Friday, August 13, 2010

Winner of Indian Idol 5

Roop Lakhani, a renowned tarot card reader from Mumbai, has done predictions for 3 super stars 1 year future after completion of Indian idol 5 and also declaring the final winner in this blog..

RAKESH MAINI: you are coming to term with yourself. You have your sense of individual values and how you relate to others. You have met the ultimate journey of your life, found the perfect vocation and there is no turning back. You now know the way to move forward. You don’t regret the past or feel bitter incase you lose out. You have the ability to see your strength and weakness and you persevere your highest potential in spite of all challenges. You are emotional and sensitive. There are times you can be blocked if you carry emotional baggage. Otherwise future is bright with a happy family, peace, harmony, love and commitment towards your work. You will reach your highest goals slowly by the end of 1 year and rainbow of happiness blessing you for your good times.

SREERAM: you have major eventful offers coming into your life. You will be involved with new projects and window of opportunities opening for you. You know your ways to be prosperous, get to the reality, keep focused attention and concentrated efforts and progress. There would be array of options of wishful projects. Take your time, think well to make the wisest decision without getting confused. The progress will follow you when you commit yourself to those plans rather than avoiding challenges. Do not wait for over estimated offers. The need to focus and clarity is there in six months for the direction towards success. Free yourself from troubled thinking and let go the concept or ideas to which you are attached. The personal dilemmas and problems may bind you in a situation of scattered ideas and powerless feelings, cut through all these illusions and be a very thoughtful positive person.

BHOOMI TRIVEDI: Success, optimism, enthusiasm, satisfaction all are yours. Be very compassionate with yourself. Have unconditional love and understanding with your own self. There would be challenges on your way increasing your competition and frustrating your circumstances. Loyalty, warm heart, unpretentious life styles are the key words for your future. Look after your emotional and practical needs. There are times you will need to study and sign your contracts carefully or the feelings of no liking or regret would come later.


Bhoomi Trivedi stands highest and brightest favorable chance to be Indian idol 5. Three cheers to Gujrati gal full of rap, masti and style for her journey to stardom…. Indian Idol rocked past few months…

With Divine Guidance

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