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LIVE Chat 20th April 2010

Transcript of Live Chat with Roop Lakhani, Tarot Card Reader on Thursday 20 th April at 12 Noon. - Roop Lakhani,Tarot Card Reader

Roop lakhani > Hi good afternoon friends. Sorry to begin today's chat little late. Thoughts for the day...."Anger is that powerful internal force that blows out the light of reason." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson ... Lets begin todays chat.

Sudhanshu > Dear mam, my name is Sudhanshu Srivastava, DOB: - 12 Nov 1984, Time Of Birth 09:38 PM, Birth Place: - Sultanpur (U.P).currently I am a software developer. Please let me know that by when I shall get better! And stable Job .When I will get a good change in my career. what will be my financial status in future. Thank u.

Roop lakhani > Hello Sudhanshu, in coming June 2010 you will get good and stable job.

Vik@sh > Dear sai name is vikash kumar ( Time of Question-11:01pm)...DOB is 29-06-1984 time 06:45 AM, POB Gurgaon (Haryana).........i am working from last six years but not satisfied with ! my profile & financial stability as iam prone to change my fields of working, again i needs a job change at present.. When this phase will be over and I get a better job, weather i get job in Public Sector or not .....& weather i do love marriage or arrange..plz help me out

Roop lakhani > Hello Vikas, after September 2010 your good period begins for your job and better finacial stability. It appears you will do arranged marriage. You keep your focus in private sector instead of wasting time in public sector job. god bless u.

Jayesh > Hello Madam, I am Jayesh K.Parikh from Baroda DOB 18/9/64 Time:09.30am Place dhrangadhra gujarat. What is my future with tyco valves where i am working a s a dy.manager EHS since two years. I am depressed since long time so how to come out! of it.

Roop lakhani> Hello Jayesh, you need to alter your thought patterns and find new cheerful surroundings. Depression arises from thought patterns more than the circumstances. Coming 8 months time you should go for a job change or a better prospect as you may not be very satisfied and content with tyco valves.keep looking out for opportunities right from now.

Nilesh > Hi Mam........ Myself Nilesh Sudhakar Sawarkar. DOB :06.08.1984. My problem is that after November of last year my personal & professional life are suddenly change. i stable in my professional life but i tataly unstable in personal life. But due to my personal life my professinal life also now going disaturb. So many change come in my life after nov. My realation with my love also going break.i tri lot but i m going stable from last 5 month.Mam please advise me about m! y stability in life and my realation with my future parner. I want to overcome it as soon as possible ,if any solution on that please suggest me...waiting for your reply..Please reply

Roop lakhani > Hello Nilesh, your period is good in coming 2 months in personal life. Focus on what you want to achive in your personal life as a very good proposal or a relationship is going to come and change your luck.
Hari Singh > Namaskar. My name is Hari Singh, DOB 27 October 1975 at 0! 735 hrs, at New Delhi. I have been living in the USA for the last 14 years, but uptil now I have not been able to purchase a flat or a house of my own here. Whenever I strike a deal, some or the other hurdle crops up and the deal eventually gets cancelled. So please tell me precisely as to when (month and year) I shall be able to purchase a flat or a house of my own in USA. Thanks

Roop lakhani > hello Hari, in may 2010 and august 2010 seems to be good month for you buying your own house in USA. keep making positive efforts and look at all areas which usually stops you in past, oovercome them and you will be inviting me for home vastu.

Bittu > Roop My Name Is Manjeet dhawan and DOB is 04/11/1982 I m facing lots of problem regarding the financial and educational since childhoo! d my father is always in problem regarding economical issue I want to know abt my future career plz suggest me what to do for that

Roop lakhani > Hello Manjeet, you will be able to balance a good career life and your financial life in coming 4-12 months time. Gradually you will be able to achive your dreams and goals and see yourself grwoing. keep faith in yourself.

Dinkar > hello Roop ji, I am tryng to chat with since long time my question not selected any time. hope this will be select today. my name is Dinkar Sharma. DOB: 23-12-1982 DOT: 11:30 am Place: Baran (Rajasthan) I am an software engneer. I am regularly tryng to change my job since long time, bt did not get any success. some times i got selected bt at last i have lossed those oppertunity. my luck is not supporting me. I m really feeling very depressed. pls predict when i will get good job? is there any chance in foreign jobs? and when i will merry also. Time of Asking - 11:16 am

Roop lakhani > Hello Dinkar, i see you are a very persuasive guy. coming 8-10 months time you will get a very good job and for going overseas, you will need to give in lots of more efforts and planning as you are not putting your best efforts in that direction. 2010 is good year for your marraige.

Kavita > morning mam, This question is for my son name saksham bhambri Dob 05-08-2005 time 8:56, I wish to change his school this Year, at present he is in saplings, I wish to change his school to Bal bharti pitampura, last year also I tried a lot but didin't get any +ve feedback, this yr also u see any chg? which is better option as per your cards............thanks

Roop lakhani > hi kavita this year you will surely get it in the school u trying to take admission for your all the best


Roop lakhani > Hello Bhavesh, you will get a good deal in 12-15 months from now and there would be difficulties on your way but those are he steping stones for your much awaited success soso stay focused and have great future.

Bushra > Hello and good morning t! o you mamm, ! My Name is Bushra Riyaz Date of Birth is 24.04.1980 day time but exact time is unknown mamm I want ot know about my carrier when will I get promotion or should I change the Job? Second one when will I get married or should i marry or not and how is my future life?

Roop lakhani > Hello Bushra, you may not be satisfied with the promostion you may get this year. . regarding your marraige, definately you will be happy and content after geting married. compromise with understanding and nurturing your relationship with love and care is the key to your future life.

ANUP > Om Sai Ram Madam, Kindly Help Me ....... Help Me.............Help Me ..... I m anup Sharma DOB:16.07.1993 Time : 09.45 am Place: Pratapgarh, I had given The 10 Board Exam 2009-2010 Kindl! y advice me What Will Happen. Thanking you. Om Sai Ram

Roop lakhani > hi anup you will pass in yr exams with flying colours. 60 percent is sure. rest is your luck. all the best

rahulcbr > Hi Mam, My Name is Rahul Saxena and date of birth is 02 Apr 1974, Time of Birth: 9.05PM,Farrukhabad (UP) I have joined a new company,Can you pl. tell me how long will I stay here?Is My job is safe here? When I will get handsome salary And when I will be able to puchase Flate/plot?

Roop lakhani > hi rahul you may not get handsome salary upto yr expectation but the job satisfaction with abundance of good pay is will surely buy flat by next year.. cheers...

kkkk > Name Rahul Ramesh Kangokar DoB 13 Jan 1979 Place Pune Birth Time 11:33 am i want to know when i will get good job, present i am working with Nokia Siemens Network but not in my profession, in telecommunication, can I get internal transfer for a suitable post? & when i will get married, & I want to know is real estate business is good for me? & Shall I able to complete my Graduation through Open University?

Roop lakhani > hi rahul the period after 6 months is very good either to get a raise ir promotion or transfer, so wish u all the best.. keep doing your efforts the fruits will be yielde

Devendra > Madam my name is Devendra Nagayach my DOB is 12-01-1973. I have lost my job 6 month ago. I am searching job how can I find new job as soon as possible. Is there any problem in my name or other problem plz tell me. Thanks in advance

Roop lakhani > hi devendra your name is good. you dont need to change.. be positive. all will be fine...give your 100 percent to find a job, thinking from different angles, the likely period to get a good job is after 4 months

Thallin83 > Hello Mam....Myself Thallin S Shetty. DOB: 15-12-1983. My problem:- My marriage is fixed and the engagement day is nearing, but suddenly 2 wweks back my fiancee has been in different mood and says i didnt try to understand her and she is unhappy with me. I dont know why this is happening suddenly. Can you please help me

Roop lakhani >> hi thalline its difficult to understand girls but you just need to nurture your relation with more love and care rat! her than logic and reasoning. talk out and have good communic! ation. s ome thing will be sorted out... all the best

Shiv > Om Sai Ram, Madam, I m Shiv Pujan Sharma DOB:29.05.1972, Time 04.00 am, Place : Ahmedabad, Problem : I was working in Allahabad but i m tranferd to VARANASI My family in allahabad What shold can i do 1- Try to another job or this is right job

Roop lakhani > hello shiv pujan you will be happy in long run through this job thouugh you may find it difficult now as your family is far away. ..choice is yours..

Arunman > Hello Roop Ji i write u so many times but u didnt reply me this is my last time , myself Arun Kumar and my Dob 13/08/82 at 20.35 in Delhi, i want to know about my job when i will geet job and will i clear! my exam of Management which will be in month of june or july please reply me its a serious matter for me .

Roop lakhani > hello arun kumar you will get a very good job in 2 months from now. you will have to work more than what you can work for your exams . you will be able to clear them. all the best..

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