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Chat on SIFY.COM on 22nd March 2011

Tarot Master Consultant, Roop Lakhani uses different techniques like tarot cards, numerology, graphology, signature analysis, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, spiritual sealing and past life regression for guiding individuals to move forward in life. The expert takes time off to answer readers' questions on health, career, marital problems and more. Read the complete chat transcript here.

Hello Friends. Welcome to my 1st LIVE chat on I'm thankful to sify for giving me this opportunity of touching so many people at one go from all over the world. I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible. Questions without names and birthdates may not be answered by me as I cannot read the card energy without names… 

Before we begin today's chat, read this line about Problems in Life... ' Having a bad day? Did something bad happen to you? Someone hurt your feelings, offended you and made you feel vulnerable? Please do me a favor, get out of the past and back to the present. You might not realize it right away, but there is good news around the corner: the future is still under construction! You now have two options: you can think of yourself as 'poor-me', reflect on how badly you were treated and focus on a brilliant revenge, or you can take what happened as a valuable learning lesson and that will bring you a giant step further to an independent, self-confident you.' -- Fr. Alfred D'Souza. So, let's begin today's chat...

Is 21st dec 2012 our last date of calendar????
No!..its not! But its more of the awakening and the spiritual era where people will gain a lot of wisdom and peace

DOB 24/12/ saurabh.About carrer & marriage.
2012 marriage is likely... right now u hav a good time in career with growth but b more focussed with the purpose of ur work..take care of ur health..

My name is Jaspreet Singh & DOB is 26/05e/83, my career is not very stable and recently I got married and married life is also not looking good, please let me know what lies ahead in my future.
I can see some seperation happening pls b watchful. Spread more love and pls nurture your relationships...

Definitely you will get a good news of promotion in coming 6 months time..and u will be at a higher post with a lot many people working under you!

Hi Mam I am Dipesh Kalangutkar from Goa. My DOB is 29/12/1984. TOB 12.05PM. POB : Goa(VASCO) I just want to know how will my coming years OR days?? I hope I will get my Answer.
Your stars are riduing have great friends around you.. you are a person who has clarity of mind and very good intuitive powers... be focussed abt your work...don't be lazy.. rest all is fine!

I am Abhay DOB 12.08.1977, TOB 08.30Am, POB Jorhat Assam, I want yto know by when will be able to own a house
Go ahead! Within 12 months from now you will buy what you decide!

hi my name is m.srinivasan, DOB 27.5.83, can i start my own business, if so which fields can i enter This is a time for u to do a lot of introspection and go through a lot of changes regarding your work.. from the 4th month from now with someone's help you will b able to do something into creative, artistic can be a business of your passion pls be hopeful and positive!

hi mam name bhanu chaudhary dob 22june 86 time 12:35 pm delhi lost my job 5 months back jobless since then when will I get job is a teaching career better
I am definitely sure that u will get a message of a good job in a month's time and things will start progressing from 4th month onwards... if in writing field pls go ahead!

hi i am from Atul from Goa born on 20th aug 1969 i have my private blood testing lab for last 15 years i want to know how the current year will be for me financially
Definitely u will progress and seek more work and diff avenues for working and your business will improve and prosper... Advice: Be more creative!

My name Seshadri Ramkumar, DOB(30/06/1972), TOB(9.50am), POB(Mumbai).I am likely to loose my job anytime. I am trying hard to get a job but unable to get. When will i get a new job.
You will surely find a job of your choice in 2-3 months time and it will make you happy!

my DOB is 05/04/1969 time 7.15 am place cuttack,orissa
There will be so many people with same time and place...I need your name please!

Hello... My name is Bhavin DOB 18th June 62. When can i start my new buisness?
In coming 30 days u will start ur own business and receive a good amount of money...

hi my name is shivani n D.O.B is 18-nov-1982(female) at 07:50am. i wanted to know about my marriage.i m very much worried about my marriage.plz tell me .
First of all leave all your worries. Put a powerful affirmation or recite it 21 times.. you will get a life partner who caring loving and understanding in coming year's time... 'I see you marriage happening in the coming year' Pls say this 21 times everyday till you find a guy!

My name Sonia Seth DOB 5/8/1970 time 1.13 pm place kanpur. Want to know about my prospects of getting married

My Husband's name Keshav Vardhan D. His DOB is 20th July 1981 and time of birth is 6:50 AM. I am worried about his career and financial status. Please let us know how our future would be.
Don't just worry ! This year is good for him.. let him be sure of all the plans of whatever he is doing. Checking minute details.. He will improve making all the time logical and rational decisions.

hello mam!this is nidhi chawla my d.o.b is 8th sep 1981.i am a divorcee......i wud like to know when will i get married and will i have a happy married life this it gonna b a love marriage or an arranged marriage?pls help me mam,regards-nidhi
Definitely it would a marriage of your choice and a love marriage is more certain.. The guy will be very caring and nurturing!

name:saurabh srivastava,dob:18.06.1983,tob: 01:47hrs,pob:lucknow.....its been 1 yr since my first job in mumbai,i would like to know if there is a salary hike/job chnge ? if yes,wen? basically,i want to knw about increase in income. thanks
Slowly and gradually you will improve in your current will get a good amount of raise and growth.. make sure that whatever decision you make in case of a job..make a wise decision...

i m asha. DOB 10/04/1978(female) time of birth 11.30 AM (Bangalore). I want to know when and what type of permanent job i will get
In 2012 you will get a very good permanent job and coming 5 months time you will be able to find a good job but you might not really like it!

when my daughter snigdha mehrotra, will get married & complete her final CA (final exam given).DOB- 27.01.1987, POB- allahabad (UP), TOB - 9.50 pm,
Tell her not to worry and take tensions about her studies.. She will have good result as a C.A. In married life she has to be flexible and compromising in all the situations and all kinds of people...

myself akhilesh narain mathur, born in delhi on june 21, 1951 at 0344am. will i get a regular job or i should continue as a human resource consultant?
There is a possibility of you getting a job into a diff field. Listen to your inner voices and be open to gather opportunities according to your skill and talent.

My name is Subramanyam Degala and pob is Nellore andhra, DOB is 8th March 1956 and TOB is between 5.30-6.00 a m. I lost my corporate job as Sr. VP job in October 2008 and pl let me know when do I get corporate job?
February or March...Year..2012.. indications of abroad job or place change in job!

My son Rahul Mathur, DOB: 09/02/1983,POB; Bhopal, TOB: 1605. How will he do in his career? When is he likely to get married?
There are likely possibility of him getting married in 2011 or 2012..his career is bright but there are situations where he needs to broaden his horizons towards growth and properity...

hi My name is Santhosh kumar Y S, date of birth is 11-02-1976- I dont have a job now and when will i get a job and when will i be able to go back to my home town
3 months from now you will definitely have a good job and you will be able to go to your hometown taking salary in your hand! All the Best!

I am Jay B Kshirsagar. My Date of Birth is 25th July 1956. When will I get posession of my flat in Dwarka which is a complicated issue since last 10 years?
15 months time you will achieve what you want...

hi mam my name is vignesh and my dob is 12/05/1985 time - 4.50 am , my question i would like to know when i would finish of debt and when we would the right time for me to enter into business ?
Slowly and gradually you will start paying your debts within 18 months from now.. Stick to the job..There is a change of direction expected in your work in coming 14 months...

I am Achala Mediratta. My question is I am born on 2nd august 1962. How will I be placed in future in terms of my career progression, finances, residentail property, married life, and children's career?
Be more focussed on what you want out of your work and give it your 100 you need to put a lot of your efforts in opportunities.. you will have good opportunities to progress.. Don't worry!

Question-I Just know about my love life? DOB 20/12/1985 Adarsh Kumar Pandey
Be honest and truthful with your love life..there are emotional disturbances because of the communication and bluntness ..its in your hands to make it smooth..

My name is Jaspreet Singh & DOB is 26/05/83, my career is not very stable and recently I got married and married life is also not looking good, please let me know what lies ahead in my future.
There are difficulties but everything gets sorted out when you have love and understanding with your husband.. so pls love him more

hello , i am ramdas nayak DOB 19/10/1970 time 12.47 PM , my parents and wife are not getting along all my efforts to patch up is in vain , i have given up now and ready to face any disaster . should i keep any hope
Show lot of love and encouragement of your mother and wife individually and see how the relationship will change..

Hi ! I am Harish, 05/02/67,Pune. My wife is Anupriya ,13/09/68, Delhi. We are trying for our second child for some time now, will this happen. My daughter Katya is 11/11/99 born, Chandigarh. Is there any promotion/ Change of job/ place in offing for me
You can have full chance of second child in 18 to 20 months time.. Yes I see a job change in a year's time..

Who will win 2011 world cup? India, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand or Bangladesh? Bhavin, DOB 18th June 62.
According to tarot Cards First preferance Pakistan Sri Lanka and South Africa topping the list.Among the Australia India match on Thursday Australia stands a fairer chance Semi Finalists would be most probably Australia, South Africa, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Kaushal Krishnakant Sheth DOB 20/09/1973 Health,Finance, Business and future forecast ?
In case if you have any problems you need to understand either change of Docter or change of lifestyle.. look into you emotional sate also for better health .. Finance: there are some situations in which you are waiting for some results.. the profits will show a little later.. you need to walk out in case of blocked finance more logically...

My name is lavina ,d.O.B 27/09/1981,can you predict my future life and job carrer
You are a person who goes with the moment impulsive taking is good with you as far as you are cautious and aware of what you want to is good ...Go Ahead! Good Luck!! : )

Am facing a very difficult time in my life we are planning to shift base and go abroad my husband is searching for such a job could u tell when this phase will end n things change
This phase is come to allow your potentials , talents and skills to shine will see yourself emerging very powerful out of this difficult time in 1 year's time...

Name - Aniruddha Tewari DOB - 9 Dec 1976 Q - What are the challenges that I'll face in next 5 years
First give up all your past griefs, complains and disappointments..secondly sacrifice a little on your behaviour attitude to get what you want..there are times, there are emotional and financial problems..but the vest part is that in the 4th and 5th year you will get a good news regarding work, health and relationships!

My name is V V Ramana, DOB 26.07.1953, TOB 2.06a.m POB Chatrapur Orissa. Presently, I am facing some problems with my career. Will they be over or I may have to face action
You will come out of this problem very soon with someone's help or may be you yourself guiding you.. Confront on your problems head-on intellectually and not emotionally!

name Sandeep - DOb - 3-6-1968 - want to know when will my divorce be
Children will stay with the mother and in 2 yrs time you will have the divorce settled! 

i need to know about my professional career, DOB 01/01/1983, name:- shibsankar ghosh
What I can see is that coming one year is a good time..presently you may be wasting your time or money or may have lost money..there are lot of things which require more clarity and diff will do well with some lady's help in some beauty business!

DOB - 20-04-1966 AT MUMBAI. Can I re-start Engineering Business now ? Can get thru two big Land deal as estate broker ? Pls guide and advise. Thanks. Atul
There are 2 source of income and definitely the estate agency would not give you immediate results.. you can go for engineering or any other choice which you like!

Will the spend life with the love of my life?what can i do to ensure it? fullname: shefali bhasin, 19-3-1983
Belated Happy Birthday to you! Will have to change a lot of your belief, nature and attitude to convince your family people to get married to the love of your choice!

when i vl get settle,,,,,,,,,,,my ful name PARASHARAM KADAM DOB 13 jan 1984
You will see yourself well settled in coming 5 yrs time..come out of worries and tensions and be more positive please! Good Luck!

Hi Roop, do you have something to say to Sify's users?
Friends, my apologies to all friends, whose questions remain unanswered. 
On my closing lines 'How can a painful situation be a learning lesson? Good question. By asking ourselves things like: 'Who is angry now - is it me or my ego?' and 'Why didn't I see the warning signs?' or 'What can I do to limit the damage?' The answers to these questions will help you find the reason behind and that will prevent similar situations to happen in the future. And since it's impossible to change the past anyway, we may as well get rid of our regrets, turn toward the future and make it a positive one. Are you dwelling in the past right now? Don't! Looking ahead is much, much more interesting anyway.' -- Fr. Alfred D'Souza 

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