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Chat on 7th April 2009

Roop Lakhani / Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist
Transcript of Live Chat with Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist Roop Lakhani on Tuesday April 7 th at 3 PM.

Commitment and sincerity required for a stable job Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist

roop_l > Hello from of Roop Lakhani... Thought for the day....There are three kinds of violence: one, through our deeds; two, through our words; and three, through our thoughts. The root of all violence is in the world of thoughts, and that is why training the mind is so important.

poorva > Hi I am Bhanu Chaudhary I am a girl dob 22 June 86 place Delhi time 12:35 pm doing MBA final year my summer placement is in Delhi will I get an a grade in that ?? Also further studies after MBA written for me in cards?? Plz tell me will I get my final job in Delhi or Noida? And will I be financially satisfied with it ? time-1:20pm

roop_l > Hi Bhanu, looks like the job of your choice and interest at Noida is not very promising, Think of something new and different way to get you the job of your choice and satisfaction. For more queries contact me on .... all the very best...

sandy > I am Sandeep Wadhwa born on 01-01-1982 at Delhi at1.45pm. I m presently working in US plz tell when will I be able to take admission in MBA in US or any where else

roop_l > Hi Sandeep, I really don’t think that MBA in US is not possible , because the preparations or the scores are not enough, Try seeing yourself besides to US, you will succeed...All the very best...

sara > Hello madam can u plz guide which month in this year ill get divorce. My details Taramati dob27.5.80 at 2.27am in mlore(d.k) husband purushotham dob15.7.64at8.45am in mlore son dob 15.3.04 at 4.46am .plz reply mam thank u

roop_l > Hi Taramati, 2010, beginning January, is very likely for you to get Divorce, speed up your process in Dec 2009....

simu > Hi Roop,Thanks for your dob is 6 April 1980.POB>Trichur/kerala,TOB-5:15 pm. I want to know about my love life and marriage? What has future in store for me with respect to marriage and career?

roop_l > Balance your emotions and the reality in a better way, which allows you, to recognize corporation of people, marriage is definitely happening in this year, and you will have a very well settle life...All the best, for more details contact,

1322222222 > Ma'am my name is Charmi patel,14/5/76. I have started getting designing projects from clients, they like it but something or other delays the starting of project and I do not get my payment. When will I get my first earning and will it be from the project I am right now working on or from the earlier work? How is my career in this field of interior designing, when will my struggle period end ? Thank you.

roop_l > Hi Charmi, there are too many questions, but looks like you will lot of money this month, but what’s more important for you is , be more self assured, speak up, don’t fear criticism, be sure on your words and action , and things will speed up by next month, you can contact me on,

abhay > I am Abhay dob 12.08.1977, in relationship with Sonali DOB 06.04.1978, will things work out for us, will we get married, How do you see our future

roop_l > Hi Abhay, things are working out for your betterment towards your marriage, but looks like there is some sort of communication with honesty required, which will bring optimism and enjoyment, happiness...required for a successful married life....Have FUN...

suvasree > hi! I am,12 th June 1981 born, female, at 9:06am, named Suvasree Datta. I want to know about my career which is unstable at the very moment. Should I expect a stable job in future if yes then when. I am also running under bad finance status when I can expect it to get better. When can I find my dream man.

roop_l > Hi Suvasree, you are restricted by some sort of real events and struggling through illusion, what’s more needed is think more logically, more intellectually and honestly...There is lots of confusion which needs to be cleared out, All the very best...

sunita > Sunita joshi dob 8/5/72 time 6.20 morning, job and personal life in depression

roop_l > Hi Sunita, first clam down, don’t let negative thoughts worry you, regarding your job presently there is a time which is allowing you to be confident in your abilities, juggling well with the situation, Personal life - you need to be aware of your skills and potential and growth, and plz don’t worry about your personal life, be more of spiritual who ever you believe in, give your worries to them, they will take care of you...

akjain1957 > I Joined Present co. About 10 Months back Due To economic recession I do not feel secured. Please tell me about my Job future/progress etc. Also I am looking for change of My House to buy bigger one against existing. Will I get? My wife Sulbha Jain DOB 29March1961 POB Indore. Have some illness when she will get cured?

roop_l > Hi Akjain, regarding your Career future, stay where you are, do not think of any changes as lots of mental clarity is required before you go through any change, review the situation with lots of reality and logic , things are better in your future.... For more queries, contact... , thank you

kamp > Hi, I am kalpana pandey my d.o.b is 6-6-1978 place rewa MP time 16:10. Married for 4 yr when will I able to conceive. regards kalpana

roop_l > Hi Kalpana, 2010 is very likely, if you have put a very positive thought and energy into the planning of your family, right now there is some sort of some fear or withdraw feelings, remove them out...All the very best...

rini > Good afternooon mam, I wanted to ask you about my sister with regards to her marriage. My family is really tensed about it cos the guy that she’s chosen is not acceptable to us and neither is she ready for an arranged marriage. Plz guide if there is sum problem with her horoscope and tell us some details, as in, when is she going to get married, is it going to be a love or arranged one and hw is her married life going to be? Plz help !

roop_l > Sorry we cannot answer, plz mention name , dob and other details....thank u

necalwar97 > Deepak vijh 18-05-1952 Delhi in deep financial crisis

roop_l > Hi Deepak, there is some sort of courage and personal power of yours which has to be molded and directed , in the direction you can take some initiative and double up your powers. Bring a very peaceful atmosphere at home and be with the reality with what you can achieve , don’t block your self with anxiety and worries, be more positive in your thoughts, All the best...

himanshu > madam my name is Himanshu Tiwari, DOB- 8/7/1981, Time- 10:57 am, Place- Katni (M.P)..I am very much confused about my career..nd my luck is not supporting me at all. Sometimes I feel I should do regular MBA.. sometimes I think I should do business but don’t know which business...then I feel I am very creative so I should do something creative like Animation course...then I feel as I like Stocks and Share market so I have to make my career in this field....all together I am very confused as what should I do to get success in my life...As till now I am not successful so I feel scared to take any new risk...My luck is not favoring me at all...My destiny is driven by others which really hurts me a it love, career, relationships or any thing I am not successful I don’t know why?....Is it required to change any thing in my name...please help me madam...I have to take decision....thank you

roop_l > Hi Himanshu, contact for numerology and for other help in detail, on , Right now you focus on your higher studies, after 2yrs stock market will be better, all the best...

Ally > Hi Roop, My husband's date of birth is 1st July 1961. He is an engineer and he worked in a reputed company in Australia for more than 12 years but suddenly was made redundant on the 24th March 2009. When will he get his next job? Do you see him moving back to India or will he stay in Australia? Thanks

roop_l > Sorry , since there is no proper mentioning of full name, we are unable to answer you queries, contact,

bhabani > time is 3.28pm. My name is Bhabani Shankar Acharya. I am a Sagitarian. My dob is 6th march 1986. I want to know about my future. When I will get a good job? How my next exam will go?

roop_l > Hi Bhabani, you need to focus on your studies well, your efforts are not enough to get success in Exam, regarding you job - There is a commitment and sincerity required , which will allow you to be stable in your job ...All the very best...

anoop > Anoop srivastava dob 23/11/84 time 6.10 morning ,hardoi (u.p) job and tell me something about my personal life?

roop_l > Hi Anoop, you can be in to some sort of creative job, sort of a writing or painting, and you have not given it a thought, find out your skills and stop worrying about your future, all the very best...

siya > Namaste mam, I am santosh bala narang, d.o.b. 11.06.1976, po.b. New Delhi. I want to know about my career and marriage. Actually I want to opt the creative career in Film/TV but my bro is not supporting for it. so u tell me how can i get his support and this career is fruitful for me if I will go to Mumbai and try my luck or if any hurdles than tell me any remedy so that I can do and get my goal...tks.

roop_l > Hi Santosh, the time for you is Think more on how to get in Film industry with some ones help, you are trying to be stubborn, and not looking for other opportunities, your brother may not support, but you may have some support in Mumbai, all the very best...

ashu > Hi mama, My name is Ashish Chander 02/10/1982. I want to know in which industry i should work to get maximum benefit. I m interested in music.What about my love life?

roop_l > Hi Ashish, anything which is regarding more adventurous and more energy can go, will be good for you, if there is anything started for you, go with that, you will doo wonders...And is Music is your passion you will do good with that also,,, All the very best...

Message for Friends> roop_l > You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." Contact me for further consultation on

Chat on 24th Feb 2009

Roop Lakhani / Tarot Card Reader
Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Tarot Card Reader Roop Lakhani on Tuesday 24 th February at 3 PM.

Wear more of fresh green color that will give you success in what ever you do... Roop Lakhani Tarot card Reader

roop_l > Wish you all a genuine love relationship, egoless, ego free... For a genuine relationship, there is an outward flow of open, alert attention towards the other person in which there is no wanting whatsoever --- whenever there is wanting there is ego, so be ego free...!!!

ncjjcn > My Name Naresh chand Jain DOB 25/08/1961 Time 11.30 PM New Delhi. The relations with my wife have become sour due to excessive indulgence in religious activities.. Can the same be improved or should I look for solace outside home.

roop_l > Your wife is very warm and supportive, look for her needs and wants, pass love to her, you will have a blessed relation with her... wear lots of pink..

ABCD > Respected Ms Lakhniji...I am Pallavi born at Mumbai on 18/10/1989 at 0932hrs... plz advice if I will go to abroad for higher studies..... hope u will answer this times....regards sent at 1330 hrs

roop_l > The chances of going aboard are very u have not worked hard and the preparations are very less...

kamalapathy > Greetings Roopji! I have attended an interview on 5th February in Mumbai and got short listed. Job location Doha, Qatar. They will select the candidates from shortlist. The selection process will take few days. Up to know there is no result and the consultant is trying well best. Can you tell me what’s their on my cards. DOB: 01.11.76 time: 00.46am POB:Vijayawada

roop_l > will get your call in two months, and you will be able to travel and have a job of your choice and I wish u good luck.

Ashu > Hi ! My name is Aasheesh Kumar .My DOB is 9th, October 1965.Time-7:49 am, Place-Delhi .I am in love with a woman 11 years elder to me. But I am not sure about her feelings for me, as she does not commit anything. I recently proposed her on V-Day .but still no response. What does she think about our relationship? Do you think we will have an intimate relationship in future ? Thanks.

roop_l > Hieee, your love relationships are one sided, look the chances are zero from her side, but since you have not mentioned the name can’t say surely, focus in to your priority of your life rather than this...

Gaurang > My name is Gaurang Patel - DOB 03 February 1984 my question is that in spite working so hard why am I not getting enough money. When will my money problem get resolved.

roop_l > Hiee... looks like there is a struggle period in your life which has come to teach u, so work hard, focus on the skills, which need to be highlighted in u, definitely next year is better than this, I wish u best of luck...

raj > Hello M’am, my name - Rajeev Kumar Jha, D.O.B - 14 Nov 1980, time of birth - 10.51pm, place- Darbhanga, Bihar. right now I am in Faridabad mam, nothing is going well as far as my job is concerned I am biotech engineer plz tell me when I get good job

roop_l > Hiieee Rajeev, you really need to work, more than u have worked and you also need to look for good opportunities , try for something aboard, also try feeding cow on every Wednesday and also do good karma, things will change and happen good in few months...all the best

mohan > Hii this is Mohan my dob 17.01.1979 tob 2.45pm afternoon pob , Davangere, Karnataka tell me how i lost my love and her marriage is fixed I am madly in love with her whether my love come me back please show me the way

roop_l > Hiee Mohan, there were some issues regarding family and security, I think this was in your destiny, learn from here, and focus on your career...keep trying, you need to prove some where to regain your love...All the best

Ajay > Dear Mam, Hello My daughter Ruchita Ugalmugle, dob is 07 July, 1995 at 02:50a.m. at Alibag in Maharastra (India). Plz tell How is her Future in Sports??? Timing of asking quest. Is 01:36pm. Regards

roop_l > Hiee Ajay, she will not do very good in sports, what I advice is let her focus in her academics, she will do very well there...I wish her the right guidance and direction to be successful.... All the very best...

saloni > Dear Maam, My name is Nupur. Dob 24/10/79. Tob 5.25 pm. Pob- Ghaziabad. Plz tell me about my marriage and carrier in future. I will have an arrange marriage or love marriage? Will I get married with the boy whom I love . His name is Saurabh. Dob is 27/08/81. Tob 4.25 pm. Pob ludhiana. Will he come back in my life again?

roop_l > Hiee nupur, definitely you will have a choice, whether you want to get married or not... he will come back to you, but that time you may take your decision very fresh from those situation which will arise at that moment, and your career is a bit delayed but will happen the way you want to go ahead, wear more of freah green give you success in what ever you do...All the very best.

chinnu > Hello mam my name is mridula DOB 4/4/82 and timing 11.55 p.m and my boy friend name is Mahesh Kumar his date of birth is 3/1/83 we are in love and our parents are also ok with our relationship and now we are planning to get married this may or June will our marriage happen and will it be without any problems please tell us also about our future

roop_l > Hieee Mridula, life is full of satisfying experiences in your relations, emotions, family...make sure you dont put any doubts or anxiety . Go with more powerful ; positive intensions in life...All the very best...

chrisever > Hi Roop 2008 was not good in terms of career and financial position, I would like to know how is 2009 going to be for my career and financial position

roop_l > Hieee....2009 looks better than 2008, but still there is situation where you have to balance a lot, move in you limits, think positive and take care of your health...all the very best...

vicky > Hi mam, my name is Vaibhav Gupta. DOB: 2nd August 1986, TOB: 8:35 am and POB: Ranchi. Please tell me when I will achieve super success in my research career. Will I get a beautiful and supporting wife? Thanks and God bless!

roop_l > Hiee Vaibhav, 2011, 2012 looks very promising for you, you will have a very highly intellectual women in you life, and the relationship will be good... All the very best...

puru > Hello my name Purushotham dob 15.7.64 at 8.40 am my wife Taramathi dob 27.5.80 at 2.27am . Madam how is our married life. We had few disagreements 3 days back.. will we have a lovely happy married life. I am very tensed are we heading for separation or our bond will get stronger. plz help me maam thank you waiting 4 your answer

roop_l > Hiee....your marriage will re unite where fairness, honesty ground is required, life is compromise, understanding.. change your thinking and attitude, and things will change for your...All the very best...

aaaa > Hello name is Aditya.Poluri.My date of birth is 26.02.1984.Could you throw some light on my future? Will change in name help? Thank you.

roop_l > Hiee... Aditya, there is a very good time coming for you within two years, lots of success in work , also you will make up good amount of money, don’t hold on to any relation or money so tight that the income flow is not there for you... no need of change in the name, you will doo good with this name...all the very best...

divita > Hello maam, I m very confused about my career. I don’t know which field to chose , will b completing my graduation in next 3 months, but m not able to arrive at any firm decision related to the future field that i may want to take up. I like to be around people ,know them, n b the part of their talks, I m thinking of taking up mass comm as a career, I dream of having my own talk show sumday n becoming a known personality .plz guide me what should I do?? Although my parents want me to become a lecturer of psychology. help me what would be good for me in long run?? Also should I drop this year for taking a diploma in mass comm n preparin for entrance tests??n is there any chance of me going abroad for my job or studies?? Would have a stable career like will I have money n name?? I m so frustrated!!! Give me your kind advice maam , thanking you!!!! my name is DIVITA YADAV , d.o.b. 6.7.1988.

roop_l > Hiee Divita, you will be able to do very well in any of the artistic department of mass media, start doing a job of your choice and be very positive in your thinking , time will allow you to know how you have to go ahead, for rest of the queries, see me personally... all the best...

Anshu > I am Himanshu Tiwari, dob- 08/07/1981, My question is I am job less since last one and half years. What should i do now and will i be able to start my own company in future and get success? How do u see my future in terms of monetary success and stability.

roop_l > Hie himanshu, you have a better prospects then the present place where you are staying, your future is seen of lots of activities, creativity, and success......only thing be very flexible in your thoughts patterns and view the situation from different angles, presently it is a period of struggle, which will over come soon.... all the best

AKV > Dear Mam, My name is : AMANDEEP KAPOOR., D.O.B : 5TH AUGUST, 1977. TIME : 05:46 AM. Place: LUDHIANA. My Question is about my job and marriage. I am jobless these days from the last 2 months and secondly now that I am almost 32 yrs old no suitable girl is being found for my marriage. Kindly suggest something about these both the problems and also there is delay in my everything . Thanks

roop_l > Hiee.... Amandeep... looks like there is some delay, work hard... you will get job of your choice within 6 months...and you will do well....very soon the marriage will happen with in 2 years from now, and you will find a very nice girl... all the best..

Niru > My Name Vishal Mahajan, DOB: 2 July 1976, Place, Batala, timing 12:55 am, I have left my job and start my own business. What are the chances of success.

roop_l > Hiee Vishal... you will achieve everything all what you want, and the stars are in your favor things will show its fruits in 1 years time... all the very best.. good luck...

Sugandha > My name is Sugandha. Born on 16th Feb 1980 When will I get a good job. Right now unemployed. Also what could I expect in the next few months? Please suggest me something to enhance my career.

roop_l > Hiee.... wear yellow sapphire for you better prospects in your job... you may find the job of with in 15 days from now, but you may not like it...have lots of thoughtfulness, different ideas regarding your job, you will have to go with different thinking from the present thinking... wish you all the very best...


roop_l > Hiee Bhavesh...put one more “H” in your name that will help you...for your better success and luck...

soumya > name is soumya de sarkar,male,DOB12-10-1974,time11.15am,place balasore, Orissa ..Can I get a good job in IT sector in near future,i am a MCA, and what about my financial position?

roop_l > Hiee soumya....there are hopes of getting job in the IT sector but will take time, be grounded with reality, don’t build castels in the is good with friends for you....all the very best.....

Message for Friends> roop_l > It was nice answering your queries. I will see you guys soon on the chats. You can contact me at : and mobile: 98213 36195

Chat of 27th jan 2009

Roop lakhani / Tarot Card Reader
Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Tarot card Reader Roop Lakhani on Tuesday 27 th January at 12 Noon.
2009 February is a very good month for any creativity field and for any adventurous field. Roop Lakhani - Tarot card Reader

roop_l > Hi All...Your unhappiness ultimately arises not from the circumstances of your life, but the conditioning of your mind

kjh > My full name is Kamhall Indru Jhangiani (male) DOB 22nd may 1966 , kindly advise about my career growth

roop_l > You really need to be more sharp in your skills, working hard for the job career of your choice, not have any worries but start having a powerful affirmation that you have the job of your choice and be very loving compassionate and fair with people around you. There is a slightly difficult period. All the best.

lalit > Hi this Lalit Goel chartered accountant doing practice DOB 10.12.1970 at 13.50 at Ladwa Distt kurukshetra Haryana I want to know about my career and growth of my profession or suggest to me any other source of income or side by side

roop_l > If you can travel the world and finish with your unfinished projects you will come across with ideas into how to expand your career. Meditate and ask your inner self while meditating, you shall get the answers.

man > My name is Manish Dwivedi, DOB 15/09/1967, place Hamirpur (UP), time of birth 08>37AM. When will I get a high salary job with all comforts?

roop_l > We cannot answer your question as it is a repeat within the last 2 weeks. There is still time for your high salary job

hellomaamrahulhere > I am Rahul Bhatia, Dob>10-10-76, time of birth is 4.45 AM .Place: New Delhi. Kindly tell me How will be 2009 for me?

roop_l > There will be transformation and changes in your life at the end of the year. your skills will be appreciated. work for more expansion in what ever you are doing soumen > Respected madam, My DOB is 21st September 1983. My name is Soumen swarnakar. My place of birth is Bishnupur, West Bengal. I am a lecturer of an engg. college. I am MTech. I will be getting married on 19th feb'09 with my love who is a govt. school teacher...our relation is very very dear and of 9yrs. But the problem is I am in kolkata for service and she is at Burdwan 4 hours far by train. we meet most often...not it is not possible.....will it be possible for her that she will come to Calcutta permanently to me and will she get a job of school teacher in kolkata...because we don’t want to stay far from each other....her DOB is 2nd December 1983 at Durgapur, West Bengal....will i be happy with my love....coming December is the time for the exam for coming Kolkata and getting a school teacher job. As that job is not transferable....plz suggest whether will I be happy............with my true love...for which I always think......about her goodness.......thank you.

_l > Definitely she will be shifting to kolkatta with you within to 12 months of time. Your life will be good. A bit of adjustment and compromise from both ends .

kkkk > My name is Vijay DOB-21.06.1972, Place Sawai Madhopur, Time-10:00 question- job security, career in this year

roop_l > The year is very good for you. You may get a promotion or a transfer. Enjoy. All the best . Wishing you success

Dharmesh > Hello I am Dharmesh staying at Dahirar dob is 23-03-1976 5:20 pm wanted to know about my health

roop_l > You have to take good care of your health, by listening to your signals what your body is giving to you, and attending to them immediately to what ever is needed. If done in time there is nothing to be worried about.

rakesh > My name is Rakesh my DOB 22.10.79. I have seen many ups and downs but still now i've not settled pls tell me that when my good time will start

roop_l > 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 are good years for you. Ups and downs are a part of life. they are there to teach you something. Learn from them. All the best

RANJANA > Respected Madam, I want to know about my sisters marriage. When will they get married and where? I have two younger sisters. Bhavna bisht 04/02/1978, 03>30 a.m. or 04>00 a.m. (exact do not know), Gethia, Nainital, Uttaranchal and Ranjana Bisht 01/08/1979, 08 PM Jodhpur, Rajasthan. My parents are very upset. Please reply. Thank you very much

roop_l > Within 2 to 3 years- they both will get married pooja > Hi Roopa, its been 5 years i m married and we r trying since past 2 years, i wana to know when are the chances of me getting preg n ant. My dob 22-apr-1980 roop_l > Mostly 2011

neetu > Dear Madam, We want to buy a home or land for our mother. Whose star is strong to buy land. Neetu Negi - 16/01/1977, 07:00 a.m., Jodhpur rajasthan, meena bisht - 03/02/1978, 03:30 a.m., nainital, ranjana bisht - 01/08/1979/, 08:00 p.m., jodhpur, rajasthan roop_l > Neetu negi motherofdaughter > Hello. I would like to know about my daughter's education. Nirvana Rizvi April 1, 1998 at 1:45 am in Brooklyn, NYC USA . She is in 5th standard. Will she go to next level? and how will she do for the rest of her education.

roop_l > Her better times are coming, she needs to focus on the studies and not get diverted by the people and circumstances

nita10 > Manish Thakur DOB 30th June 1975. Is he married ? If yes, was it against his wishes? Is he happy in his marriage? How is his present condition ? Is his wife happy in the marriage ? How is their married life at present and future ? How is his wife as a person?

roop_l > Yes he is married. He is happy in his marriage. Her b-day is not mentioned so the rest of the questions cannot be answered

lakshi > Hi mam My name is lakshita DOB is 12 07 1985 Mumbai Birth time is 2.35 am I want to when i will get married, will my family accept my Bf , his name is Savio DOB 6 December 1984 Mumbai . I m facing many Problems After my dad’s death Plz mam help me when will all things will com on track

roop_l > There is a new phase coming in your life where you feel happy about everything. also it can be that the old phase is dying for you, so make your decision and don’t cling to old stubborn ideas

Predictions> roop_l > 2009 February is a very good month for any creativity field and for any adventurous field.

shrayansh > Mam my name is Shrayansh Pandey (male) DOB 21 JULY 1992 I WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT MY CAREER

roop_l > You will go very good in your career, academics and sports. You will achieve whatever you have wished for very successfully.

Meenakshi > Hi Roop, Name -Meenakshi, DOB - 13 april 1983. Please advise if I have a better career change happening in the near future. Thanks.

roop_l > You need to be more thoughtful and analytical regarding your career change. there are difficulties and responsibilties in your work, but you shall sail through.

Predictions> roop_l > India has to come up with a lot of new inspirational ideas, put them into action for a stable economy

tintin1432002 > Hi my full name is Shweta Bhardwaj DOB is 30.09.1982 and time is 9.00 pm birth place Lucknow I want to know about my career .... My job ..,growth

roop_l > Career is good, however you need to prepare further. Your job is also good and you will achieve what you want. Growth is there. You will earn a lot of money. Financial growth is reflecting in your cards

dfsd > Hello mam, I am Jassi Kaushik (female) ,DOB 8/7/1990,place Delhi, time 8:02 AM , I am interested in computer s ,so I opt ed for BCA course, but I couldn't get admission in it .so I try my luck in this year please tell me can i get admission in it. . I am very tense .i am much suffered in 2008. Please help me .I want to know about my career.

roop_l > 2010 is a turning point for your life.

esskey > My name is Satish Nair, DOB is 10/07/1976. Time of birth- 5:08 p.m. Kindly tell me how will be 2009 for me?

roop_l > 2009 is a time for you to accept the truth and move ahead with the right decision. Come out of your worries and have a powerful affirmation of what you want in life. I wish you all the very best.

cool_gau > Gaurang Vijay Somaiya DOB is 21st December 1982 I want to know about my financial situation in 2009

roop_l > Your very thoughtful regarding your career job and finance. Go with the flow and surrender yourself. See the world from a different perspective and you shall achieve what you want.

san > Hello, My name is Sajan K. Joy, dob is 18 th November 1977 5:30 am, place Mavelikara. I am struggling with career .Like prospects in job. Monetary status. What is there in future for me? And also I would like to know that when i'll get married

roop_l > Do wishful thinking regarding your job of choice. Very soon you will begin with a new project or an idea which will turn into a reality. Marriage reflects within 2 years from now, perhaps you have made a decision regarding your partner

Prediction> roop_l > India perspective: Confusion, violence, anger, depression, slow growth and conflict arise when we human beings forget who we are and what is the purpose of our life.

rahulm > Hii, my name is Marothiya Rahul, DOB 18th Aug 1985, Time 9:32 am, Place Mumbai, I just wanted to know about how would be my professional life this year, are there any job change this year or financial gains this year ?TOQ 11.20am

roop_l > Your job prospects are very good. regarding your financial gains, it is all on you. How you sow, so shall you reap!

vivekclose > Roops! My wife Meena has been diagnosed for sarcodiosis, her DOB is 28th August 1975 POB is Roorkee (Haridwar) and time of birth is 2>20pm when will she get perfectly alright

roop_l > In 3 years time from now, she will regain health and th year from now she will be completely fine.

Amar > My name is Marsing Mane, DOB 13th July 1974 (07:05 AM). I'm facing lot of financial problems. When will they solve?

roop_l > 2 to 4 years times, the financial problems will be lessened and you will be able to have good savings, incase you wish to buy any property.

harjinder > hello mam myself Harjinder singh. dob-10 july 1963. i am going through bad phase of life from many years ,going through finacial problems and some problem in job also I want to know how soon will it improve and will I be having happy life???

roop_l > You will definitely have a good job future, finances will not be upto your expectation, but you will have them enough to keep you happy

Message for Friend> roop_l > Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world. happiness comes out of surrounding yourself. I will be out for 2 weeks so send your questions on the email id- and/or call 98213 36195 for fixing an appointment. Have a good day

Live Chat 20th jan 2009

Roop Lakhani / Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist
Transcript of LIVE CHAt with Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist Roop Lakhani on Tuesday 20 th January at 12 Noon. Moderate and balance yourself with the real and emotional world. Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist
roop_l > When you live with an attitude of gratitude to Existence for all that it showers you with, you will enjoy life and live it to the fullest.send in your queries , ur full name along with ur details for predictions.

priyanka > Good Morning Mam.My name is Priyanka Sanjay Pathak.My date of birth is 2nd March 1985.Time of birth is 11:05am and place of birth is Pune. I am working as HR executive in a Logistics company in Mumbai. But I am not happy working here and am looking out for change. I am really confused as I also want to study ahead I want to take a Post Graduate degree in Psychology and go in for counseling as a career option, Could you give me advice as what I should do and when will I get relocated to pune. Thanks a lot for your help and God Bless!!!!

roop_l > Work on sharpening your skills, do something that is still possible by you. You have inner potential, a charming organizer and communicator, work on your skills further. you can pursue your post graduation.

amty > Good afternoon roop ji. I am Amit Chachara born on 24/07/1981 , m status- unmarried .I am not settled in my career. what should I do to be settled career wise

roop_l > Get yourself a clear picture, take the responsibilties, start with whatever you want in your life, come out of your negative fears, anxiety, and depression things will happen, focus on your goals .

karvin > Hello mam! my name is VINAY KUMAR dob 2-06-79 pob New Delhi. I want to know about my CAREER SHIFT and change of place where I am at present .Should I go for further studies? Will I be able to go to abroad soon ?

roop_l > Go into your deeper self, and take advices of people around, things will happen. You will shift from your current place. Higher studies will be helpful to you, thus you should go. Going abroad in the near future looks uncertain.

tree > Hello Mam, My name is Bharat Jawalkar DOB 18Dec1966. I would like to know from you 1) My job and career/finance 2) Since Oct2008 my relationships with my girl friend name Neha Shah has gone sour. Her DOB 18APR1984. Ours is a plutonic relationship. There are lots of misunderstandings and she has started hating me. I have tried my best to revive the relationship but in vain. Do you think there can be any possibility of reviving the relations?

roop_l > You are into a good position at your current job. Career wise you will progress. You have to be prudent with your finances, as it will take you a while to build up your finances. you need to give a thought about how to revive your relationship. Looks like . Trust understanding and emotional issues were there which are not yet sorted out.

karuna > HI My name is karuna mehra ,dob is 26/08/1981. I want to know about my career prospects about getting a good job. Should I go for further studies ?

roop_l > You are doing wishful thinking in terms of a new job. The old job which you were at, you were not very happy. If you have any desire for higher studies you should go for it.

Abhilaash > Dear Mam, Pranam My friend Sandeep Bhandari, dob is 27 Aug 1981 at 09:00p.m. at Tehri Garwal in Uttarakhand (India). Plz tell How is this 2009 for him for his Professional

roop_l > This year is not very promising as per your expectations, next year will be good.

Sachin > Mam, I'm Sachin, DOB - 05.10.78, Time> 12>00 Noon, Place> Delhi. I'm facing financial crunch from last six months. Have given a big amount to my friend and now he's not giving it back to me. Pls let me know when will I get my money back and when my financial conditions will get batter. Any chance to settle abroad (Specially Australia).

roop_l > Be more bold and courageous to get your money out, maybe you will get part of the money back in one years time. chances don’t look promising for you to settle in Australia. Maybe in 2 years you should receive all your money

daanish > MOHAMMED ZUNAID 30/7/1985 Dear Mam, I am single... I'm having business of my own... My friends and Cousins give me business deals as they know that I have good contacts and I can do any kind of dealings.. But from past 6 months I’m getting many deals through my cousins n I even could arrange very good customers to them... Everything will go fine.. But end everything fails.. This have led me 2 tension n stress.. Even I have handful of deals, but its getting delay 2 some matters and getting problem... but I feel everything will go fine by this Jan end... but nothing going as per my expectation.. I would love 2 have your suggestion mam.. Kindly guide me

roop_l > You need to be more truthful and honest in your dealings, things will happen for you within the next 8 months time.

Gauri > Hi Roop, my name is Gauri Singh, DOB-18th June 1976, Time- 6:47 am, Place- Mumbai. I have started a statistical consultancy under the name “Stats Quest”. My project is started moving so I have a gut feeling that now onwards I will be able to get good projects. Will I become successful in this field? When will I be able to buy my house?

roop_l > You will need to prepare more, you will have lots of choices on your way. if you take proper decisions, you will do wonders. Be more thoughtful and realistic in your thinking. You should be able to buy your house by either 2011 or 2014.

Satyen > Satyen R jethra is my full name hi there this is satyen here I am born in Bombay dob- 18/03/ has given me everything yet whenever I plan to do something big things run out of my hand why is this happening and if possible let me know about my future in terms of business.

roop_l > Make smarter choices. Moderate and balance yourself with the real and emotional world. The more choices you make while being balanced, the better you will do. Confront the truth and reality of every aspect of your life.

divita > Hello maam, my name is Divita yadav,D.O.B.-6 JULY 1988,I want to know which career field will b best for me n suits me in which I will b successful in my life. I m very confused between certain options that is, taking higher studies in psychology (P.G) in clinical but I m scared of too much studies that I may have to do coz i m not such a bookworm , or going or MBA in mass comm. n be a manager or going for MBA in HR as i like interacting with people .I Am frustrated n anxious regarding choosing the best among them for me as I feel I have interest in all of them.plz, plz help me what should I choose??

roop_l > Hi Divita....MBA in mass communication will be a better option from all the ones you have listed. But keeping in mind your birth date, you can do good in psychology. go with your aptitude..

farhad > Farhad Fatakia ,DOB; 4th May 1972 ; How will my career shape up in future and will I have a peaceful family life?

roop_l > Go with lots of innovate ideas which you have thought of. Your career is promising successful and bright. With family, be more caring loving. There are lots of emotional ups and downs

deepakkumar > My name is deepak kumar, DOB-25/09/1980, QUEST-- when will i get a job (govt. sector, banking sector) and how is my future life. when I will get married

roop_l > Try hard, in 3months you will get the job of your choice. Very good future in terms of money and security. 6 to 12 months time u may get married also..

sadsd > Hello mam this is Mohmmad Aamie Equbal, date of birth 10th of December ,I join micro land 24th march 2008,my first job joining ,some [problem due to this I leave that job n now I m jobless ,so tell what i do that sits better for me plz revert me as soon as possible i m waiting for your prediction I m thankful for u

roop_l > 5 months from now you will get a good job. be more positive and affirmative about he job of your choice.

lakh > Good afternoon mam! my name is Lakhwinder Pal DOB-26-12-1982, time 01>10PM, Ludhiana, I want to know about my career. You suggest me I do job or biz, agar biz to kaun sa karo

roop_l > Business would be preferred. Business of anything which has connection to the earth, nature, beauty, designing would help you

farhad > Hello mam, thanx for your ealier reply to my question. This new one is for my wife; her name is Belfriz Fatakia; DOB-26/10/1972; She always remains disturbed due to her relation with her in-laws, she tries her best to be good but always there are issues. Will she ever find the happiness she wants from her in- laws

roop_l > Appreciate their positive points; give in your 100 percent. Things will smoothen out

AnjuLokh > Namaste mam, suggest any solution 4 the same when we get married? How is married life with him? We both love very much each other but family problem is their from boy side pls. help us myself Anjali Bhiku Lokhande dob5.5.1980 11:30am, Bombay Partner details- Jaywant Govind Baikar dob-14.5.1982 7:25am Bombay Thank u

roop_l > 2010 January you shall be married. The journey of your life has lots of difficulties. Make sure the understanding and trust is built in your love relation. Be aware of any disappointments.

kiran > My name is Mahesh kumar yadav dob is 25 February 1981 pob is secunderabad I want to know how will be money in future for me

roop_l > you will make good amount of money. there would be some sort of loss also. Make sure, there is no deception or fraud happening with you.

ansh > I am Himanshu Tiwari, DOB 8/7/1981..mam should I go for business or service. In which field I can be successful. I wanted to do regular MBA from a top college in India ...will i b successful to get it next year.

roop_l > You will do good in creative, media, imagination, animation, fashion, acting, hr. go for your MBA in 2011

anup_acharya > I am anup acharya , born 7 August 1973 , 17.37 at chennai , my job is very average and i am still unmarried , something always goes wrong when I go ahead for marriage .

roop_l > Try hard this year, otherwise the matter will get postpone. keep 2 candles in your south west corner with an intention that your going to attract a beauty partner in your life and get married..

Swapan > Hi Roop, I sent my msg in 3 part b4. My name is Swapan Dev Ghose, DOB 11th Jan, 1957. I am passing thru a seriously bad phase of my life. Trusted people betraying me. Nothing is successful career wise. How long this phase will continue n I will find peace of mind. Please help

roop_l > Times are changing for the good. Be more loving, caring and compassionate towards people around you. Relations will be better for u.

Maria > My name is Maria Ingrid Dsa. My DOB is 12.8.1954. My 2 daughters DOB 21.8.21986 and 12.1.1988 want to lead a different lifestyle .. very modern . Having physical relationships out of marriage. Am worried will they be ok

roop_l > They will learn the lessons through their journey which will allow them to be well settled. You dont need to worry, pray for the wise direction and wisest choice for their life.

Message for Friends> roop_l > Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought. See you guys soon. till then you can get in touch with me on .. You can get in touch with me at : 98213 36195

1st Chat on 13th Jan 2009 at 12 noon
Roop Lakhani / Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist
Transcript of LIVE Chat with Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist Roop Lakhani on Tuesday 13 th January at 12 Noon.

2009 will be year where we all need to remain united - Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist

roop_l > Hi All....2009 will be year where we all need to remain united, with lots of powerful positive thinking. it is going to be a difficult year ahead...Lets start today's session....

navin > Name-Navin Vasnani.DOB- 10/07/1984 Place of Birth -Ulhasnagar Time of Birth-03:50AM.I have 3 yrs of Exp in IT.1)How will be my 2009 for Job prospectus? 2) When will I ge t increment? 3) Is there any chance of aboard? 4) Will Perform love marriage or Arrange marriage?

roop_l > Navin, you will do wonderful in your job, perhaps you got all your emotional issues cleared, be more on the realistic side Job increment is not likely in this year , yes chances of going abroad are there, start your preparation and it will be arrange marriage mostly.

tan > Question time 12:38 PM, my name is Tanu ( F), DOB 26/08/1972, place Meerut(UP), time of birth 03:05AM.Will I ever get a job again

roop_l > Yes tanu, you will get a job. Wait for the month of March.

cccccccc > Hello Maam! My name-Shweta Shivani, dob-31/12/1982, pob-jhansi, tob-3.10am.Boys name-raman chadha, dob-9/2/1981, pob-allahabad, tob-17.20pm.Pls tell if we can get married and how will be our married life?

roop_l > Shweta, the cards are not in your favour. However if you are very keen to get married to him, wear twin crystals with hearts or hang it in the south west corner.

Priyanka > The time of asking the question is 10>15.Good Morning Madam. I am Priyanka Sanjay Pathak. The year 2008 has ended on bad note for me as I had a break up. I just want to know what 2009 has in store for me. My date of birth is 2nd March 1985.Place of Birth is Pune and time of birth is 11>05 am. I also want to know that when will I find love in my life and how well will I do career wise ,right now I am working in Mumbai as an HR executive with a logistics firm. Thank you mam for your co-operation and time, God Bless!!!

roop_l > Priyanka, 2009 is an excellent year for you. You will have an abundance of riches, career, marriage, promotion. Be more positive in your thinking. Do not raise any doubts in your mind. You will find love in the year 2009. Wear pearl and amethyst.

sanjiv_Garg > Roop... CONGRATS on live chat. I’m Sanjiv Garg from Sydney- Australia. I need an urgent reply. My question is.... Will Satyam Computers survive? I am planning to invest few lacs in Satyam Shares.

roop_l > Sanjeev, satyam is not looking good in the short term. However from a long term perspective, satyam investment will be profitable for you. Satyam does not have a great future for the next 2 to 3 years.

sriharsha > Sriharsha N Nagaraj 12-3-1975 had a company couple of years back and went to US and I am back now in Bangalore. I want to start my company again, is it good to work for some years and which year I will start again the IT company?

roop_l > 2010 is a good year for you, you will have certain things started by that time. You need to come out of your problems, difficulties, by being more honest, realistic and positive. All the best.

san > Hello, my name is Sajan K. Joy, DOB is 18th Nov 1977, place mavelikara. I am struggling with career. Like prospects in job. Monetary status. What is there in future for me?

roop_l > Be more bold and courageous. Find your inner self. Explore your inner potential, and learn what is really possible by you. Leave your worries on side. You will have some good opening in this year from a job prospectus. Wear a yellow sapphire.

simran > Hi Roop, I wish to know, Should I marry this person? Does he love me and will he take care of me all the life? His details 29-May-1982.POB-Bhubaneshwar, TOB-6:20am.Mine-06-Apr-1980 TOB-5:15pm, POB-Trichur/Kerala

roop_l > Yes, he is a very loving and caring person. You will get married to him. Marriage may happen in 2 to 3 years time.

rinoa_ph2003 > Can we sell 100 million peso worth of properties this 2009? Thank you. Alma Jean Dolina; Philippines; April 6, 1974.

roop_l > Yes Alma, you can. For quick results have a greedy dragon ( feng shui ) facing east on the office table or in your living room.

meenakshi > Hi Roop - Name - Meenakshi Venugopal ( now Meenakshi Jagrit Sachdeva, post marriage), DOB - 13 April 1983, TOB - 11>13 pm, POB - Palakkad, Kerala. Please give me guidance on where my career is heading as I am very worried about it the way it is looking now. Thanks.

roop_l > You will get a good job in 2009. You need to know which creative field you are good at, and start applying or working for it. Stop worrying. Be very powerfully positively intentional that you have a job within the next 6 months. Have a powerful affirmation about your finances rolling in within the coming few months. Cheers

Jayessh > Poonam Berry DOB 30Oct 1974 - court cases 15 Jan 2009 date result will be in favor or not?

roop_l > The results do not look to be in your favor. And for better luck wear cats eye to remove the negativism in your legal case

muskan > My name is mahima masih. Dob-26/10/1983, place of birth-Bhopal, time 09:30 pm I want to know about my marriage, up to which date I’ll get married.

roop_l > The likely year when you can get married will be anytime from now to 2011. If you want an early marriage, have peony flower frame in south west corner of your bed room and wear pink color ribbon in your hand. Your married life will be very good.

Jacklene > My name is Jacklene Kumar, Female born on 8th May 1980 at 2330 hrs in Delhi. I wanted to know when will I get a good job with good post and good salary package and also when will my family life settles down

roop_l > Your time has started good. You will do well. You will get a good post. You will enjoy your job. You will socialize a lot. In 3 years time you will make good amount of wealth. Regarding your family life, look after each ones needs. Be more loving and caring towards them.

Khial > Hi My name is Mohammad Zaki I am from Afghanistan DOB 29-July-1987 am I going to rich or not and how about love am I going to married with the girl that I love

roop_l > You will have lots of wealth and riches that you have thought of. Since the girl’s name that you love has not been given, it is not possible to answer that question.

vijay > Name>Vijay Rajan Singh.DOB-17/09/1984 Place of Birth -sultanpur, UP Time of Birth-04:02 PM. Hw will I perform, will I get success in film world as an actor and director

roop_l > You need to work harder to be successful as per your expectation. You need to come out with fresh ideas and new spirits.

kcs526 > Your proposed question is my name is Sushil Kumar... DOB 10th Apr 1960 I live in Hong Kong... the question is if I will be able to buy a house/property this year... I am looking at buying a house for me this year

roop_l > This year chances are very less, however next year looks promising. All the best

Message for Friends> roop_l > L et all of us awaken ourselves with lots of good intentions and spiritual sight for happy, powerful, loving life. God bless. I'l see you all next week same day same time... you can get in touch with me at - , mob-09821336195... God Bless

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