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Roop Lakhani / 24th August

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader on 24 th August Monday at 3:30PM .

Bring lot of harmony in your life by your expressions and thoughts which results into actions.... Roop Lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

roop_l > Hello friends. How many of you Love yourself? Ever given thought to this question? How well this is defined - Sydney J. Harris “It's surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves, and if you're not comfortable within yourself, you can't be comfortable with others”. Come let us begin today’s chat

sushma_jain > I m Sushma jain,2 July 72, TOB 5:05 am, BOP Chhindwara, India, I found suspicious thing around me ,plz tell me it is my intuition or real fact, second question is I have some issues ,want to know, if I raise, what will happen with me.

roop_l > Hello Sushma. This can be more or less your fear coming true. It looks like it’s not the intuition but somewhere a fact. When you raise some issues you will realize an enlightenment period a new you and end of certain end of some cycle and beginning of new one, you will cut through lot of illusion. God Bless You.

mzzm > Mohammed Zafarulla 24/06/1981....a insight into my career

roop_l > Hello Mohammed, the project what you have launched or on a career on which you have embarked is successful. What you need is be more and more practical, plan to reach your destination with your focus.

suneel > hello dear madam, my full name is Suneel s angadi, dob 4-2-1971, tob 11.55 pm night, POB -gadag, I am having a lot of problems with my career, presently i am jobless since June and having been trying for a new job since past 8-10 months ,no response for my applications, its always been a struggle in my career and personal life, i cant keep a job for more than a year or two max, i always get underpaid and exploitative kind of jobs, in spite of being honest, sincere and hardworking, never get promotions or good salary, pls tell me when will i get my next job, when will i get stability and good growth and satisfaction in my career, do you suggest any remedies, when will find my life partner , when will see good times in my life, have not left any stone unturned, tried everything, no satisfying results. Please help me, thanks and sending you divine light, love and blessings.

roop_l > Hello Suneel, within 2 months from now you will get a good job. You need to really focus on your job without any biased perception. Don’t be a martyr or feel life against you. Bring lot of harmony in your life by your expressions and thoughts which results into actions. Everything will be good with coming times. Wish you all the good luck to come.

joy > My name is Saumyajyoti Chakraborty, birth date 13.01.1977 (8.03am) in Kolkata, got a proposal from a girl named USHA MAITRA born on 10.01.1983 at 8.30 A.M at Baharampur, West Bengal. Please let me know if I marry her then our married life will be good or not!

roop_l > Hello Saumyajyoti, as and how when the life will go-ahead, you will be seeing a lot of changes in you, where you will feel powerless or victimized. So you make your own judgment to get married to Usha.

lehhar > Hi my sisters name is Bhanu chaudhary. DOB: 22 June 1986. Will she get good marks? Where will she get final placement in Delhi or Gurgaon

roop_l > Hello there, Bhanu will get very good marks, in fact much more than her or yours expectations. She is very likely to get job in Delhi rather than Gurgaon

far > Hello mam..im farrukh habib,dob-4.4.69,pob -Port Blair, tob-4am.how do you foresee my career shaping up and do I start my own business and if yes what is a favourable time?Thanks

roop_l > Hello farukh, you rcareer is shaping up with lot of victory, fame and acclaim. What you can do is continue with your job and if you have any good idea that you had thought of doing some business with, than the period of starting the business is good now. You can start anytime. Make your choice you will do well either way.

amit > My devars name is Amit chotrani. DOB: 21 nov 1982. TOB: 2:32pm. Place of birth: Bhopal. He is getting a chance to work in Oman. South Arabian country. will it be good for him to go and work as lecturer in fashion designing.

roop_l > Hello there, Amit has to make his own choice as if he takes the job than self awareness and tolerance to others fault will bring him success and inner strength. There can be few difficulties which will allow him to be stronger.

saswat > Mam, My name: [SASWAT KUMAR, dob: 22.08.1976, Time: 9:45 am to 9:50 am, Sunday,Place: Bhagalpur, Bihar,, I am not getting the career lift I deserve as Human Resource Professional, I am trying in Academic too,also Technical Part of HR but nothing seems coming my way, please suggest me what do I do and I am feeling down. Can I ever meet my career aspirations and grow better and better. I am located at Kolkata (west bengal)

roop_l > Hello Saswat kumar, don’t give up your hope, you have your own potential realizing soon. You will realize that there is something coming up in your life very soon within 2 weeks from now or you will meet a friend who will guide you to the best 2 weeks from now.

anuj > Anuj Mittal DOB-13-Aug-1976 TOB-11:45AM Place of birth-Patiala Q)when will I get my new assignment( job) in Canada. Will I settle down there?what age will i get married?

roop_l > Hello Anuj, you will get a job in Canada. You may also settle down there. You can get married anytime starting from next month.

Bosky > Hii I am Bosky Bahl,29-03-1980 place raipur chattisgarh, tob: 4:27am, Please let me know if I should start a business or not

roop_l > Hello Bosky, right now time and period is not good for you to start a new business. 2010 end looks more promising and good. All the best.

prashant > I am unable to get into final year .I have applied for revaluation of marks , will the revolution result will be positive ? will be i be able to move to final year this year ? Also i am already late in completing my degree, My girlfriend is worried since her parents are searching a suitable match for her. What steps should we take now? My date of birth is 23 December 1979 and name is Prashant. My girlfriends name is Pratibha and dob is 23 December 1981. Please help thanks.

roop_l > Hello Prashant, you will have positive result in your re-evaluations and move to final year. Regarding your marriage to Pratibha, its not yet certain as somebody will make a choice and force upon the decision.

kamla > my name is kamla jethi DOB 03 march 1982 time 14:45 place of birth khatima( uttranchal ) rashi name is babita..wanna to know abt my love relationship and marriage and career growth

roop_l > Hello Kamla, your love relationship looks like a very strong bond turning into a marriage. regarding your career growth, you have to use your logic, facing up the reality and knowing what is right and wrong for you.

mahi > I m Monika kumar, dob:9-12-1979, pob-Delhi, tob-6:45pm. My Husband-Bharat Bhushan dob;30-6-1977, pob:khurja,tob-5:15pm. Residing separately. Our case now in court. a)when our divorce is possible and how many yrs will it take in court b)when i will get gud job .

roop_l > Hello Monika, the divorce is possible with lots of difficulties; time period expected can be anytime between 4 to 6 years. You will get a very good job from 4 weeks from now.

jyostna > Hi Gudafternoon Madam, Myself Mrs. Jyostna Arvind Gajbhiye here,my dob - 21st june,1978. time of birth- 09.45am. place - Nagpur. I wanted to ask you something. I have been married since 4 years but im not staying with my husband from last 2 years. We have lots of probs in between us.And now i have applied for divorce, please tell me how soon i will get divorce ? and is it rite for my future to take divorce or should i go back to him ? but its really impossible to live with him. I want to ask you when i will get divorce and if there are any chances of getting married again then when ?????? I have 3 yrs daughter so i have to lookafter her also and my mother is asking me to get married again asap.. Please tell me some remedy to get divoce soon and get married again.. Thanks a lott in advance.. I will be oblige if you will answer all my questions.. thanks a lott again.. take care..

roop_l > Hello Jyosana, learn to be more practical. Thinking about your daughter and try to resolve the differences between you and your husband divorce is not seen on the cards and remarriage also not to be seen on your cards.

taruna kadam > Hi mam,i m Taruna kadam of 26 yrs,DOB 15/11/1982,Persently workin with Pvt company,,well i m not satify with my job and i m not a very confident person due to which i face lots of problems ,plz help me ,how shld i improve my luck to gain better things.also want to know about my marriage, it will b arrange or love and in which yr.plz help mam

roop_l > Hello Taruna, its like whatever way you can accept the truth and responsibility for your choices and make decisions for your life will allow you to achieve what you deserve. You have an arranged marriage and it can be anytime in 2009. for your self confidence eat more of yellow fruits or vegetables and affirm “I am confident in my life , and life gives me happiness and prosperity”. 24 times everyday. God bless u.

gaurav > Hi Roop Gaurav Rishi Here I m facing problem in my career. My date of birth is 19 April 1983 time is 0500 hrs in morning

roop_l > Hello Gaurav, you need to clean up all your dirty past relations or your blocked emotions. Success is defiantly there in your career as soon as you will realise that reality is different from the illusion you are carrying. when you are ready to have a change of heart and the new yo , than you will be able to get success. De-clutter yourself mentally and emotionally. Have a different way of thinking from the old patterns of behavior.

kitu > Hi Roopji, My name is Ankita Rao (DOB 12 July 1984, Mumbai, 18:36) Please tell me if you see marriage for me in 2009?

roop_l > Hello Ankita, you will get married in 2009.

Message for Friends >
roop_l > Friends, to continue on my opening question of DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF. Read and think over these lines. “We have the need to be accepted and to be loved by others, but we cannot accept and love ourselves. The more self-love we have, the less we will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection, and self-rejection comes from having an image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to that ideal. Our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves the way we are, and why we don't accept others the way they are”. -- Don Miguel Ruiz.

Contact me by email at roop@tarotfuture.com or call on 91 98213 36195 for fixing appointment. Visit my blog to read all my past chat on indiatimes at Thanks and happy Ganeshotsav to all of you.

Chat 30th July 2009


Roop Lakhani / 30th July - Transcript of Live Chat with Roop lakhani Tarot Card Reader on 30 th July Thursday at 4PM.

Don’t think too much before hand, and be in a way that allows... Roop Lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

roop_l > Hello friends. Welcome to Live chat. I was so moved forward reading this lines that wish to share with you all “Only in quiet waters things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world”.-- Hans Margolius. LET’S begin today’s session.

kamini > Hi my name is Kamini Sharma, 11/02/1976, born in Ludhiana, 1410 is the time, my question is that i am jobless for the last 9 months, no income at all, i am being rejected wherever I apply, when will I get a job and be able to live in a house of my own (currently staying with parents, mom and dad a re divorced so I live with my mom and maternal grandparents)

roop_l > Hie Kamini....Definately you will get a job within 1or 2 weeks , perhaps you have applied for it....may be in 2yrs time you will have your home....Wish you good luck...

123 > I am Sonali Gupta, dob 06.04.1978, I was in love with Ranjeet for 1 and a half years, he is 6 years younger to me, my parents were against the relationship and we had to break up in Jan, I am still in love with him, he also loves me and approached me recently. What should i do should I go back to him against my parents wishes or marry the boy my parents have chosen. do you see my marriage soon.

roop_l > Hee Sonali Gupta, I think you should go ahead with your parents choice, rather than Ranjeet....Some how the full name of ranjeet and birthday is not given, soo cant say much...But wedding is soon in your stars...Good luck...

soumyajit > Hello mam.........I am Soumyajit Ghosh,DOB-3rd June 1985,TOB-3:10 PM,Place-Kolkata.Mam,I would like to know when I will get a job and will it be a good one.I am an electronics engineer,pass out on 2008.I got a job last year but due to recession period I haven't got my joining till now.Mam,also please tell me about my finance/Property, will it be good,I would also like to know about my marriage,will it be love or marriage. thanks mam....

roop_l > Hiee Soumyajit.....You should be able to get job from 1 to 2 months from now.....Finance will be up and down up going...Mostly it will be a love marriage...God bless....

smithasv > Hi Roopa,Good Afternoon, My name is Smitha S.V,DOB: 06/06/1980,TOB:10:30pm approx,POB:Shimoga(Karnataka),Now staying in bangalore,when i will get married(arranged or luv),How will be my career? After I lost my job i got new job in 2 months, question time 1:37pm

roop_l > HIEE...Smitha....looks like marriage, you will have to make your own choice, as some how you will have to be more courageous and bold enough to take your own decisions, regarding career it looks you have to burden your vision, think positive to achieve what you want in LIFE... wish you good luck...

radha > Dear Madam, .Hope you are fine. My self Ajay kumar panda here from Rourkela, orissa. Date of Birth- 7 April 1965, Time 09 hr 09 minute (PM) and Place Rourkela, Orissa, and Gender:-Male. At present I am working at Muscat, Oman. as a Purchase Manager .In Oil and gas sector. Basically I am a Mechanical Engineer. When would I be able to get a stable job.as such I can stay with my family I am in need of change of my present job In near future when should I able to get a job in India or abroad. I have got an offer from Oman but their perks and other benefits are less than my present perks. Hence I am not interested to join in that organization. However I am trying to get some better option. When and where in Oman or in other country I shall get better job. Please advice. When there will be financial growth. Thanks and take care.

roop_l > Hiee Ajay, yes definitely there is a change of Job with in 1 year time, and some how India and Oman, rather than any other parts of the country....and looks like you will have to e away from your family to get satisfaction of your job...Good luck....

varun > Hello Mam, I am Varun Malhotra, DOB 4/5/82, Time 1:50 AM, Place - New Delhi. Your guidance has really helped me in improving myself a lot. You told me that I will get married within 9 months. I am looking for professionally qualified and working girl. Could you please tell me how my married life will be and how I can improve it further? I am also concerned about my would be wife behavior with my parents and siblings? Will it be good or bad? Any remedies to improve it?

roop_l > Hiee Varun, first of all relax down, and don’t think so much, about your wife she will be highly qualified strongly intuitive with lot of potential in her....what you need to do, don’t think too much before hand, and be in a way that allows, understanding and adjustment of her’s with you and family...Think all positive and all with happen GOOD......

sweetu_85 > Milind DOB 13.05.79 When will i get good job? Thnks

roop_l > Hiee...Milind.....between 2 to 3 yrs of time good choice of job, where you will feel, good about your achievements....Good luck..

nv6 > My name is Navneet Verma, DOB 06.09.1969, Time of Birth 02.25 AM, Place of Birth Giddarbaha. (Punjab)My question is, I have purchased the house in Jan2005. House nos 1751 its north phasing, after this I have been facing financial loses

roop_l > Hiee.... Navneet Verma, there are certain negative energy in the house, but looking from your cards, whatever is written in your Destiny, you will have to go through the cycle for you to learn certain experiences which teaches you certain values which otherwise you have not learnt, all guidance is not possible, only from so much address of your, there are lot of details required contact us in person www.tarotfuture.com .

luv_khanna > Hello mam! this is nidhi chawla.my d.o.b is-8th sep 1981,place-delhi,time-2:10pm,time of asking ques-2:05pm.mam i am a divorcee who got married in 2005 and was divorced in 2007.i am in love wid a guy whom ive been knowing from past more than 2 years.i wanted 2 know shud i marry him? Actually I am damn scared after what all that happened in the past.i dnt want history 2 repeat itself. am he is still trying 2 establish his business, so shud think of spending my life with him....or shud i move on?plz mam help me as i am confused. thanks!-nidhi

roop_l > Hiee Nidhi....If your going to be a balance personality knowing your moods and temperament, nature adjustable to his, definitely he is a good guy, though you have not given us his details of name and birth, but looking from your cards you can have a good life, be sure of your old patters, so history doesn’t repeat....wish you good luck....

shweta > Hi Mam, I am Shweta Amrawanshi, 21 female from Bhopal. My dob is 19/05/88. I wanted to know about my career and my love relationship. I want to go in administrative services, so would I be able to fulfill it....also i want to marry my boyfriend...my parents would agree with me?

roop_l > Hiee.. Shweta....you have the hopes of establishing your career, but looks like there is some sought of dullness, depression which is not allowing you to make the efforts, necessary for you future...You have been warm supportive to you love but don’t take too much burden over your head say no some times, your parents may not agree to your love...wish you good luck...

inderjeet > Dear Madam, My son Master Ishan Singh, born on 14 Dec. 2005,TOB=4:35 PM ,POB=Navi Mumbai(Vashi).he is in Nigeria with me since last 15th Feb 2009 and since last 2 months he is sick suffering from fever, he recovers and again go into the same condition and from tomorrow he is having is final promotional exam and again he has got fever and stomach pain since yesterday. I am not able to understand what to do should I decide to send them back to India or I should trust on the doctors available here, what to do please advice and also advice why he is getting so much sickness what is his future.

roop_l > Helloo... Ishan Singh, his health will be better, don’t worry much, its a temporary phase, you need to work out is there anything work at school, teacher, or with friends....or something at home...he will be with you only in nigeria with a brith future...don’t worry...

MANOJ > Hello Mam! myself is Manoj Goyal My DOB is 24/08/1975, I have a huge loss in Share Market, From last one year I have lost my all savings, Please tell me why this time came and how many times I face this problem, Kindly give me solution

roop_l > Hiee...manoj, you will definitely recover your loss, but you have not been making good decision for good stocks in right time, definitely the future is much better financially a year from now, where gradually through out the year you will be able to do some charitable act in terms of money to have a better fortune...Good luck...

Kanak > Hi Madam, Myself Lovely Bose,DOB is 05/01/81,POB is Indore,TOB is 12:05am, Madam plz tell me about my career, I am not happy with my job it is not very satisfactory pls tell me what's my future is, also if u can giude me for my marriage as astrologers tells

roop_l > Hieee Lovely, you have better times coming from now with in 3 months from now...regarding marriage, you will have a very nice loving caring partner, in 3 to 4 yrs marriage will take place....don’t forget to call me....god bless you...

ankush > MY NAME IS NIKHIL SAINI:dob:29-dec-1986,new Delhi : time:11:30 am. mam I am struggling with my career .as I have been surrounded by extreme darkness .can u plz suggest few career options for me.will civil services be a good option for me. plz help

roop_l > Hiee Nikhil, yes civil services will be really good, small time business will also do good for you.....good luck...

aaaa > Dear Mam, Pranam my daughter Sarika Chauhaan, dob is 27 Aug 1982 at 02:45am at Rishikesh in Uttarakhand (India). Plz tell which is good match 4 her to get marry???? Sandeep Bhandari,dob is 27 Aug,1980 at 09:00pm at Tehri Garwal in Uttarakhand (India) OR Girish Vashisth, dob is 13 March,1967 at 11:00am Bangalore in Karnataka (India). Plz tell when will she get marry??? I m really worried becoz I m a widow having Two other daughters. Timing of askg ques.is03:20pm.Thanks

roop_l > Hiiiee... Regarding Sarika Cauhan, Sandeep is definately a good choice, finding out your comparability and practical point of view, on cards it looks like happy married life...2 to 3 yrs is a good time for you...Wish you gr8 luck...

raj > Good eve. u answered it last chat saying to contact u but no reply from ur email. Good afternoon. Name: Dhiiraj G Ajwani. Dob :29/8/73 I am an engg graduate and working with my dad from last 12 yrs. now i want to do something else like doing a dynamic job or some business which involves traveling and where in i can get name

roop_l > Hieee Dhiraj, you can take some support of your family business or your inherited skills and start your own business, be bold and courageous....to start with endurance, commitments and lot of efforts...and regarding to your email, I am sorry not received any email....

raghu > Hi Goodafternoon,My Name is Raghav Khanna, DOB:8.04.1980,Time of Birth : 4:58 AM,Place : New Delhi,My financial condition is no as good as I intended it to be since last few years, I am looking for a very good break in career/job with a good salary and respectful status, Currently am working in an IT company with 7 years of experience and my salary is quite low as per my qualifications and experience, please advise when I will achieve all this.

roop_l > Hiee Raghav, definately you will have a good raise or bonus very soon, and within a years time from now, you will be at a good post from now, be positive....good luck...

anil > My name is anil omana krishnan. My date of birth is 10th July, 1965. Time of birth is 11.55AM and place of birth is New Delhi. I am holding a good government job but presently pursuing PhD in Singapore. I want to know whether how successful I will in future and whether I have a career in academic field. Will doing Phd benefit me.

roop_l > Hiee anil, definately you have a good career in academic, and PHD will help, shift from present job according to your choice,,,, good luck be positive all will be good....

Message for Friends>
roop_l > On closing note friends, have each one of you ever wondered importance of Meditations? Well here is what great Lord Buddha said. “Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom”. Plz contact me on 91 98213 36195 or on email roop@tarotfuture.com.

SPECIAL NOTE: Friends, I have received repeated questions from many of you which were answered by me during live chat. It appears that either they had missed to be online during live chat time or they didn’t look up to archive. Anyways, for all those friends, and for other friends, from today, each one of you can log to my bog specially created for my past transcripts of Live Chat on indiatimes.com and see all old transcripts of my live chats for reference. Visit

Chat 23rd July 2009


Roop Lakhani / 23rd July

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Roop lakhani Tarot Card Reader on 23 rd July at 3:30PM.

Make her feel very loved and wanted, on daily bases.

Roop lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

roop_l > Hello friends. Welcome to live chat. Other day someone asked me What is your destiny? I dwelled over this and read this lines which I wish to share with you before starting “The significant business of your life is alive and well, awaiting discovery, within your very soul. You and I were born to come into ourselves as complete and distinctive persons. Accepting this, we build a valuable life”. -- Marsha Sinetar. Let’s begin today’s chat.

pritha_09 > Myself Pritha Ghosh. Date of birth 26.10.1985.time of birth 6.30pm in kolkata. how u see my career. I am a software engineer. Have 2 very got job ,waiting for joining. should I plan for higher studies in abroad or stick to the job. How you see my married life? When will I get married? I am in a relationship from past 2 years. what should I do? plz advice. Thank you.

roop_l > Hello Pritha... You must go for higher studies, but better choice is to do it in India rather than abroad. Your married life is exceptionally very good. Go according to the traditional way of marriage. Since you are in a relationship already, get consent and yes from your family than things is very nice. God Bless U.

varun > Hello Mam, I am Varun Malhotra, DOB 4/5/82, Time 1:50 AM, Place - New Delhi. I am a Software ENgineer by profession. I am trying to look for jobs abroad but always get unccessfull in the interviews or hardly get an interview calls too. Kindly let me know if I will be able to grab a good job abroad and when I can get setle there? I also want to know when I will get married as I am mangalik and finding it difficult to get a good mangalik girl?

roop_l > Hi Varun. Within 1 month time you should get a call from some abroad job. You will be very successful. In 9 months you will get married as well. Please carry ONLY positive feelings and thoughts regarding you being successful which will give you a very good positive life ahead.

mother > Hello Lakhani maam. I am very concerned for my daughter’s marriage. I am a single parent and dont know how how things will proceed. Her name is Ruchika. Her dob-18 oct,1982 ..Pl maam let me know when is marriage on cards for her? will it be a love marriage or arrange and how will be her married life?

roop_l > Hello. Wish you ahd given your name and surname rather than just yr daughter name. Anyways, my best reply is, Ruchika's chances of getting married is within 3 months. If not happened than within 12-15 months. Mostly she will do Love Marriage. God bless u. contact me for any further guidance on roop@taortfuture.com

renu > Good morning maam. I discontinued working from 31st march 09, after a working career of nearly twenty years. Will I get a job again? I am not keeping too well physically now a days. will I be able to work again? my name is Renu and my dob is 16 june,1961

roop_l > Hello Renu, good morning. You will be able to get job within 3 months from now,. You really need to take care of yr health physically and mentally be very positive which will allow you to be in good health.

ads > Dear Madam, please answer my query this time. My name is Aditya Nadkarni, dob is 06/06/1980, tob is 05:00am, pob is Mumbai. I have always been unlucky love and falling for wrong kind of people. I was in a relationship for last 3 and half years and though initially everything was good then things went from bad to worse. In spite of everything we resolved our issues and stuck together but now we haven't spoken for last 2months. Is there a chane for us to get back together or should i move on with my life. Will i ever meet my right match cuz I m tired of these heartbreaks.

roop_l > Hello Aditya, I can’t reply abut relationship as no name or DOB mentioned. Somehow the negative Karmas or some negative energy around you is not allowing your relationship to go smooth. You need to look within yourself and ask and seek answers as what is it in your relationship which is not allowing it to be smooth? If u will mediate and know for yourself the answers of all why's that you will definitely be able to see a good love life. Contact me for further guidance..

mystic_guy > Hello Ma'm, my name is S Mehta, DOB - 18 Sept 1975,Place-Mumbai.My question to you is, i had applied for an American Study Visa which was rejected recently. I am planning to re-apply again either in September or November. I wanted to know when exactly would be a good time for me to re-apply which yield positive results. Thank You.

roop_l > Hello Mr S Mehta. How u doesn’t give full name to check full energy of Question? September is ideal month to re apply for USA visa.

aditi > My husband Anuj Goyal dob is 24 nov 1981 at 9.21 a.m. at kota. toq 12.16 pm. whether he will get promotion next year. He has not received since last 3 years. How is her future in career. Thanks

roop_l > Hello Aditi, your husband Mr Anuj Goyal has hopes for the promotion but it is not confirmed as yet. He really needs to work, prove himself slightly better than others through his talents and imagination. Put more efforts and promotion is guaranteed. Management have recognized his worth but are not convinced about worthiness. God bless.

radhika > Radhika Verma DOB is 12-08-1990 iwant to know that maine I.P. mein BBA ke liye CET diya hai or meri rank 16302 hai or mein OBC quota se hu kya mera admission ho jayega ya mujhe correspondence se padhai karne padegi

roop_l > Hello Radhika, it looks little difficult to get admission through OBC quota. Likely you will ahve to do correspondence course or try again next year.

roop_l > Hello friends... plz put your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH with questions instead of Single names

mona > I am Sheetal Gupta,DOB:24.12.76,happily married with 2 kids .I am a house wife. I want to know what does my future hold for me, generally, about my husband. about me and about my children?

roop_l > Hello Sheetal, since you have not given names of yr husband and children, i can not look at their cards. Your growth in future is slowing systematic sure and steady. Continue being very loving and caring towards your family. Life is very good for you. God Bless You.

omi > Hello mam ! my daughter name is riddhi dob is 21-5-2005 tob is 11:45 am bhopal...i want to know about her future whether she wiil be good in studies or ?? she cry a lot for going to school ..I m worried about her health and studies ,any remedy for her ??

roop_l > Hello Omi, Riddhi is a very bright child but there is a rigid stubborn pattern in her which is not allowing her to settle in school. with time she will over come this. NOTHING to worry about her health and studies. Make her feel very loved and wanted, on daily bases.

loveoneself > Hello Roop!! My name is Pooja and my dob is 02/02/1983. My question is that when will I get married? How will he be as a person and will he be from my known circle?? Thanks

roop_l > Hello Pooja, you will get married in 18 months from now. The guy will be very religious minded or spiritual or much disciplined having lots of rules and regulations of his own. Financially he will be average and may be he will be known person from your circle.

dilip143 > Hi mam, I am Dilip Hazarika,born on 1 st april,1984 at 0935 hrs at sibsagar, Assam ,jorhat. i love a girl and, i want to marry her. her name is Minakshi Mohan.date of birth-144th november,1987?please tell me will my marriage with her will be successful and, peaceful life ahead?

roop_l > Hello Dilip, you will have a very peaceful and successful married life together with Minakshi.

prad > Hi I am pradeep gautam DOb 06-aug-1980 place kanpur ..from past 1year i am struggling but I didn’t got job. When I will get job

roop_l > Hello Pradeep, you will definitely get job within 30 days from now. Keep all your efforts going in positive directions? Opportunities will come and life will be struggle free for you after that.

vicky > Hi Mam!! I m Anirban Banerjee DOB 24/02/1973; Time: 4:20pm at Kolkata. Few months ago I hav left my previous job due to arise some problems....But it was my description to leave that job as I want d to excel myself in the field of IT. As I have taken ERP training in SAP(ABAP) Tech. and M.A in Stats. so mam rite now I did not get any suitable job. So I want to know about my carrier and my marriage life too......

roop_l > HI Anirban. Keep making efforts for new job. Chances of getting it is in next 1-2 months provided you have given your best effort. Married life will be averagely fine. You will have to work on your positive energy and thoughts regarding your relationship with your wife.

raj > Name: Dhiiraj Ajwani. dob: 29/8/73. working with my dad's business from last 12 yrs. now i want to have chnage in life and want to do dynamic job or some business where in lot of traveling is required and also i can get name

roop_l > Hello Dhiraj, think carefully about your new business. It doesn’t appear to be a traveling business, but it will be a successful venture. Any business/job which is connected with international field will be beneficial to you. Contact me for more details.

vishy > Hi my name is Vishal Makhija dob 24031977 n my wife name is Shalaka Makhija dob is 07101981 from Mumbai we are trying for baby but still no luck she z gone thru 1 entopic pregnancy when will the baby luck come

roop_l > Hello Vishal, 2-3 yrs from now it shows a very likely period of you 2 having a baby luck. Get hormonal test done up of Shalaka. Mail me update. God bless u.


roop_l > Hello Rahul, in the present career move cautiously, stick to what you have right now. Finances will be better in enar future than what is now. Aborad going chances are very likely if proper preparations are done with different set of ideas and beliefs, all needs to be looked at. Marriage in 2 years time.

naman_jain > Hello ma'am...my name is Naman Jain...my dob is 8/4/1989...m doin engineering at present...i would like to pursue mba in future....I would be obliged if u cud tell me about my future...career wise and other aspects of my life....thank u...

roop_l > Hello Naman, you need to be more and more determined regarding your career and achieving your goals. Everything is good until you set goals and focus on it. MBA is far away goal, you need to work more hard and discipline yourself. God bless you.

Message for Friends>
roop_l > Friends if I had to ask you all. How would you describe your place in the universe? Well, read the answer of Susan which is so motivating “We become powerful in the face of our fears when we have a sense that we make a difference in this world. Affirmations of purpose communicate the truth that we are all meaningful participants in this Universe and that we are worthy of giving and receiving love. Some affirmations of purpose are:- I know that I count and I act as though I do.- I spread warmth and love everywhere I go.- I am a healing force in the Universe”.-- Susan Jeffers It was a great session as usual All of you can contact me on 91 98213 36195 or email me on roop@tarotfuture.com for your questions or appointment. God Bless All.