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Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra's wedding vows prediction.

Hello friends. I have taken liberty on request from few special friends to predict marriage of much talked about couple Shilpa Shetty with NRI millionaire from UK, Raj Kundra. Shilpa Shetty, DOB 8th June 1975. Raj Kundra DOB 9th Sept., Engagement date 25th Oct 2009 and Wedding Date: 22nd Nov 2009.

Congratulations to a beautiful couple. The six months after wedding will follow with lots of parties and celebration. Both enjoying with joy and fun. The 1st year of marriage is very good with great sexual chemistry between two, but there will be some conflicts which will need to be sorted out without getting heated up in the relationship. During the 2nd year the romance is still there but ongoingly there will be some arguments, which will make the relationship little stiff. 3rd year is the time, where communication needs to be sorted out, goals has to be fixed, worries have to be left behind and more commitment in their relationship is needed to be brought in, giving time and space to know each others true and real interest.

Raj always wanted a beautiful and sexy wife and he is very passionate and enthusiastic about his married life, which if Shilpa is more submissive and passive to satisfy the romantic conception of Raj, than marriage will be rocking. Shilpa being very thoughtful and beautiful, if fulfills Raj’s ambitions than she will be on top of her married life. Overall it’s a very good and smooth togetherness for the lucky couple.

This wedding appears to have been decided in heaven. Raj is very intuitive and strong will powered person and will definitely make every stone unturned to make this wedding a success. Shilpa being methodical and systematic person, having the ability to balance her life with her wisdom, just needs to bring out her warmth in the relationship.

After marriage Raj has to be very careful financially as some bad advice or wrong decisions brings reversal of fortune. Solutions will appear to Raj, as he has good psychic powers and far sightedness and thinking ability. Raj has to safely invest his fortune where it is bound to grow or go for safe investment plans. He should not be careless or tempted to spend unnecessarily or taking risk. He must be cautious now onwards. Finances look dull and stuck up, so change the old patterns of planning and investments to see him growing forward. He may have to compromise some where in finances.

Shilpa is more lucky and beneficial from this marriage than Raj as she will have life full of abundance, riches, good charms, love and warm supportive husband.

Couple will settle down permanently in UK after celebration time gets over, although. Shilpa will have to do lot of up down to India till 2013 to fulfill her commitments to Bollywood and her other businesses. The duplex penthouse apartment in South Kensington, Saint George’s Hill in Surrey, gifted by Raj to Shilpa on her birthday is very good and lucky for both. If they decide to live there, than they can expect lot of growth and prosperity from energy of this place.

Till 2012 Shilpa will continue doing good meaningful films. In 2013 her priorities in life will change and automatically she will cut down on her time with acting. 2012 is the best and brightest period of her life in Bollywood. She will also get one very attractive offer from international platform which will put her on global limelight and make her international diva.

This wedding will not bring any dramatic luck to Shilpa’s IPL team, Rajasthan Royale. RR will continue playing good cricket but they will miss out on opportunity to be a final winner in 3rd IPL.

If Shilpa changes her name from Shilpa Shetty and start using her name as Shilpa Kundra than she will have added fortune luck in her life as well for all her business ventures including good luck for her IPL team. Rajasthan Royale. Shilpa will retain her stack and position of her IPL team for forth coming year without consideration of parting her presence from IPL. Although, Raj would want some of the time of Shilpa to take care of his business, for another 3-4 years Shilpa will remain busy, which will not allow her to join Raj’s business.

Post wedding, Shilpa, her sister Shamita and Raj Kundra will share very great, loving, affectionate and dependable relationship. Shamita adores her sister and will extend her full support and become a bridge between couple during tough times.

Couple can expect one child taking birth to blossom their relationship in 2011 or 2013 depending on mutual planning. They can avoid waiting much longer for planning the baby. This appears to be a long term permanent happy marriage but like all wedded couples there will be conflicts and difference of opinions to spice up wedding bliss and both will manage to overcome such times out of love and respect for each other..

This is a very blessed couple and there doesn’t seem to be any topsy tervy problems arising in their relationship due to any extra martial affair. Both are very sensible and are in love with each other. They will not want their union to be put on stack with any major misunderstanding. They have had their share of all fun n freedom in past and future both are committed with each other. Kavita Kundra ex wife of Raj Kundra will not upset or come in between the couple, infect she will be blessing in disguise for them.

Lastly, Raj can reevaluate his life and relationship with an eye towards uncovering possibilities that he may have overlooked in past. Shilpa being a powerful thinker with serious mind and keen insight into human conditions can guide life with much focused mind. Both h can bring out best from this relationship. Both have power to manifest their dreams with each other.

With Divine Guidance
Roop Lakhani     – WMA certified, Tarot Master Consultant and Tarot Master Tutor.(

Live Chat on 26th Nov 2009

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader on Thursday 26 th November at 4 PM.

"Twin heart shape crystal of pink color and clear quartz in the south west corner for harmony in relations" - Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader

Roop lakhani > Hello Friends and welcome for my Live chat. Before we begin, today is 26th Nov 2009. Mumbai, which is still trying to recover from the scars of last years 26/11 terrorist attacks, marked the first anniversary of the horrific incident today, My heart goes out to those who lost friends and loved ones in the terrorist attack. May they rest in peace. I wish to pray for tranquility and a brighter hope for the city that saw so many innocent people killed without reason. Let's begin today's chat.

CSC > I'm Chandra Sekhar Choudhury, born on 16-05-1966 at 20.43 hrs, in Darjeeling, West Bengal. I'm not at all happy in my current job in terms of job satisfaction or over all company policies. Do you foresee a change in working environment in the coming days, or a job change is the right solution? In the case of latter, when do you see I'll be able to shift my job?

Roop lakhani > Hi Chandra. Definitely there is a better feeling at work through a young guy or may be a new opportunity will come on your way where you will have a good satisfaction in the job or working environment.

Anurag_pahuja > Dear Madam, I am Anurag Pahuja (Female) from Jalandhar. I got married on October 21, 2004 but could not conceive till date. The particulars of me and my husband are as given below. Wife's name- Anurag, DOB- 18-July-1977, TOB- 10:45 PM, Place- Saharanpur ( U.P) Husband's name- Komal Budhraja, DOB- 03-December-1974, TOB- 10:00 AM, Place- Ambala (Haryana) Kindly suggest me whether we would have kids and when.

Roop lakhani > Hello Anurag, in 2013 you will surely have a child. Also you have a chance in 1010 and 2011 but you will have to be very cautious during your conception time as there are chances of some problems and not been able to have a complete pregnancy of nine months.

Bhavesh > QT - 2.04 p.m: hi Roop ji namaste. I'M Bhavesh Kumar. My DOB is 17th July 1980, TOB - 3.00 P.M, Place - Jahanabad(Bihar).I'M looking for job in Software Field in Delhi but no success. Kindly suggest Mam when I will get a job. Plz tell me about my career life. Thank u mam.

Roop lakhani > hello Bhavesh, five (5) months from today you will get a very good job. The career is bright, be little flexible in accepting job incase if it's suitable to you. Try and look for going abroad.

Anoop > Hi, Mam,Myself Neeraj Rana, Date of birth 27-04-1980, Birth Time - 8:00 AM & Birth place -Bijnor (U.P.), I am looking for a franchise of a Company which deals in Commodity market, Can I start this.Pls tell me if there is any good Yoga in my horoscope for gets success in business and when this will start. & May I should change spelling of my Name or full Name - "Neeraj Rana', Like - "Neraj Rana' etc & What I should do for good luck & fortune, which never reside with me, Plz suggest me...

Roop lakhani > Hello Niraj, starting a franchisee in the commodity market shows that somewhere you have preference for your own business instead of this. You will start your own business which will take awhile. If this franchisee has to do anything with government contract or with some reputed established company than give 2nd thought, value pros cons again and start. Use only NEERAJ RANA as name instead of anything else everywhere

Suneeta > Namaste Madam, My name is Sunita Talib.D.O.B 17.11.1964.My husband name is Sherjit Singh D.O.B 16.3.1954. On 20.10.2009 HE left home after a fight and is not willing to come back. I have three children aged daughter 24 and 18 years and a son 6 years old. Please let me know whether he will settle the things and come back?

Roop lakhani > Hello Sunita, I am sorry to say this but card shows, he will not come back as there is lots of hurt, disappointments, disagreements and ill feelings. Put a Twin heart shape crystal of pink color and clear quartz in the south west corner of the bedroom with the intention that Sunita and Sherjit live together in understanding, peaceful, loving, harmonious manner. Do this affirmation 7 times every day and let me know the results after 21 days. God Bless You...

Nids> My name is Nidhi Talib.D.O.B 6.5.1985 TIME 7.45 P.M. Whether there is a scope for me to study in foreign country and when I will get marry?

Roop lakhani > Hello Nidhi, in the year 2011 you are likely to get married. You have all scope to go abroad for studies.

Raje > Dear Madam, My divorce case is on since Jan, 2006 and even now future seems to be bleak as it does not look like over even now. I don't know what is going to be happening? There are many court cases are pending against me. My only daughter is with my wife. Plz look in to my case deeply and advise accordingly. Do you see any chance of reunion? I'm giving birth detail of both of us for your reference. Rajesh Garima 29/9/1968 31/5/1974 Varanasi Allahabad 2.35 A.M. 7.35 P.M.

Roop lakhani > Hello Rajesh, the chances look bleak of your reunion unless you compromise completely and surrender yourself totally to their terms and conditions totally. Divorce is possible in 2010.

Msbasha > Hello Roop ji --- I am distressed. I never had a stable career and no job since long-6-7 YRS. When will I get a Job? Plz advice. My DOB is 29th August 1962 Time 1615 hrs Rangoon (Myanmar), living in Delhi since I was small. Regards, SULTAN BASHA

Roop lakhani > Hello Sultan, within two months from now you will have a good job through your close contact or relative. Keep trying, don't give up the hopes. All the best.

Shilpa > Hello mam, am Shilpa, dob- 17-04-75. Presently based at Muscat from last 2 yrs. working in pharma industry. Am not very satisfied with my job profile, but at the same time earning good money here. Can u plz suggest that by when should I stay with this job?

Roop lakhani > Hello Shilpa, first look for another job or any another job opportunity which is like business or partnership through your skill. You will defiantly get better new job or start a business than resign from this job. DO NOT resign until you have found sure shot alternative. Future is very good. God bless.

ONS > Hello Madam, I am Ashish Sharma,(Kundali name:Bhimsen)DOB:8.1.78,TOB:12.22P.M.,Place:Chandigarh. My question is: I have been told to search for another job and I am much tensed at the moment, Will I be in service or into business henceforth? Secondly, is there any chance for me and my family to settle abroad? Kindly advice and many thanks in anticipation.

Roop lakhani > Hello Ashish, you should continue with the job and don't think of starting business. Chances of going abroad seem very less so don't waste your energy in that direction.

Sumita > Hi Roop ji, I'm Sumita Goel. My DOB is 3rd August 1984, TOB: 5:45 a.m. POB: Rohtak (Haryana)... could u please tell me something about my married life like when I'm supposed to marry in which year and which month? Will it be Love or arranged?? About my spouse and his nature? And do tell me whether he would be in service or! Business? Waiting for ur reply eagerly, plz do respond... ...Thanks

Roop lakhani > Hi Sumita, arranged marriage is good for you in 2010.with a businessman.

Sanjay purohit > Respected Madam, Can u tell me about my future carrier? My DOB is 27.04.1964, POB -Jodhpur , Rajasthan, TOB is 4.30 am. What is in store for me in tarot card?

Roop lakhani > Hello Sanjay, please don't cry over the past opportunities lost or hurts which are gone. Accept gone as gone. You are a person who can give brilliant advises to all people around you, so why not you listen to advise your own self. You are sitting without any desire, determination for your personal and professional growth. So how do you expect to achieve all this? I hope you will take an immediate action... god bless.

Rajshekhar > Dear Madam. My name is Rajshekhar tomar. Date of Birth: 11/May/1986. Time: 18:46 place Ghaziabad. Thanks for replying me all the times. I have started to speak loudly that quote. Actually I had been interviewed many times but I did not get any reply. Whether it is government sector or private my application is still in process. Neither I get YES nor NO. Will I have a government job? As you told me earlier that I will get a job after 4-5 months. Is it good to join any short term courses? Are there any chances for me to go abroad? Should I try for the higher studies? Please tell me. Thank you very much

Roop lakhani > Hello Rajsekhar, you will get a job in private sector and short terms course is not advisable to you. But your chances of you going abroad for your higher studies are very promising. Start working on this front. All of a sudden you are likely to get some good offer in 15 months time from today.

Aman > Hi I am Anshuman Anand DOB 15/12/73.....I want to know if shifting job would be a good idea in 2010 if my present job would be more rewarding?

Roop lakhani > Hello Anshuman, keep looking out for a better opportunities as I see a new beginning into your job profile which will come within 8-10 months time from now. Don't give up on your present job. Stay cool and calm. > Hello madam, my name is - Miss Jagruti badamwala, DOB- 20th June 1973, tob- 11:32 am, pob- Mumbai (India). How will my financial position always be & will I be able combine spirituality with freelance profession? I worship Krishna bhagwan, so plz suggest simple prayer remedies which can be done at home.

Roop lakhani > Hello Jagruti, there are lot of circumstances that has happened in your life with what you have made a conscious decision towards spirituality. You have lot of potential in you but you are not working for it to have financial freedom in life. Whichever god you believe and whichever prayer you do, all is fine but intention of you to remain happy is missing. God always wants their children to be happy. SO be committed for your own happiness first, than everything will start settling. God bless you.

Sanoo > Hello madam. My name is Sandeep Shrivastava , DOB 06- 01-1977, 23:48, Orai (UP). . Could you please tell me when will I get mental stability? Financial status? Foreign visit? What area should I choose for my career academics/Management/Business? Regards

Roop lakhani > Hello Sandeep, in two (2) months time you have better Mental stability. In 2 years you will have better financial stability. 2010 will bring you opportunity of abroad visit and Management looks best for you rather than anything else. You are a very good organizer and manager so make best out of it.

Message for Friends>
Roop lakhani > Friends. On closing note, let us all stand by as rock support to our Hon. PM. Shri Manmohan Singhji quoted to the PTI news agency as saying. 'We expect the masterminds of the attack and their supporters to be tried and punished. The infrastructure of terrorism and all safe havens have to be dismantled,' let us all salute all Mumabikers for their zeal to live life in worst of situations. Let us salute Mumbai police, NSG commandoes and all those who fought the terrorist to free Mumbai. We all live with brighter future and great hope. AMIN!!!!!!!!! Send me your feedback, on or call me on +91 98213 36195 to book my appointment. Give me your feedbacks on my new uploaded website and follow my blog for all updates besides my live chat at . See you friends next Thursday, 3rd December same place, same time for our next chat.

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Live Chat on 12th Nov 2009

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader on Thursday 12th November 2009.

"If moment by moment you can keep your mind clear then nothing will confuse you". - Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader

Chat Transcript

Roop lakhani > Hello Friends and welcome for my Live chat. Before we begin, munching thought for the day... "Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life." -- Mary Manin Morrissey.. Let's begin today's chat

Preeti > Hi Roop ji , I'm Preeti Chopra. My DOB is 12th sep 1982, dhanbad (jharkhand)... could u please tell me something about my married life like when I'm supposed to marry? Which year and which month? About my spouse and his nature? and do tell me whether he would be in service or business?waiting for ur reply eagerly , plz do r! espond..thanx

Roop lakhani > Hello Preeti, you can get married anytime in 2010. Very likely month can be January, March, April or December of 2010. Be very cautious of person whom you want to get married before you committee. Know him thoroughly ins and outs. he may be a businessman

Charmingone > My daughter Shivani Patel was born on 25th June 2009, how is her future in studies and life in general.How will she fare in life. Will she be very successful?

Roop lakhani > Hello Charminone . Ah here is a very concerned mother. Shivani will be a very creative and loving daughter. She will be very true, honest and disciplined in life. She will be fun to be having around. Don't worry much about her life and studies. Just continue giving her your true unconditional love and care.

Anshu > Hi, I am Anshu Rastogi, DOB 1/6/1980 TOB 3.32 p.m, Place is Delhi. I have lost my job recently and I am looking for new job but no success. Kindly suggest when will I get new job and how stable it will be and even is there any chances of going abroad for a Job.

Roop lakhani > Hello Anshu, three (3) months from now you will get a very good job with lots of satisfaction and good income. You might be thinking if you must take up this job or no, but in the end you will take up. Chances of abroad not very good.

S.G. > Hello Ma'am, I m Sachin Gupta my DOB 17june 1982, TOB 00:15 AM POB Delhi. When will I get married will it be love or arrange. TOQ 2:27 PM

Roop lakhani > Hello Sachin, 3rd Q and born in June, some coincident... Smile...You will get married in December 2010. It appears to be a happy arranged marriage. God Bless.

SUBROTO > Name: SUBRATA SEN DOB- 24 May 1965 Time of birth: 00.10 AM (midnight) Place of Birth- Uttarpara, West Bengal (Near Calcutta) I have lost my job in Saudi Arabia in June 2009. I have an offer from a New Zealand company and have applied for the visa. The visa process is taking a lot of time. For last 4.5 months I am jobless. Kindly let me know will I be able to go to New Zealand and when? When will I be able to get a good career growth?

Roop lakhani > Hello Subrata, By dec 2! 009 you will go to New Zealand. The job will be very good and career growth will zoom after Dec2009. So wait for 2010 and keep me update about your growth. May be I will come to meet you NZ next year. God Bless.

Nishant Sindhwani > Hi. I am Nishant Sindhwani. DOB 22nd July 1984 TOB 14:10 Place Meerut, India . When will I get married and how will be my married Life.

Roop lakhani > Hello Nishant, you will have a very beautiful and attractive wife. Your understanding towards her will definitely allow you to have a smooth and happy married life. Marriage looks sometime in 2011...

Priyank > Priyank Taparia March 3 1980 is my DOB. I intend to marry a Christian Girl and my parents are not in agreement I am really keen to get this marriage done! . Please tell me what you think my life as to say bout this marriage. My gfs name is Teena Kurien DOB 29 may 1981

Roop lakhani > Hello Priyank, you both will get married for sure. Keep your expectations low and have a very great level of understanding with love and compassion which will make your married life smoother.

Jay > Hello.myself Jayant Rokadia. My DOB is 14-6-76,POB is Kuwait. I m in Ireland. I lost my senior phsio post last yr. I have filed a case against m employer. I would like to now whether I will win the case and get compensation. Will I get my senior post again> when will the case b decided. Plz reply as it is the question of my personal and professional life. Thanks

Roop lakhani > Hello Jayant, another June born Q... interesting... We'll to answer your questions.. There will be certain criteria which you will have to re-look into. You surely will get your compensation dn senior post again but you will have to make some choices given by company. You will not get everything the way you wish n plan. Keep in touch with me. Better if you get detailed spread done. > Hello madam, my name - Miss Jagruti Badamwala, dob- 20th June 1973, tob- 11:32 am, pob- Mumbai. When will I get married & all details of my would-be-husband like name, love or arranged etc. I worship Krishna bhagwan. Pls suggest simple prayer remedies which I can do at home. Thx

Roop lakhani > Hello Jagruti, another June.. Wonderful. Chances of you getting married in 2010. If missed than it will happen in 2012. It appears that you will have arranged marriage. Regarding prayer remedy contact me and i will email you affirmation

Mani > At present my financial situation is not smooth. Would like to know when my financial situation will improve My name is Manish Kumar Srivastava and DOB is 07-02-1972 and time is 11:50 am, Kanpur

Roop lakhani > Hello Manish, finacially 2012 is very good year for you. Rest appreciate and acknowledge whatever you have achieved in life till now and thank people who have been supporting you in life. Be much focused and goal oriented in your work. Keep your head cool. God bless.

Bittu > Hello maam, I am Ashish Sharma,DOB:8.1.78,TOB:12.22pm,Place Chandigarh, When will I start my business??

Roop lakhani > Hello Ashish, surely within 7 to 9 months you will start your own business, which will be connected to your talent, creative ability and courage. You can also start export business if you have aptitude.

Manmaj > Hi! I m really in a problem , i m a chemical engineer from Jadavpur university graduated in 2009, i got 2 jobs -TCS and CTS last year in April , but till now I have not got any of the joining, I m also sitting for CAT and other MBA entrance xams- hence i would like to know from you how much successes I will get success in the coming months-means am i will be able to crack CAT and get into a top tier institute.

Roop lakhani > Hey Manmaj, you a lucky one to get your Q asked but extremely unlucky as I can't give you answer without your full name and date of birth. Try your luck next time.

Sumanta > My name is Sumanta Sarathi Biswas. dob - 14.04.1974 tob - 20:20 birth place - kolkata when will i get my next job? i am pursuing MBA. Whether i would be successfully able to complete my MBA?

Roop lakhani > Hello Sumanta, you will complete your MBA successfully and your good period is starting from March 2010 to June 2010 for geting a good job.

Augustya > My Name is Pranay Jain DOB-26-8-1975 Time of Birth-2.35 PM Place-Bombay. It has been long that I have been searching for a right girl to get married. Along with all the other qualities I am also looking out for girl who is presentable and equaly more beautiful. Proposals that have come did not meet my expectations. some did not materialize How will my wife be, will she be beautiful as per my expectations. I have started to think Will I atall be able to get married ?

Roop lakhani > Hello Pranav, you will surely get married in 2010 to a very beautiful attractive girl as per your expectation. One suggestion though, there is NO MISS RIGHT for you, but just find a girl with whom you can live your life with a great understanding.

Suneel > Hallo Ma'm, greetings, couple of months ago on this chat you had predicted that I would be getting a job by october, but till now i havent got any job. my dob is 4-2-71, pob,gadag, name suneel

Roop lakhani > Hello Suneel, your better period has already begun since 15th November so don't give up on your hopes. You sure have missed out on a very good opportunity in Oct. You sure had an offer but somehow slipped. Now there are good hopes of job in! Nov and Dec 20009 or March 2010.

Abc > Hello mam my name is Anjum Javid Parkar and my dob is 12-5-83and place of birth is Tatnagiri right now I am a housewife married and settled in Kuwait but in my near future i want to work with my hubby and have one! boy of 4 yrs mam can u pls tell me about my career life when will i get a job pls mam help me

Roop lakhani > Hello ANjum, by February 2010 you will get a good job which will fulfill and satisfy all your expectations.

Munna > Name Rahul Ramesh Kangokar DoB 13 Jan 1979 Place Pune Birth Time 11:33 am i want to know when i will get good job, present i am working with Nokia Siemens Network but not in my profession, i.e., POI (Point of Interaction) in telecommunication & when i will get married, & I want to know is real estate business is good for me?

Roop lakhani > Hello Rahul, December 2009 and January 2010 are very good month for you. You will have all your wishes fulfilled, good job, good personal life. Real estate by=business will be very good from January.

kuku > Hiiiiiii Roop my name is Saurabh n my dob is 21/11/1986. how's my future m an electrical engg by profession. I want to know about my future . Currently m working in an electrical company, so can I start my own business later kindly reply

Roop lakhani > Hello Saurabh, your future is very bright. Continue with your current job for some time. You will get offer from your good friend or a business colleague or from someone known to you to start business. You will have to shift to some new location from your present one. God Bless.

Anjani > Hi mam, I am Anjani- DOB 24.2.1982 time- 6:40am - place- Bhilai I have done my in civil engineering, and was doing a job in good company which I left recently due to poor health. I would like to know if I will have a better future in public sector (GOVT) jobs, private sector, higher studies like MTECH or self owned consultancy firm. I would also like to know about my chance of going abroad.

Roop lakhani > Hello Anjani, higher studies will give you very good income and career growth. Until that happens you will work in private sector. Going abroad fro studies is less for another two (2) years.

Nirav > Hi Roop my name is Nirav Joshi DOB is 11-04-1982 time 18:15 place: Ahmedabad. it has been longtime I am searching for a girl for marriage and also my professional carrier also not going as I wanted... I have started MBA now and want to progress plz check till when i can be completely settled down.

Roop lakhani > Hello Nirav, Coming 6 to 18 months time is a very good progressive time. You will feel that life is so full of duties and responsibilities. But end of the day its very rewarding and you will achieve your goals. 2010 you will find and marry to girl of your choice

Message for Friends>

Roop lakhani > On closing note, lets take on this thought and change our outlook... "If moment by moment you can keep your mind clear then nothing will confuse you." -- Sheng Yen Friends, Send me your feedback, on or call me on +91 98213 36195 to book my appointment. All must log and follow my blog for all updates besides my live chat at <> . See you friends next Thursday, 19th November same place, same time for our next chat.

Live Chat on 5th Nov 2009

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader on 5 th November 2009 at 4 PM.

"TRUST the universe and your self to give you the abundance that you are looking out for.' - Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader

roop lakhani > Hello Friends and welcome for my Live chat. Before we begin, I want you all to read this sentence of Mahatma Gandhi.. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Sounds very vague but if you think deeply than will realize how true this is. Let's begin today's chat.

kavita > My name is kavita Bhambri, dob 18-11-1978 time 22:10, right now I am working with Building Maintenance Agency don't have any chances of existing business advisable....something related to FENG SHUI GOODS or have one more option to join my husband's business related to computers hardware sale & purchase.

roop lakhani > Hello Kavita, best thing for you to do is join your husbands business related with computers.

mahi > I m Monika kumar, dob:9-12-1979, pob-Delhi, tob-6:45pm. I did MBA-HR hving 3yrs of exp due to personal problems I have to leave job. At present pursuing a course pls tell should I look for job or should study , if study then in which field. Will I go abroad

roop lakhani > Hello Monika Kumar, chances of you going abroad doesn't look good at this moment. You better do further studies in area/field of your passion or choice.

anm51 > Dear Madam, Kindly help me decide that I should look for a job in India or abroad?By when can I get one?DOB:21/6/1951,POB;Delhi,TOB:0344 AM.Name:Akhilesh Narain Mathur.

roop lakhani > Hello Akhilesh, best time for you is in Idnia. Look for job of your choice. You will get it within 2 months from now.

jig > Hello madam. this is Jigna Rokadia from Ireland. M kundali name is Jigna Sodha, DOB is 06-09-76 , POB is Junagadh TOB is 3.50 am. In spite of being well qualified Iam not able o find any job here . plz I want to know when and what kind of job I will get. What about m financial condition in near future. thanks. plz reply

roop lakhani > Hello Jigna, your future seems to be bright. You will have to change your view point and outlook towards job. Don't expect too much satisfaction in job, look at it a way to earn. Within coming 2 months you will get a good job.

jccp > Hi mam! My DOB is 07-01-1967, time is 10:00 AM, place of birth is Delhi. My question is when will i get the next job? am i safe in the present job.

roop lakhani > Sorry can not give you any answer as there is no FULL NAME

ravi chugh > My name is Ravi Chugh my dob is 11/05/1987 my concern is my business is not working properly ? help me out plz

roop lakhani > Hello Ravi, you have lot of apprehension and feeling of lack of money. Come out of this self created doubts and be positive as I see your business expanding and doing well. if you have made any difficult dealings with your any business associates, than sit back, review the situation, analyze what are the problems and resolve them. God bless you.

ravi > Hi Roop Madam. Madam you had informed earlier that you should be able to settle in professional and life by November 5th. Today being November 5th and you have also here to give suggestion. I would like to tell you that things are working Ok but not that good. I have fear that after extracting all the work and if they say we are let you go is my fear. for your reference my D.O.B. 20.04.1962 T.O.B 8.15 P.M. (20.15Hrs) P.O.B Bangalore. full Name : N.B. Ravinder Rao. Please give me your valuable advise how to move forward plz

roop lakhani > Hello Ravinder, you are one of very lucky one whose question appears so soon in live chat as most of people don't get the chance. To answer your question, first of all REMOVE all doubts, fear and anxiety from your mind and TRUST the universe and your self to give you the abundance that you are looking out for. May be you have fix ideas about your safety, security and satisfaction. You might as well give up what you dont have and appreciate what you have and enjoy. When things are ok that means you are going towards good and unfortunately your fears are blocking your growth. Be Positive and enjoy.

aru > Hello madamji, time of asking question 3.24 p.m. My sister is unmarried. name -arvina violet shetty, DOB - 28th December 1973, Time - 1.16 am., Place - Mumbai. we have received proposal from Biju Thomas DOB-22nd Nov 1972, Place - Kerala. Is this proposal good for her and when she will get married?

roop lakhani > Hello, the marriage proposal between Arvina and Bijju seems to be very good. Ask her to start admiring whatever they guy is good at and not to look out for any flows in him. You can consult me for detailed reading on 98213 36195. It looks that within 3 months they may get married. Send me invitation card to bless the couple.

Puneet > Hello roop lakhani ji i am Puneet Nath, my Dob is 30.04.1984. TOB: 9:20 am, POB: Kanpur. I am presently working in IT Company but is not very satisfied. So i want to know when i will be able to switch or when my i will get some onsite opportunity to go abroad. Should i change this company or continue here and wait for right opportunity. Will i go abroad if yes then by when?

roop lakhani > Hello Puneet, you continue with current job and side by side you start preparations for abroad job. You may not find overseas job immediately but your coming 2 yrs period shows, if you have tried hard and sincerely than you will get a very good job. Be committed for your future and its yours.

bms > Hello Mam I am Brijesh Mohan Saxena DOB 11.02.1962 Time 5.45 AM, Place Badaun near Bareilly UP, I want to know Presently I am working at Singapore I want to relocate to India, So in India I can get job and it willtake how much time. I am planning to come back in the month of Jan 2010, Please tell me ?

roop lakhani > Hello Brijesh, yes, in 2010 you can find a good job in Idnia perhaps your planning and preparations are done well. If you don't do this than there will be delay of 9 months for next new job in India.

kpapli > Hello Mam,I, Kishore bhatt, DOB 9 March 1976, time 2.30 P:M, place :Kathghriya (Haldwani) Nainital ,I am in aboard & want come back to India that's way I want to change my job, is this right time or I need to wait few more month. Is this move will be beneficial for me? My good time had been gone still has to come, when I will get married? Please advice

roop lakhani > Hello kishore, your better period is coming after six month. You can decide to shift back to India after 5 months. Avoid coming before this time. You surely get married in 2011.

Chatter123 > Hello Ma'am I have applied for a Job in a company, Which I desperately want it.The name of the company starts with "A" They have told me they will inform me about their final reply either by this weekend or sometime beginning of next week. Will I get this Job. Will the outcome of the News be positive for me. My Name is Pranay Jain DOB-26-8-1975.

roop lakhani > Hello Pranay, it appears you will not get this job with company starting A. But than there is a new proposition waiting for you which will come to you soon and that will be very good.

rajshekhar > Dear madam. My name is rajshekhar Tomar. Date of Birth: 11/May/1986, Time: 18:46, Place: Ghaziabad. I am an engineer by profession. I am job less from more than a year. Can you tell me when i will get a good job. Or what i should do to get rid of this hard time. Please take a kind consideration.

roop lakhani > Hello Rajsekhar, you will definitely get a good job within 4-5 months from now. Start positive affirmation 7 times every day loudly for 3 months. " I receive a job of my choice where i can use my ability to the fullest and the universe provides me with the job with abundance of wealth and happiness." see the changes this brings in your life and stop procrastination. God bless you.

shiv > Hello my name is shivani, d.o.b.-26/08/1985,birth place is gorakhpur,up, and time is 9.35 am. i want to know about my career, like when i will stable, will get government job or private. and when?

roop lakhani > Hello Shivani, since your surname not given, my reading is more general. I insist on full name and DOB. Anyways, you may get a job in government and regarding career stability, when you will be determined and faithfull with proper focus, you will definitely become stable. This appears to be happening within 2 years time.

mahesh_nayal > Hello mam, My name is Mahesh Singh Nayal, my DOb is 12 July 1985, hows my future mam?

roop lakhani > Hello Mahesh, you are a person who enjoys life as a celebration and fun. So you may just reach your higher spiritual inner self to allow you for your best future.

Nishant Sindhwani > Hi. I am Nishant Sindhwani, DOB 22nd July 1984 Time: 14:10 Place Meerut, UP. When will I get a job. how will my career progress and is it good for me to start something of my own.

roop lakhani > Hello Nishant, you very likely will get job within 3 weeks from now. Make sure you are thoughtful, analytical, focused and honest with yourself. You can also start anything on your own as job and business carrier both appears bright for you. Why don't you come and do detail reading with all options to evaluate good proposition.

gopi > Hello! Request you to please answer this question:- My DOB is 15th Nov 1980, TOB - 13:15, POB - Delhi and my husband's details are - DOB - 25th Feb 1974, TOB - 20:57, POB - Veerbhadra, Rishikesh. Please let me know when will I conceive and when there is a change in my job.

roop lakhani > Hello, sorry what a waste of an Opportunity. You have not given anyones full anme so i cant relate your question without anme energy.

rikky > My name is kanwal nain chawla and my birthdate is 5th of august 1976 . i born in karnal,haryana,india and now presently living in china and doing export buisness. i just want to know my future in my buisness and my family . the way i m working hard i m not able to earn too much or lets say i m lossing too much . plz suggest

roop lakhani > Hello Kanwal, it seems you are waiting for some kind of result where you have invested. Don't do more expenses or any further new purchases. Make sure you have kept enough profit for your business. Don't think of any expansion and new opportunities as there would be some over burden on your head and shoulders which will not allow you to be free. Have a little conservative banya approach.

manish chugh > My dob is 22/10/1981 my problem is my business is not doing well ,some time its good but foe last few weeks its in bad condition

roop lakhani > Hello Manish, learn to appritiate all people around you who have been so supportive and co-operative to you. Collect their blessings and smile rather tahn being crossed and upset with them. Things are stressed or stratched at work, so just losen up anxiety, do release some money or bills which you are holding up. be generous and all will be fine.


roop lakhani > Hello Pawan, you will achive materialistic comfort financial security, inner peace and best of relationships by 2012.

aarti > My name is Aarti jadhav and my dob is 26-8-1983 time 8:00a.m, i am a house wife, i want kknow that i which field i can make my career, how will be mhy relationship with my huband will it last long and what my future says

roop lakhani > Hello Aarti, start working on the closeness in your relations with deep level of understanding and love for each other. The relationship looks to be good and healthy. regrading your career, you can look at anything which has got to do with enjoyment and lot of activities. Theer are so many choices that i cant point out any. You can contact me with your choices and i will short list them.

Message for Friends>
roop lakhani > On closing note, think and master this technique. "Most of us are in touch with our intuition whether we know it or not, but we're usually in the habit of doubting or contradicting it so automatically that we don't even know it has spoken." -- Shakti Gawain Friends, Send me your feedback, on and call me on +91 98213 36195 to book my appointment. All must log and follow my blog for all updates besides my live chat at . See you friends next Thursday, 12th Novemebr same place, same time for our next chat.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Live Chat 22nd Oct 2009

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader on 22 nd October 2009 at 4 PM.

Look into yourself where you can improve or you have a choice to find your way out. .
Roop Lakhani
Tarot Card Reader

roop lakhani > Hello Friends and welcome for my Live chat. Before we begin, read this.. "The interchangeability of matter and spirit means the starlit magic of the outermost life of our universe becomes the soul- light magic of the innermost life of our self. The energy of the stars becomes us. We become the energy of the stars. Stardust and spirit unite and we begin: One with the universe. Whole and holy." -- Dennis J. Kucinich. Let's begin today's chat.

kavita > My husband name is Atul bhambri, dob is 06-08-1975, Delhi.. running his computer showroom, initially was in partnership firm but due to death of the other partner, now converted to proprietorship firm with same name ARCOMPUTERS ( shifted at different place now)., Kindly tell me but our star says for business growth......will be same as before,, better than before....or less than that...Thanks. Kavita
roop lakhani > Hi kavita. He has to be more cautious about the business. As their can be some illusion, confusion or some mysterious which may not be seen at the superficial level. Be more positive and enthusiasive, and intuitive all the best.

polo > Poulomi Ghosh, DOB 15.11.77, TOB 01:05am , POB , Calcutta, when will I promoted and have a good carrier? Can I go to USA in 2010? I love a guy, Vinod Kumar 28th Aug 1984, place is tricky... will our relation continue in 2010? Can I marry him? please take my question
roop lakhani > Hi poulomi. You will be promoted and u will have good career. Regarding your USA trip there are some efforts missing with that you may not be able to go to us in 2010. U will get married to vinod kumar and have good relationship. Wish u all the best. Work for your us trip.

roop lakhani > Hi Ritika. Yes u will pass. U needs to still work which I'm very sure you're preparing for your exams. All the best, n give me the good news.

vj > Vijay Dhiman born on 23rd July 1962 at 15:50 pm at hoshiarpur, Punjab. I would like to know about my career growth and business prospects time of quest 2:40
roop lakhani > Hi Vijay. Regarding your career growth u will be happy n satisfied. But u need to put in lot of new ideas, and positive approach without feeling tied down with your circumstance. Hope u will do it. All the best.

rohit > Hi I'm Rohit Kumar My date of birth is 01/08/1981 time 9.18am place Rourkee India. Looking for job change and buying a home. Is it sailable and possible? Good time for me in life?
roop lakhani > Hi Rohit. You should not go for a job change now or a house change now. Wait for the right periods to come that will be after 16- 18 months. All the best

Kalp > Hello Mam, My name is Kalpes, DOB: 8 JULY 83, POB: VADODARA, TOB: 12:50 PM, Que: When are the chances of Marriage and change in Job?
roop lakhani > Hi Kalpes. You may get married in 2010 approximately after July month, and look for job opportunities here as well as abroad. You will get a good job if your efforts are plenty. All the best.

RAM > A very happy diwali maam. I have some small piece of property on my name in India. I am working in Dubai. Will it be advisable if I sell that and buy something in Dubai for future use? Plz help as its real hard earned money which I will be investing. PL also let me know my future prospects with regard to my career; will I continue to work here? My name is Rohit badhwar. dob--8 nov 1985,place-delhi,time-1120 pm.
roop lakhani > Hi Ram. Thank u wish u the same. Don't sell your property in India. But u can go and buy a property in Dubai. As u will not gain much selling your property. You can keep working in Dubai another 18 months are good to u. you have a good scope for your growth. All the best.

d v > Hello maam, my name is divita yadav. D.O.B. 6.7.88. Currently I m studying mass comm, I m not able to adjust with my colleagues. They are all Bengalis and simply don't listen and do whatever they want to. I want to know whether I would b able to adjust or this phase of frustration will continue and will I be able achieve success in this profession and get what I want out of my life.plz help!!!!
roop lakhani > Hi Divita. You can think of a way where you don't have to feel that you are not adjusting but still been able to show your potential and warmth that they look out for your company. You will definitely be very successful and you will be able to achieve your goals with your will power and determination. I'm very sure you will have good time with your colleagues. All the best.

rani > Namasthe madamji I am surekha gaikwad, dob 06.Jan 1984 time: 0630 am, place: Pune facing lots of family problems, such as divorce, doing job which is not in satisfactory one plz let me know when all of my problem will ease and give satisfaction, plz advice if any remedies are available like getting good job, etc
roop lakhani > Hi Surekha.this is a small temporary phase of problems. Try working out some solution for your family problem or job dissatisfaction, you will be able to find a solution with what your life will be smooth and you will have satisfaction every where. Remedies are being very positive in your thoughts. Don't worry. Don't look into the problems. Look for the solution. All the best.

Jatin > Hello mam.......good evening......I am sandeep , DOB 19/04/197, Time of Birth, 0900 PM, Place of Birth Town- Khekra (Baghpat) U.P. My life is going through hard ways for almost last 5 years in terms of my married life...both of us (me & my wife) hardly live together only in months for short periods.....she want to live with me.....and I want to live with her.....there is no problem in sight.....but we are in deep problem.....her DOB is 11/11/1979 Place of Birth Delhi......
roop lakhani > Hi Sandeep good evening. You can give your wife some time space. The coming period looks good for your married life after a year. When there is no problem in sight and still you feel there is a deep problem definitely you need to look into what is not provided by you or what exactly she wants. All the best.

naveen > Hi Roopa, I m deeply in love with one of my friend from past 13 years, but she stopped talking to me after she came to know about this. Its hurting me a lot, I feel like to commit suicide. But I can't do that. Will be friends again or will I marry her? Full name: Naveen Kumar.H DOB is 19/11/1983
roop lakhani > Hi Naveen. You will definitely be able to get back with her as a friend. Give her time space and freedom, showing your interest for marriage. Wait for the right time. Till she says yes. There are hopes and keep faith in your self with a firm belief that people are right to make their own decisions for their own life. Wish u all the best.

Sunita > My name is Sunita Talib.D.O.B 17.11.1964. When will be things stable in my life?
roop lakhani > Hi Sunita. You are on your path on stability but except complete stability in your life after 5 years. The wheel of fortune is turning better for u this coming year. So give your best. Hope you will get the best in your life with all the stability.

sanju > Dear Madam, Namaskar, My name Sanjay Singh Chauhan DOB 02.08.1968 POB Saharanpur U.P . My career is not stable and having problem with Boss. Kindly advice.
roop lakhani > Hi Sanjay. There are very likely times where you need to be more practical, skillful, and hardworking. You have a good growth in your career. Regarding the problem with your boss you have a choice to look into yourself where you can improve or you have a choice to fin your way out. Think for the truthful reason and analyze your situation what can be the cause. It can be you are over looking at it. Hope u find your own solutions.

1234 > Hi my brothers name is Julius D'Souza DOB 16/3/1971 and POB Jodhpur has some martial problems and also has applied for better job will he succeed - pls answer the question
roop lakhani > Hi brother of Julius. You may not look into brothers martial problems as somewhere both of them have not understood each other. And have lot of insecurity and uncertainties because of their past. Let them have a communication which can forward them. I can see good relationship between them. He will succeed in his job and will do miracles. All the best.

R. Ravi > Hi Madam, Last time you did answer my questions and told me that you see there will be change in career and may be get promoted at present job after 05th of Oct 2009. I once again give my details D.O.B. 20.04.1962 T.O.B 20.15 Hours (08.15 P.M) P.O.B. Bangalore How is my career and life looking mam according to you
roop lakhani > Hi Ravi. Your career looks lot of success fame and promotion. Be more bold courageous, and spiritual and all will be fine. You will have the security and happiness in your personal life too. All the best.

Message for Friends>
roop lakhani > On closing note, "I think we would be able to live in this world more peaceably if our spirituality were to come from looking not just into infinity but very closely at the world around us -- and appreciating its depth and divinity." -- Thomas Moore. Friends, every Thursday I am on live talk show "Divine Guidance with RUNES' on Indian TV Channel Sahara Samay - Mumbai in Hindi between 9.30 am to 10.30 am. Send me your feedback, mails on and call me on +91 98213 36195 to book my appointment. All must log and follow my blog for all updates besides my live chat at <> .

Live Chat on 15th Oct 2009

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani Tarot Card Reader on 15 th October 2009 at 4 PM.

Dhanteras falls on the thirteenth day of the month of ashwin... Roop Lakhani - Tarot Card Reader

roop lakhani> Hello Friends and welcome on such an auspicious day of Dhanteras for my Live chat. Before we begin, I like to tell all those who don't know importance of Dhanteras. Dhanteras is also known as Dhantrayodashi, and takes place two days before Diwali, in honor of Dhanavantri, the physician of the gods and an incarnation of Vishnu.. Dhanteras falls on the thirteenth day of the month of ashwin

roop lakhani> The word "Dhan" means wealth. Entrances are made colorful with lovely traditional motifs of rangoli designs to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity. To indicate her long-awaited arrival, small footprints are drawn with rice flour and vermilion powder all over the houses. Lamps are kept burning all through the nights. On this auspicious day women purchase some gold or silver or at least one

indiii > Dear Madam, Please take my question this time. I lost my job 3 months back. Kindly let me know when will i get new one. Also what do cards indicate about my future life. Name: Pallavi Ahiwale, Dob 4 Dec 82, TOB 8pm,Pob Pune. Plzzzzzzzz answer this time. Thankyou.

roop lakhani> Hello Pallavi, Happy Dhanteras to you. In Dec 2009 you will get the new job perhaps you have tried enough. Pl do affirmation " Im financially independent. I have all the money i ever need." Do this affirmation 7 times everyday believing every word and send me mail with good news.

saurabh_1982 > Hii mam I am Saurabh Patel dob 1 November1982 time 6:15 am place Jagdalpur (chhattisgarh) can u tell me what business should i do for success

roop lakhani> Hello Saurabh, There are so many jobs and business available that its impossible to give you accurate answer unless asked me specifically. From Numerology, you can be in advertising, films, T serials, acting, interior decoration, trading with foreign country, designing and any kind of research work are most suitable field.

RAHUL > Dear Mam, my self Rahul Singh Panwar, I m 25+ yrs of age my date of birth is 07-april-1984 early morning may be at 4.00 am saturday, plz tell me something about my future, presently I m doing job, but not good salary.

roop lakhani> Hello Rahul, even though you not feeling very happy about your present job, please continue doing at same job place. find out the ways you can train yourself for any of your skills with which you will be able to progress in Life.

Gud > Dear Maam,my name is Shruti Agrawal DOB is 8ih jan 1985,TOB 11:40am,Place Kasganj(U.P.).when will I get married?will I have a love marriage or arra! nge marriage? How will be my spouse?

roop lakhani> Hello Shruti, arranged marriage in 2010 appears to be! Good for you. Your spouse will be very fair, disciplined, logical and intellectual person.

hemal> Hello Madam, My Name is Hemal Vadera, I was born on 13-11-1976 at 6:24pm on Saturday Birth Place - Mumbai. Need your advice for two things 1st being- I have recently purchased a 4 BHK
Flat in Kalyan. Will this house Bring Prosperity and Luck? Also, I am doing well I my career, I am into advertising and work in area of client servicing, we have been given specific goals and targets to achieve on th

roop lakhani> Hello Hemal, there will surely be lots of prosperity in this new flat but take utmost care of your finances or relationship. You may have to juggle a lot in either of this. Try and keep harmonious relationship and well balanced finance. Good luck to new home

raju68 > Hello my name is Rajesh my dob 27.10.1968 and time is 22.40 i am working in bangkok since last 15 years last year i move my family to India due to economic problem i want to know that in future is any chance that i stay with my family and is any chance that i shifted to india

roop lakhani> Hello Rajesh, in one years time you will be able to live with your family but not in india but abroad.


roop lakhani> Hello Pankaj, how can i suggest you what kind of business you must start? There are so many avenues open. Wish you had given me few choices and i would have given you best answer. Anyways, tarot advises that you must not change your job or start any business. You must continue with your current job for next few months. Wait till 2010 beginning and ask me question again.

Smithasv > Hi Roop, Good Evening, My name is Smitha S.V,DOB: 06/06/1980,TOB:10:30pm approx,POB:Shimoga(karnataka),Now staying in bangalore,Will i get married ? or will i be single whole life? Recently my love life ended

roop lakhani> Hello Smitha, please don't loosen your heart. I see you surely getting married within 12 months. So start praying and dreaming and send me your wedding card soon. God Bless you.

india_girl_01610 > My dob is 20 jun 1985. my name is keyuri malhar. his dob is 19 jan, his name is Ankush chawdhry. He has stopped contacting me. when will he come back???

roop lakhani> Hello Keyuri, there are very likely chances of Ankush coming back to you. There is a possibility that he will send you some message and if you respond to that positively there are all chances of you two being a pair again.


roop lakhani> Hello Abhay, your professional life will be good until 2010 end finances will remain same htis year. It may improve little next year but 2011 u should tighten on your finances.!

shashi > Hello mam! ! Myself shashi dob is 29-5-1983 tob is 6:55 am.. hyderabad.i need ur help pls tell me i m not happy with my present financial long it will go..there to much uncertainty in my life ..i don't need and not greedy about money but.. i need that much so that i can fulfill my best responsibilities toward my husband and to my daughter.. pls suggest any remedy for me

roop lakhani> Hello Shashi, I m giving you the affirmation which you must say 7 times for next 3 months and see your life changing. " I AM a money magnet. I attract money. I create money with my ability." Cut down on your expenses and freak out. You have nice supporting husabnd and family. I m happy for you all...

GSS > Hi Roop, my name is Satyendra Singh. DOB: 7th Sept 1975, Place: Mumbai. I would like to ask how's my career going to be? When will I be able to buy my own house?

roop lakhani> Hello Satyendra, in 2010 you will be able to buy your own ho! use. Regarding your career work hard and smartly. Sharpen your skills and ability for better success.

Mohit > My name : mohit goel D.O.B. is 29 Nov 1980, Birth Time: 08:55 AM and Birth Place: Sambhal, Dist:Moradabad (U.P.). I want to know about my job and future carrer. Please explain some remides.

roop lakhani> Hello Mohit, you have a very good future and job. Just go with the trust beliving in higher power with an affirmation " The job or career i seak is now mine." say this 7 times loudly for 3 months.


roop lakhani> Hello Sunita, it appears that you both are very rigid on your compromising nature and not flexible enough to be in each others shoes. You both can patch up the relationship perhaps you both wants to and are committed to do so. Im giving you an affirmation, speak loudly 7 times for 3 months and see it changing ! life. " I ahve a loving, caring, understanding relationship wi! th my hu sband. Im happy with him and would like to spend rest of my life with same happiness and love."

ravhem_006> Hello Mam! My name is Ravindra Hembrom, DOB-06.09.1970. time around 10.30 pm at Alwar, Rajesthan. I have been waiting to become a father for a very long time since my marriage. Kindly tel me, wen m i going to become a father and who wil be my first child? A daughter or a son? plz reply...

roop lakhani> hello Ravindra, does it really matter if you get son or a daughter? Guess No? Anyways, card says you will have a son in sometime 2010 end or 2011 begining. Remeber to send me sweets when you get good news. God Bless.

raju68 > hello my name is lokesh khandelwal DOB is 29.10.1979. i am working in bangkok since last four years. this month i leave my job now i want to know my new is good & i want to work in india when i can do

roop lakhani> Hello Lokesh, I was thinking of coming to BKK this diwali on vacation as i have heard alot of good things abut BKK shopping. Smile... To reply your Q, if you ahve any friends who have offered you some business than talk and discuss and start it. If not tahn continue working in Bangkok. Your chances of doing good in India is not very good.

roop lakhani> On my closing note I wish to give good news to all of you. With your love and support, from today I have begun doing live talk show on Indian ! TV Channel Sahara Samay - Mumbai in Hindi. This will be aired ! on every Thursday between 9.30 am to 10.00 am. So now you can watch me live and ask your questions. Send me your feedback, mails on and call me on +91 98213 36195 to book my appointment. All must log and follow my blog for all updates besides my live chat at <> . Friends, To Hindus, darkness represents ignorance, and light is a metaphor for knowledge.Therefore, lighting a lamp symbolizes the destruction, through knowledge, of all negative forces- wickedness, violence, lust, anger, envy, greed, bigotry, fear, injustice, oppression and suffering, etc So, .Wishing you all HAPPY DIPAVALI and lots of Divine blessings to welcome NEW YEAR!!!!!!