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LIVE Chat on 16th Sept 2010

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader on 16 th September 2010.

How can a painful situation be a learning lesson?
Roop Lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

Roop lakhani > Hello Friends and welcome for my today's Live chat thank each one of you for flooding my mailbox with your queries and questions seeking guidance and inquiring for my next chat. I give free answers toe ach one during my once a month live chat here. My sincere apologies to all those whose questions remains unanswered.. Before we begin today's chat, read this line about Problems in Life... "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin -- real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life." -- Fr. Alfred D'Souza Friends, during today's live chat I will load some insightfulness paragraphs regarding HOW TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS IN LIFE... So, let's begin today's chat...

Pradeepta > Hi Mam,My name is Pradeepta Kumar Sundara,DOB- 15th May 1981, currently i am working for a company but i am not satishfied , i want to switch to another company please suggest me is this the right time to switch ? Thank you

Roop lakhani > Hello Pradeepta, probably after 2 weeks you can think of switching over to another job and company with the help of any of your friends or well wishers advice.

subhransu > Dear madam, my name:-subhransu kumar mallick , DOB:-28/04/1978 searching for job(SOFTWARE) from past 4 months but still not get. so plese tell me when can i get the job. Thank you, Regards subhransu dear madam, my name:-subhransu kumar mallick , DOB:-28/04/1978 searching for job(SOFTWARE) from past 4 months but still not get. so plese tell me when can i get the job. Thank you, Regards subhransu

Roop lakhani > Hello Subhranshu, coming 2 to 3 months time you will get a very good job of your choice.

prashant > Good Afternoon Madam , My name is Prashant , I am stuck in a relationship and want to quit this because I now realise that our opinions do not match ,but the girl wants me to continue , after thinking for years I want to quit but I am unable to QUIT . When and how i will come out of this realtionship ,will that situation create any problem , My DOB: 23-12-1979 TIME : 1:30 A.M. ,PLACE : AMBARNATH (DIST : THANE) . GIRLS NAME : PRATIBHA DOB: 23-12-1981 TIME 2:00 P.M. PLACE : MUMBAI . ALSO CAN U PLEASE TELL ME MY CHANCES OF GETTING GOOD JOB IN NEAR FUTURE . THANKYOU .

Roop lakhani > Hello Prashant, it looks like that you have a great affinity and atttraction towards this girl and so you are unable to quit from the relationship. You will definately take 6 to 7 months to come out of this relationship, when you have other new set of goals in your life and with determination and help of well wishers you will be able to move on in life.

Roop lakhani > A great problem solver We all have problems - what matters is how we solve them. In my many years I have developed a system that always works for me, and I'm sure it will for you, too. When I realize that something is bothering me and making me feel angry and frustrated, I write a letter to the person who's to blame, and sometimes that person is me. When I write, I word my thoughts very personally and deal honestly with my emotions.

jeet > Jeet Namste Madam I am Jitender Suhag, DOB 01 dec, 1978, 2.30 AM, palce Gohana ( Haryana ) I want to know when I will stability in my carreer and get a good job , I am trying to change my job . and should I start trading in share market ,and last when I will be able to own my house thank you very much

Roop lakhani > Hello Jitendra, 2011 you will have a very good stability in your career and you will also find a good satisfactory job also. You can do stock market trading with your intelligence and wisdom.

manoj > MANOJ RESPECTED MAM I AM MANOJ , MY SON'S DETAIL IS DOB 23 JULY 2009 , 9.14 PM SONIPAT HARYANA I want to know about my son's financial, carrier and social life AND ANY SPECIAL COMMENT FROM YOUR SIDE AS A EXPERT THNX VERY MUCH

Roop lakhani > Hello Manoj, your son will do very good in his career and health. He is still too young so give him lot of love and attention, nurture his mind and give him guidance for his growth.

ravi > Ravi Roop Madam, Greeting of the Day, I want to know general forecast of my son name UTSAV whose DOB is 15 Feb. 2010. Time 10.34 AM , Please suggest something for him Thanks

Roop lakhani > Hello Ravi, your son Utsav is going to grow into a very bold, charming, fun loving, creative child. Just take great care of his mood swings. Good luck.

Roop lakhani > And then I revise it again and again. The longer I work on it, the greater the release of tension. Finally, when I have constructed the perfect letter, I don't send it. No need to, because the problem is gone, vanished into thin air. I might shred it or keep it - it doesn't matter. It has served its purpose.

pinki > Namaste My Name Pravesh Kumari DOB - 16 October 1982 , Time 04:30 AM Place Pinjore ( Haryana) Respected Madam I have done Primary Teacher Training Course (JBT) and Post graduation in History , and I have applied to two Govt. JOB one in Delhi and One in Haryana. Interview for haryana's has been done on 19 August 2010,and for delhi test schedule in Next two months , I want to know will I able to get govt job as a Teacher and when ? Plsssssssssss reply maam Thanks very Much

Roop lakhani > Hello Pravesh, you may get a goverment job as a teacher in 13 to 15 months time or later.

Aasheesh > Hi ! I am Aasheesh Kumar.DOB-9TH OCTOBER 1965,TIME:7:49 AM,PLACE -Delhi.My financial condition is bad .When will it improve ? Also my married life is not good.Any second marriage for me ? Thanks.

Roop lakhani > Hello Aasheesh, you need to dwell and work on your ideas, intelligence and honesty for better finance and improvement of same. There doesnt appear any chances of you getting married again. GIve time to your current wife, develope habit to support her ideas and listen to her. You will do good togther.

GSS > Hi Roop, my name is Gauri Singh, DOB: 18th June 1976, Place: Mumbai, Husband's name: Satyendra Singh, DOB: 7th Sept 1975, Place: mumbai. We are in the process of buying a house. Will everything go well? Pls tell something about my career.

Roop lakhani > Hello Gauri, wow you share your birthday with mu husband.. You will buy a nice big house of your chocie and satisfaction very soon.. Invite me for your house warming party.You have great talent and intutiveness within you, so why not you give 100% in your career where you will be sucessfull.

charmi > Hi,I am charmi patel, my question is about our business career as interior designer which I am into with my partner pooja pai. When will our golden period start in this field i.e. start getting many projects and fame in this field. My dob 14/5/76.

Roop lakhani > Hello Charmi, you will achive success and fame within 12 months with great many projects. All the best.

Roop lakhani > I have a folder containing most of these letters, titled "Lessons Learned,' which I store in a safe place. When I read a letter again months or years later I am relieved that I didn't react in a way I would have regretted.

mathur > Nameste Madeam ...Now days i m facing verys bad situation and not able to overcome, maine bahut koshisk ki but kuch nahi ho pa raha ha actually i m rahul 18-feb -82 , 7.25AM delhi, i loved one girl (divya 26th sep 83, 8.58PM delhi) even she is also loved me soo much the same but on 11th of this month she got engaged some one, some astroger told me that he is not gud person, now I feel very bad, we cant alive alone pl help me and tell whats the future of my freind and my self. pl pl help its a heartly request.............?

Roop lakhani > Hello Mathur, life is not all about what you desire and dream but life is all about what you deserve depending on your past and present karmas. All will be fine with the time. Come out of your emotional attachment with Divya to live peacefull future.

saurabh > hi ma'am, my name saurabh srivastava,dob: 18.06.1983,tob:01:47 hrs,pob: lucknow, i am (ec)+mba(marketing) working in marketing/sales deptt of top news chanel in mumbai.but my slary is very low as compared to my qualification. when do i have a job change/salary hike? any change of industry or place?

Roop lakhani > Hello Saurabh, you should stay with the current company. I see you definately geting some recognition and good feelings like salary hike in 13th month from now. Why dont you contact me fro detialed consultation as well.

rahul > Hi Mam, My Name is Rahul and DOB : 02-Apr-1974, TOB 9:00 PM, POB:Farrukhabad, UP. I am working in a big company as a Software Engg. but my salary is not so good as my colleague having same expirence and qualification, so to Inhance the salary, What will be good for me, "change the job" or "stay here and wait for appresal". And also I want to know when will I purchase a flat

Roop lakhani > Hello Rahul, continue working in present organisation and wait for your appraisal. Future appears safe and secure in software job.

Kritika > Hi Mam, Sai Ram. Due to your positive affirmations (21 times/21 days) I successfully crossed my great financial problems. Thanks for that. Now money is coming but not staying, for that please guide us with quick and result-oriented affirmations. I hope you will answer me and It may be useful for other viewers also. Thanks.

Roop lakhani > Hello Kritika, Thanks for keeping great interest in power of affirmation. Why dont you write a testimony on my website about your experince which will help others. Regarding your money staying... I am giving you another affirmation which you must say 21 times for 21 days and see the difference. " I AM THE PART OF UNIVERSE. I RELEASE THE FEAR OF MONEY FLOWING OUT OF ME. I TRUST MY HIGHER DIVINE POWERS TO FLOW THROUGH ME FOR THE ABUNDANCE OF LOVE, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY." god bless you.

Roop lakhani > My personal letter writing helps me deal with negative matters without being overwhelmed. It has proven a great way for me to learn from my personal problems and mistakes, without having to repeat them over and over again. Are you in the grips of a problem? Start writing!

nishit > My brother nishit patel who is a doctor by profession , doing his speciality in spinal injuries. how is his career graph after one and half yr when his studies gets over? Will he settle in his native place after studies or into a big city? His DOB 12/12/79.Thankyou.

roop lakhani > Hello there, Nishit will definately have a sucesfull career into a big city. Just keep giving postive enrgy of All is Well......

n.kaur > Hi mam my self Navneet Kaur, D.O.B.-17.01.1979, Birth place :- Guwahti (Assam ) time : 11.45 ( approx) p.m. meri marriage 20.06.2009 ko hui hai aur abhi tak mai conceive nahi kar payi hu mujhe kab tak baby hoga aur meri job(accountant) to thik hai par salary thik nahi hai meri promotion kab hogi ya job change karni padegi ya mai apna kaam bhi shuru kar sakri hu, aur mere husband ka apna kaam kab hoga aur apna ghar kab kab hoga, aur hamara struggle kab tak chalega, pls reply

Roop lakhani > Hello Navneet, so many questions you have asked in this chance. Lets answer... if there are any physiological problem regarding conception of the child, than do work on it. The possibility of you geting pregnant is great in coming 12 months time. Promotion in your curent job does not look happening in 2010 or upto mid 2011. You should stay in job and dont think of starting your independent work. I cant answer you for your husband as his full name and DOB not given. You can always call me for paid consultation. God bless you.

Roop lakhani > Having a bad day? Did something bad happen to you? Someone hurt your feelings, offended you and made you feel vulnerable? Please do me a favor, get out of the past and back to the present. You might not realize it right away, but there is good news around the corner: the future is still under construction! You now have two options: you can think of yourself as "poor-me", reflect on how badly you were treated and focus on a brilliant revenge, or you can take what happened as a valuable learning lesson and that will bring you a giant step further to an independent, self-confident you.

yashi > 07 dec 1983 TOB 03:45 am.I m in a relationship from last 10 yrs and now want to get married,but my parent is not agree . Pls tell me when will I get married with the guy with the approval of my parents(pls tell approx month or year) and what will be my future with him? Secondly what ever we plan to do for our future get stuck at the biginning n not able to complete ..Is there any evil thing which make our way difficult? And if yes then what will be the cure of this. Pls help me out...

Roop lakhani > Hello Yashi, 2012 there are very likely chances that you will get married with the guy of your choice. You have not written your friends full name and DOB so i cant advice on whats your future with this guy. Secondly, your belife can stop you or limit you for not able to complete the work. There is no eveil thing. Use this affirmation 21 times loudly for next 21 days and let me know the difference. " I TRUST THE DIVINE WILL. I CARRY OUT AND COMPLETE ALL MY TASK USING MY INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM AND CREATIVITY SUCESSFULLY. THE UNIVERSE PROVIDES ME STRENGTH AND PERSEVERANCE TO FACE MY DIFFICULTIES WITH EASE AND GRACE."

Roop lakhani > How can a painful situation be a learning lesson? Good question. By asking ourselves things like: "Who is angry now - is it me or my ego?" and "Why didn't I see the warning signs?" or "What can I do to limit the damage?" The answers to these questions will help you find the reason behind and that will prevent similar situations to happen in the future. And since it's impossible to change the past anyway, we may as well get rid of our regrets, turn toward the future and make it a positive one. Are you dwelling in the past right now? Don't! Looking ahead is much, much more interesting anyway.

alok > name-alok kumar. DOB=21.3.1978. abhi life me bhut parisane chal rahi hai. wife ke shat relision thik nahi chal raha hai. wife ne mare pe jhuta dowry ka mukadma kar deya hai.hum dono ka ek beta aug 2009 ko huaa tha par sep 2009 ko death kar gaya. kya meri wife wapish aayege ya dushri shaadi hogi ? life kab se theek hoga ? aage shantan ka youg kab hai ?

Roop lakhani > ello Alok, count your blessings instead of compalining about your life. If you are true to yourself than your wife will come back and your life will be good with peace, love and happiness.

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Roop lakhani > On my closing lines "Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life." -- Mary Manin Morrissey you all can send me your feedback and queries, on or call me on +91 98213 36195 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +91 98213 36195 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to book consultation appointment. My website is for ready reference. See you all next month, same day, same place, and same time.