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Live chat 1st oct 2009

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader on Thursday 1 st October at 3:30PM .

HIGHLIGHTS: Scorpio: You are going to get some good news regarding relationship, business, job, promotion or finances from someone who cares. You will be intuitive and caring towards people. - Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader

roop_l > Hello Friends. Past two weeks I have been busy and couldn't be here for all of you. Please accept my sincere apologies for depriving so many of you. Well, how many of you have difficulties in apologizing? Read these lines. I am sorry! We all make mistakes. We know of course that the problems caused by our mistakes can be alleviated with a simple "I am sorry,' but we don't use these words. We prefer to wait awhile and think the problem will go away. But that only makes things worse. There is no better way to clear the air than to say, "I am sorry,' and the sooner the better. Why are we so reluctant to use these magic words? An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.- Lynn Johnston. Lets start today's chat..

sami > Hello Mam, I am Nagendra Singhal, DOB:26/08/1974, TOB:13:28, POB: Bharatpur, Rajasthan, Please tell me about my further Job prospects, change in job and are there any chance to have any opportunity abroad ?

roop_l > Hello Nagendra. You have chances of going abroad. You may try for this. Regarding chaneg of job here, you may wait some tiem and dont change yr present job now as you will get a good news of some job very soon.

roop_l > TODAY we will also be talking about our relationship in our workplaces. I will be giving you zodiac tips in same area.

roop_l > Aries: You will experience let down or disappointment feeling. You will be hurt or emotionally overwhelmed.

svsv > Hi my name is Sudhir Vashishth, DOB-20/10/66, Time-10:30 AM, Place-Agra. For the last 4 months I am without any job/work. Earlier, I was working as GM in real estate company . Pls. tell me how will it take to be normal for good assignment for me. Regards,

roop_l > Hello Sudhir, whatever job you will get in january will be very good for you. There is one choice of job coming in Nov which you may pick up if you feel like. 2010 is good year for you as new avenues will open up offering unexpected gains in different directions.

roop_l > Taurus: Brave, aggressive people inspire you physically or mentally. You may expect business call from people.

saurabh > My name is Saurabhh Mishraa, POB: Lucknow, DOB: 23/11/1977. Presently I am working in software industry (Delhi). How would be my carrier in this industry is there any chance to foreign country?

roop_l > Hello Saurabh, you will be wondering after 6,7 months what to do next and the more deeper thought you will give, you will understand where can be your progress. Opportunity of going abroad don't look promising.

roop_l > Gemini: You will meet people with focus on financial prosperity. There can be travel plans with like minded people.

santoshsathreya > Hi I am Swaroop Marghasahayam, i was born on 31st Aug 1982 in bangalore.... i did my MS in Australia and looking for job here..... so wanted to know how are my career prospects...thanks

roop_l > Hello Santosh, The career prospects requires a change of place and you will be able to achive in your future with lot of satisfaction, finances and securities.

roop_l > Cancer : Professionally you will grow making important contacts and meetings. You have responsibilities and you stand by them with your feelings.

fgf > My name is SHAILLAJA and my DOB is 30/12/78. My hubby's name is DEEP KAMAL and his DOB is 23/12/74. Our marriage has always been turbulent and we are living separately from quite some time. Is there any hope for us?

roop_l > Hello Shaillaja, the marriage has lot of turbulence as you have rightly said and it is on a shaky ground. You will be in lot of doldrums. Communicate with the right person, can be a friend or a relative who can help you to sort out your matter. The chances of being together looks diminishing.

roop_l > Leo: You are not feeling very comfortable. You want to go away and begin new life.

rajeshrai > Madam ji Namskar, Myself Rajesh, DOB: 09/02/1975, Time: 11.20 AM, Birth Place: Pusa Bihar, Madam ji, I am working in Govt. Organization last 9 years as Casual basis, but till date I am not regularized. Madam Ji kya mai regular ho sakta ho ya nahi please help me (

roop_l > Hello Rajesh, namaste... You may keep feeling taht you are not regularised but if you do right things, cut out on your illusions or pick up some new work line than the future is bright.

roop_l > Virgo: You will consider new partner or new projects. You have fresh ideas turning into great ventures. You are feeling energetic and spiritual.

ABCD > TOQ : 12.50 p.m. hello roop lakhani ji . My name is Chanderprabha dob is 19th feb 1980 time is 12.00 p.m. afternoon and place is bahadurgarh haryana. pls tell me whether i will get sarkari naukri or not if i will get then at what time. I m very worry about my future.

roop_l > Hi Chandraprabha... The chances of you getting government job is not teher for another 18 months. You may focus on other activities of your choice or look for job in private companies.

roop_l > Libra: You will have many disturbing events with people. You may be having certain conflicts with close people and you need to voice out.

skg > Hello Ma'am, My name is Sachin Gupta and my DOB 17 June 1982, TOB 00:15 AM, I would like to know that when will i be able to get a new better job for which I m trying so long, will there be any chances of outside India job opportunity TOQ 12:55

roop_l > Hello Sachin, You have a chances of getting a job abroad in January 2010. You can keep applying for the job and in December 2009 onwards period is very good for you.

roop_l > Scorpio: You are going to get some good news regarding relationship, business, job, promotion or finances from someone who cares. You will be intuitive and caring towards people.

jogesh > My Name is Jogesh Malik, date of Birth : 23/11/1979, Time 17:50, Place Faridabad, When my job will be change, when my good time will be start. Please tell me about my future

roop_l > Hello Jogesh, 2010 October is good for you to have the best of new job and best of future. Keep patience, this year whatever job may not give you satisfaction and desired growth. Stay KOOL.

roop_l > Saggitarius: You will be greatly affected by people around you, you will be acknowledged by people you work more and go into minute details for what you want to achieve...

vikranmahajan > Hi my name is Vikrant Mahajan. My dob is 16jan1980. at the moment I am studying at Australia i will finish in between march to june2010. after studies I want to get permanent residency here can i get it or should i do some remedies. Do I have any hope here

roop_l > Hello Vikrant, the chances of you getting permanent residency in Australia looks very bleak. You will be benefited by shifting from there. Keep your all avenues open. Look out for better new opportunities.

roop_l > Capricorn: You will be happy the way your work progresses. You will travel if necessary for work. You will have good news everywhere.

subodh > Good afternoon 3/07/1961..birth time is 3:25 AM n d place is in uttrakhand. I m an executive in a limited co. my salary is very low in spite of high education n experience...I m tired of searching a job of my liking...whether I will get it or not if yes then more thing i do not have any savings or future investments....please tell me about my retirement / old age...with regards...subodh

roop_l > Hello Subodh, Keep trying searching for the job. The chances of you geting a job is very likely only with the help of someone. 2010 looks promising than 20009. Don't give up on your hopes. Your old age has got lot many good projects and good enough fiancés to keep you going. God Bless You.

roop_l > Aquarius: people will like you for you energy and work, ideas, insights and inspiration. You have possibility to expand on your work by acting on one of this ideas.

kunni > dear madam my son;s name hariharan swaminathan, date of birth 104.04.1997, time 5.29 am, day. Friday. place: pune, he is good in academic as well as drawing , if he choose cartoon / drawing as his profession , can he flourish on that .... otherwise if he opt for studies .. how far he can explore ... is there any possibility of going abroad?? please advice for a good career growth...

roop_l > Hello Kunni, Let Hariharan go with his complete desire and liking how he wants to shape his future. He will be very good with communication or group activities or even in cartoon drawing as a profession. He will do good and good double degrees in his education.

SUSHIL KUMAR - HK > My name is K C Sushil Kumar. DOB is 10th April 1960. Born in Tiruvalla (Kerala), India. I am in Hong Kong now since 1991. Last year I had asked u if I will buy a house here in Hong Kong by the end of 2008 and you said no.

roop_l > Hello Sushil, good to see you again here from HK. You please continue staying in same leased house. Anytime between June 2011 to Sept 2011 you have chances of buying your own dream house in Hong Kong.

abc > My name is Jyoti Jain 25-10-1982, 9:23am faridabad, I m living separately from my husband for last 10 months. Now I want to spoil my husband. Please tell me what my husband wants me. He is also not doing any job. When he would get a good job? What is the future of my married life?

roop_l > Hello Jyoti. Since you have asked question relating to your husband and not given his name or DOB, im unable to give you any reply. pl send me sepearte mail on But your cards drawn shows, you have a choice to be with your husband and restart your married life, which looks better than previously spent time.

deepika > Namaskar mam, this is Deepika Taneja from muzaffarnagar, my dob is 18 September 1988, birth place miranpur, distt muzaffarnagar, up , India.... mam I very confused about m career line...which college I m getting I am not getting satisfied with that.. .firstly I was interested in doing masters in finance and control den I switch over to MBA HR, then to MBA international...AND MANY MORE THINGS...i m literally confused what will suit me

roop_l > Hello Deepika, MBA-HR or MBA-Finance will suit you better than anything else. Please keep your emotions and relationships in balance. Your confusion needs to be sorted with your logical thinking. Think of ebing an independent person and practical girl in your life instead of being emotional.

Hitesh > I am Hitesh Jain, dob 20-10-1981, 8:02PM Haryana, My married life is disturbed. She is living separately. What my wife wants me? I have also lost my job. when will i get a good job. what will happen in married life. Please help me.

roop_l > Hi Hitesh, Since you have not mentioned your wife's name and DOB i cant answer what she wants from you. But, anytime between now to march 2010 you will get a good job. Your married life appears to be good. Don't worry and think too much. God will show you the path for betterment. God Bless.

fundipesh > Hello Madam I am dipesh Kalangutkar from Goa. My name DIPESH KALANGUTKAR DOB, 29/12/184 , POB GOA(VASCO) TOB , 12:05 PM. I want to know when i will get fix n good job n when i will get married n how? plz mam tell me its urgent.

roop_l > Hello Dipesh, You will get a good job in coming 1-2 months time. 2012 appears to be the year for getting married.

Mukesh > My name is MUKESH SHARMA date of birth : 14 march 1978, I am not satisfied my job. i want to get job/business which give me a good income
roop_l > Hello Mukesh, two months from now you will get very good job offers. Pick up the opportunities when it comes. You will have great satisfaction and rowth in this new job.

roop_l > Pisces: You will have lot of work. You will be involved with professional people of all kinds. You have to finish your targets. You may be in stress. You express yourself and refuse to budge from your point of view.

dev > Name :Deven Bhupatrai Mehat DOB : 28-11-1971 Question : Currently in good company at good post need to know 1) When will I get promotion 2) Buying a new big house 3) Daughters future

roop_l > Hello Deven, Five months from now you will get a promotion. In 2012 you will buy a big house. Since daughters name and DOB is not mentioned I cant give any reply. God Bless You....

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roop_l > I am sorry!!! Those three words either get stuck in our throats or come out sounding fake and insincere. Why is that? Do we think that saying &quot;I am sorry is an act of weakness? It isn't it's a sign of strength. We could also look at it from another angle. To say &quot;I am sorry&quot; (if we really mean it) is the best way to prevent us from spending a lot of time and negative energy on something that is so easily fixed. We should use the three words more often, even if it hurts a bit. It could hurt much more later Learn and Practice to say Sorry These are my closing words for the week. Friends, you can contact me by email at or call on 91 98213 36195 for fixing appointment. Visit my blog to read all my past chat on India times at <> and become follower of my blog. With Divine Guidance

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