and regarding married life, the 1st year will go very good, 2nd n 3rd year from now, AVOID clashes, arguments for a smooth married life.

15:01:41 PM > ashu : My Name is Ashutosh Chasta and DOB is 13/12/1975. I had never enjoyed my married and family life since last eight years. I want to know, when and how could I maintain peace and love in my family

15:55:31 PM > roop_l : hello Ashutosh.. What a unique unherad surname you have. The time you have decided that you want peac and love in your family, it will start happening. The cards are shoiwng your future is very bright with your family and financial freedom. Focus on priorities of your life. Set yourself FREE from your past which is stoping your progress as soon as possibles.

15:13:48 PM > mychat : 15:10 pm hello mam , i am nirmala yadav dob 24/02/1981 place bihar i want to know that when will i get marry ? pls tell me about my career i m doing mba after msc (zoology) will i be able to get job in future.

15:57:57 PM > roop_l : Hello Nirmala... coming 12 to 18 months you will get married. You will get a very good job in future.

15:15:49 PM > ren : Dear Madam please answer me, I am Renu Gautam DOB 06-08-1981 POB Kanpur time 7.30AM I have masters degree still from past one year I am struggling for job and not got any. When I will get job. I have got scholarship from abroad to do post graduation but I dont want to go abroad or should I go abroad, I have to go in October till that time I will get any job or not in India? Please suggest me

16:00:55 PM > roop_l : Hello Renu.... you will get a job in October 2009 and if you opt for abroad post graduation studies than it will be very very good for you.

16:02:49 PM > roop_l : My closing lines for all of you to dwell for week is "The most self-destructive thought that any person can have is thinking that he or she is not in total control of his or her life. That's when, Why me? becomes a theme song." -- Roger Dawson.Friends, you can read all my live chats on my blog I will appreciate if you can live your comments and testimonials there. Those of you who wish to consult me for detailed reading send me mail on or call to fix appointment on 91 98213 36195